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  • Dead Lawyers
  • Debra Tash
  • Antinous Maricus Philippus, once distinguished Roman advocate, cursed by the goddess Justitia and quite...

  • Dogs of War: Demon Dogs
  • Frances Pauli
  • Ayden, a slightly overzealous dog rescuer, chases a pit bull down an alley just in time to witness a...

  • Dogs of War: Vertigo
  • Frances Pauli
  • A modern day accountant with a level head and her feet firmly planted in ordinary reality, Genevieve...

  • Down And Dirty
  • Melissa G Jackson
  • He is back. A brief glimpse of his naked body and Rebecca Eastman is reduced to peeping through his...

  • Dragon Companion
  • Don Callander
  • Human Seeks Employment. Former Librarian with Dragonriding Skills Thomas...

  • Dragon Rescue
  • Don Callander
  • Have You Seen This Dragon? Arbitrance Constable had been missing for over...

  • Dragon Tempest
  • Don Callander
  • What makes a Dragon Tempest? Take one librarian named Tom from Iowa. Add one magical dragon, one...

  • Dragon Winter
  • Don Callander
  • In a land of talking animals, pirates, knights, castles, and magic, anything is possible... Thomas...

  • Echo Location
  • Frances Pauli
  • Stevie Roth gave up a chance at inter-dimensional adventure and settled for a life in the ordinary world. ...

  • Eclipse
  • Louise Cooper
  • "Three times I've compiled those damned lists, and I'm running out of names. But he still wants more. More...