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Yankee Surrender

Union Army Colonel Daniel Fredericks has his orders and one goal. Track down a double agent, the Spider, and eliminate him. Obsessed with tracking this spy and intent on having his revenge against the man who killed his family, Daniel comes to love the bride he suspects is involved with his nemesis and must learn to trust her, even though she holds the power to destroy him. Amanda Randell wants to marry, settle down and start a family. She is doing just that when the war intrudes on her plans once again. Accused of being a spy, she is taken prisoner by a Confederate Colonel. She knows she should hate Colonel Fredericks, but finds tenderness in his touches and discovers love with the enemy can diminish the scars of war. As desire turns into passion, secrets and evil conspire against the hero and heroine threatening to separate them forever. Only if Daniel reckons with painful memories and Amanda surrenders her proud Yankee heart can the two find happiness, love and security in each other's arms.

A Hard Shell Word Factory Release

Linne Mitchell

    Publishing historical romance always has been my dream, says Linne Mitchell. "It's the reason I started writing." In 1985, Linne sold her first article and with the success she experienced in that genre, placed her fiction aside while she homeschooled her two children.
    In those years, she published hundreds of articles and contributed to several ghostwritten non-fiction book projects. When her children graduated, Linne decided to pursue fiction again.
    At the beginning of August 2000, she signed a contract with Rodgers & Nelsen Publishing for a non-fiction book and three weeks later signed with Hard Shell Word Factory for YANKEE SURRENDER, her historical romance.
    Linne is currently President of the Oklahoma Writers' Federation, lives with her husband David, daughter Yolanda and son Nathan in central Oklahoma, and truly believes dreams can come true.


"Yankee Surrender is a captivating historical romance that begins with a steady pace, unbridled passion and intrigue, but then along the way it lost its pacing. The story is going strong and had me fully entranced when it skips to months later and Daniel is captured. I found that it took a few pages before I could become fully involved again. This happens one more time when the women are in Washington, four months pass in what seems to be the blink of an eye. Despite these two minor quirks, I still thoroughly enjoyed Yankee Surrender, especially with the emotionally gripping ending! Fans of Civil War romance will be well pleased with Ms. Mitchell's story. 4 Roses"

Tracy Farnsworth -- The Romance Reader's Connection

"Ms. Mitchell has written a very interesting, action-packed story that takes place during the Civil War, but reads like it could be present time. She has deftly woven into the wartime trials and tribulations a tender love interest that is heartwarming. The book flows so smoothly that one does not encounter the old 'clothesline effect' here. Interest is maintained throughout the book. Don't skip a word on this one."

Shirley Truax, Member of RIO -- Ivy Quill Reviews


A HORSE and rider waited beside a grove of oak trees, not far from a weatherworn cabin whose residents had evacuated long ago. A full moon lit up the drooping rooftop. The shadowed figures hovered in the darkness below low hanging limbs. Wind blew leaves and branches about without exposing their position. The man sat motionless, as if carved from stone, keeping tight rein on his horse lest it should snort and give them away.

The rider studied the building, not moving. The midnight call of whippoorwills, frogs, and crickets rasped in chorus. The chestnut gelding pricked his ears. The rider rubbed the horse's neck and unbuttoned his long navy-riding coat. He slipped it from his shoulders revealing a gray uniform. Then, he removed the dark grey hardee hat, tucked it inside the coat and quietly dismounted. With quick even movements, he rolled the hat into the coat and fastened both to the back of his saddle with small leather straps.

Bending, he plucked a stiff piece of grass, stuck it between his lips and moved it from one side of his mouth to the other. Colonel Daniel Fredericks tried to relax, but the muscles in his neck tightened. He was here, on a mission...to get information on a spy. A certain spy.

When the thunder of hoof beats and a buggy's rattle echoed up the road, the Confederate Colonel remounted and gathered the fallen reins.

Right on time, he thought as the noisy buggy passed a few yards away. His informant had been right. He decided not to reveal himself to the courier. Double agents were everywhere, and he wasn't about to risk his identity on a stranger.

The Colonel chewed on his weed and watched a skirted figure jump from the buckboard. The woman stood still and listened, like a dog on point, then glanced around before hurrying to the porch. She leaned over a broken step, reached beneath it and recovered a blackened lantern. From her apron pocket, she took several folded papers, stuffed them inside the globe, then replaced the rusted lamp, climbed back into the buggy and drove off.

When the rattle of the carriage had trailed into silence, the Colonel spurred his mount and galloped to the spot, where moments before, the woman's rig had been. Retrieving the lamp, he jerked off the top and pulled out the wadded paper. He threw the useless light aside, and stepped from the shadow of the overhanging porch into the moonlight. The old house creaked. The Colonel unfolded the message and began to read.

Five webs will weave at a Holy union, the third of May, at a house of worship in the wilds.

"The Spider," whispered the Colonel. He drew a match from his frock coat pocket, struck the end and lit the note's edge.

In a matter of seconds, the white paper burned into black ashes. The wind caught the cinders and scattered them, the message now concealed in the Colonel's mind.