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  • Fire Wars
  • Jessica Palmer
  • Zelia is a priestess, with sky-blue skin and stranger tempers. Daughter of a ritual union between a human...

  • Firewalk
  • Anne Logston
  • Kayli, daughter of the High Lord of Bregond, is torn from her magical studies in the Temple of Inner Flame...

  • Flame's Ghost
  • Cynthia Cantrell
  • Raised in an orphanage, Flame has never known love. She thinks herself incapable of love...until she finds...

  • Forever After
  • Gilbert M. Stack
  • Middle class, average-Joe, Paul Steele dies minutes after a terrible argument with his wife—dies, but...

  • Geomancer
  • Don Callander
  • Trouble is brewing in the north. First, Flarman Flowerstalk, the renowned firemaster, suddenly...

  • Greendaughter
  • Anne Logston
  • Long before Shadow was born, the Heartwood was a land of warring clans of elves. When human lord...

  • Guardian's Key
  • Anne Logston
  • Everyone knew the dark legend of the Crystal Keep... Of its endless hallways and infinite doors. Of...

  • Healer's Quest
  • Jessica Palmer
  • Zelia is a priestess with sky-blue skin and strange tempers. Half-human and half-air elemental, she lives...

  • Heart of the Bear
  • Lori K. Johnson
  • Danger returns to the Bearwalker clan… Peace has been restored to the clan, or so Guardian Marin...

  • Horseclans Odyssey
  • Robert Adams
  • Horseclans Odyssey The Horseclans are searching for their legendary homeland—and...

  • Horses of the North
  • Robert Adams
  • With clan feud brewing, only a journey to Milo’s past can call a halt to bloodshed......

  • Instant Gold
  • Frank O'Rourke
  • In 1933 FDR took America off the gold standard and locked the price at $35 per ounce. At that time the...

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