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  • The Master
  • Louise Cooper
  • Tarod had won his freedom; but the cold white jewel that contained the key to his sorcerous power had been...

  • The Moses Probe
  • Ted Magnuson
  • Lt. Jac Flyte is all prepared to embark for Alpha Centauri when Cheryl, his 'former' fiancé calls. Dr....

  • The Outcast
  • Louise Cooper
  • Tarod alone knew the nature of the supernatural force locked within his soul—and he knew that it must be...

  • The Patrimony
  • Robert Adams
  • Long live the new Thoheeks! But who will this new leader of Sanderz-Vawn be? For although...

  • The Reluctant Knight
  • Don Callander
  • Talking animals, Wizards, marauding Knights, adventure and magic... In the aftermath of a battle...

  • The Saint's Bones
  • Mark Edwards
  • The Saint's Bones is the story of a group of freshmen who enroll at St. Adalbert's High School and...

  • The Savage Mountains
  • Robert Adams
  • The Army of the Confederation is on the move again. For the Undying High Lord Milo Morai is ready to take...

  • The Summer Witch
  • Louise Cooper
  • When Carys is married off to an ageing widower by her greedy father, she invents an imaginary lover in the...

  • The Witch Goddess
  • Robert Adams
  • Can Bili’s warriors stand alone against the deadly menace of the Witchmen and the mountain...

  • Tortoise Reform
  • Piers Anthony
  • Rowan is a very lonely ten-year-old girl. Her parents sent her to stay with her aunt and uncle, and she...

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