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  • Grimm and Grimmer
  • Adrienne Jones and Pete S. Allen
  • Grimm and Grimmer is a collection of fairy tales told from a modern perspective. Part of the...

  • Her Eyes
  • Regan Taylor
  • What would you do to be with the one you love? Would you die and find a way, any way possible, back to...

  • If Thine Eye Offends Thee
  • T.K. Sheils
  • In the snowy woods of Northern Ontario, two stories are fusing into one. One is contemporary; the other as...

  • Illusion of Memory
  • L. B. Milano
  • Note to Self: "Your name is Kevin. You kill people." Your entire life begins each morning and...

  • Inner Demons
  • Gloria Oliver
  • Tamara Williams had just settled down to a quiet evening at home when, one moment she’s in her apartment...

  • Labyrinth
  • L. B. Milano
  • Bad things don't happen in Mourningkill, a sleepy little village at the foothills of the Adirondack...

  • Searching for Sin
  • L. B. Milano
  • She called herself Sin, and by all accounts lived up to the name. Some called her a witch, some called her...

  • Seeded
  • Adrienne Jones
  • Callum Doherty picks up a trinket from an odd jewelry dealer at a hippie music festival, "a good luck...

  • Teeth of Gods
  • Adrienne Jones
  • Old adversaries are forced into an alliance in this sequel to 'The Hoax', when an otherworldly assassin...

  • The Adoption Conspiracy
  • J.E. Sayles
  • You are invited into a world of madness, inside the gates of a home known as Brookledge Manor. ...

  • The Angelic Prophecy
  • Robert L. Hecker
  • Michael Modesto, a hard-living rock star, in a vision is given extraordinary healing powers and is told:...