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  • Death Mask of the Jaguar
  • Murdoch Hughes
  • Harley-riding PI, Rick Sage, follows his heart into darkness once again when he meets up with ten-year-old...

  • Dispel the Mist
  • Marilyn Meredith
  • A Tulare County Supervisor, with both Native American and Mexican roots, dies under suspicious...

  • Dream Pictures
  • Carrie Lynn Lyons
  • "The bad man's coming." Those were the exact words four-year-old Jamie Weston cried only moments before...

  • Dreamshadows
  • Pepper Smith
  • On a visit home to help on her family's ranch, Patty O'Donnell expects a pleasant two weeks' work, but...

  • For The Love Of...
  • Kally Jo Surbeck
  • Some people do it for the love of money, some for the thrill. Still others do it for the love of the kill,...

  • Fortune Cookie Karma
  • L.F. Crawford
  • The murder of a Beverly Hills psychic -- fifth victim of the Ice Pick Killer -- drafts Detective Art Murry...

  • Grave Secret
  • Kelly L. Stone
  • Twenty-one-year-old Claire Bannister has just been released from a Florida mental hospital, where she...

  • Hard Water
  • Louise Titchener
  • Itís a scorching July in the summer of 1884. William Pinkerton has sent Oliver Redcastle to the Midwestern...

  • High Above The Waters
  • Gilbert M. Stack
  • Marcus Hunter won't stay dead; he stalks his bridge all bloody red... As a pregnant fifteen...

  • House Money
  • Susan Diplacido
  • Eva Russo is a tough and wise mobster's daughter who wants nothing more than to get herself, and her...

  • Indelible
  • Heather Ames
  • A jaded Miami detective unjustly accused of accepting bribes takes his half-brother's feisty socialite...

  • Intervention
  • Marilyn Meredith
  • Deputy Tempe Crabtree and her husband, Hutch, escape to a mountain lodge for a longed for second...

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