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Science Fiction

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  • Cubed
  • Brenna Lyons
  • On the Earth colony Kielan in the far future, social standing is based on two things, family affiliation...

  • Echo Location
  • Frances Pauli
  • Stevie Roth gave up a chance at inter-dimensional adventure and settled for a life in the ordinary world. ...

  • Element
  • Christopher Besse
  • Something stirs in the darkness on the planet Zilith. A team of physicists working on a black INTEL...

  • Healer's Quest
  • Jessica Palmer
  • Zelia is a priestess with sky-blue skin and strange tempers. Half-human and half-air elemental, she lives...

  • Heartstone
  • Lynda K Scott
  • Eric d'Ebrur is out of time. He must find the legendary Heartstone and fulfill the ancient Gar'Ja bond he...

  • Hidden Desire
  • Barbara Donlon Bradley
  • Heather wants to fight beside her people, not watch from a safe distance. So when her brother comes up...

  • Horseclans Odyssey
  • Robert Adams
  • Horseclans Odyssey The Horseclans are searching for their legendary homeland—and...

  • Horses of the North
  • Robert Adams
  • With clan feud brewing, only a journey to Milo’s past can call a halt to bloodshed......

  • Jigsaw
  • Joel Dodd
  • Genetic engineering. Corrupt corporations. Survivalists. A bankrupt government. Anonymous hackers and a...

  • Key to Chroma
  • Piers Anthony
  • Settled by a human expedition over 1,000 years ago, the planet Charm is both magical and dangerous....

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