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  • After Birth
  • J.E. Sayles
  • When Miriam Gulch is forced to give birth to her child in an abandoned old farmhouse, she doesnít remember...

  • Battle For Valhalla
  • Melinda Skye
  • Valerie Gunnar thought her days working as Odinís Chooser of the Slain were over. A successful college...

  • Beast of the Bells
  • T.K. Sheils
  • A dark, erotic historical murder mystery set in 1539. The story is told through the eyes of Rodrigo...

  • Born Again
  • Joel Dodd
  • Al's life has gone to the dogs. Memory blanks, nightmares, and a disturbing new appetite for small, furry...

  • Cads and Cadavers
  • Kelly Lougheed
  • When Velma's dead boyfriend Leroy appears to her in the school biology lab one night, it's awkward because...

  • Cat's Curse
  • Kelley Heckart
  • Cardea, follower of the Great Goddess is cursed to live an eternity as a blood drinker. For centuries she...

  • Cobble
  • Eric S. Brown and Susanne Brydenbaugh
  • The Dead have risen. Humanity teeters on the edge of extinction. Only one remote island called...

  • Corpses So Lively
  • William A. Veselik
  • Professor Alfred Rhys Smythe returns home to Victorian London after years abroad only to discover that a...

  • Dark Moon
  • Beverley Bateman and Stephen LaFevers
  • "Don't go to Canada" is a warning given to Dr. Phil Jones and his new wife Zena. The problem is while on...

  • Dormitory of the Dead
  • Kelly Lougheed
  • Blood coming out of the bathroom faucets of Charity Hooper's Hawthorn School dormitory doesn't just mean...

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