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White Rose of Avalon

The three women of Avalon...

One who loves with only half a heart, one who closes off her heart to love, and one who is torn between the love of two men.

Can Morgaine, Nimue and Gwenhwyfar find happiness as the walls of Avalon crumble all around them?

With the land falling into Saxon hands, the Christian monks make a pact with Morgaine, Queen of the Faeries. She promises to give them a High King who will unite the Britons against the Saxons if he takes a queen from the faery realm. She hopes this will restore the Goddess faith, bringing Avalon back to its rightful place and not hidden within the mists.

Morgaine's lover, Lancelot, is sent to guard the future High King, Artorius. The Saxons are driven back by Artorius' army and his kingdom reigns until he weds Gwenhwyfar. A love potion meant for Artorius and Gwenhwyfar falls into the wrong hands, sending the kingdom into ruins.

Gwenhwyfar is the only hope for the future, but betrayal, revenge and forbidden love surround her, threatening to destroy the lives of four people and the future of Britain and Avalon. After discovering a dark secret, Nimue finds herself torn between her loyalty to Avalon and her need for vengeance.

When all seems lost, Morgaine must decide between Lancelot and Avalon. Is she willing to sacrifice the only man capable of filling her heart with love?

An Awe-Struck Release

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Kelley Heckart

Kelley lives in Arizona with her husband and two dogs. Her lifelong passion for Celtic mythology and storytelling is the inspiration behind her novels featuring fierce warriors, bold women and otherworldly creatures. Armed with a vivid imagination, Kelley spends most of her time daydreaming and crafting tales filled with romance, conflict and magic. She can be found online at www.kelleyheckart.com.



I liked this story. It is a unique telling of a story that all who love knights and kings and love know. I liked the faerie aspect of some of the characters. That was new to me. The story unfolds satisfactorily even though you know how the end must be, but even there the author gives us a surprise and lets love win the day. If you like stories of the knights and King Arthur and Merlin, you will definitely enjoy this tale. My compliments to Ms. Heckart for coming up with a new way to tell a familiar and much loved tale.

Jordan -- Enchanting Reviews

This is so colourful! The old characters are all there, but they are incredibly alive, and there are lots of new twists on this classic (desire stirs throughout a lot of the scenes). Kelley Heckart's writing makes me wish for a fireplace and a harp in the background.

Tina-Sue Ducross -- Blogspot.com


Morgaine has Lancelot, a warrior who comes and goes from her private meadows. Gwenhwyfar is intended for the future King Artorius. Nimue's heart has laid claim to Myrddin. Another twist to the oft told tale, will they have a new ending or the same? One must read to discover that because I am not telling. All I will say is that there are some heated interludes within. Ms. Heckart has done very well with this tale. I really enjoyed the new twist on the old King Arthur tale...I liked Gwen's new looks; I always pictured her as a dark-haired beauty. (The author) kept my attention and it was well written, nicely paced and filled with steam.

Robin L. -- MyBookCravings Reviews


Unlike other versions, this novel does not center around Arthur, or Artorius in this case, but revolves around Morgaine, Lancelot and Gwenhwyfar…The characters are well defined. Ms. Heckart's descriptive scenery is absolutely magical creating an intensely sexual twist of a classic legend.

Bonnie-Lass -- Coffee Time Romance

The mystical quality suggested by Kelley Heckert's title, "White Rose of Avalon" indeed fills this romance; the aura of the long ago and the magical, gives a dreamy quality to the story. Fairie queens, prochecies, and magic all abound here. The dreamy quality allows some powerful characters to shine through, however. Powerful sexual scenes nearly jump from the pages, standing out in sharp contrast to the more mystical action. The 'magic' of sex becomes a force within this tale.

Snapdragon -- The Long and the Short of It

Morgaine's heart ached for him to come home. He was the one person who could fill her heart with joy. Without him here, her thoughts turned darker. Her seeing pool would not even reveal to her where he was. All she sensed was that it was his guilt over Gwenhwyfar that had sent him away. A nagging feeling ate away at her about what happened between him and Gwenhwyfar as if an otherworldly hand was somehow involved. And his disappearance reeked of magic, but whose magic? Something did not feel true to her and her senses roared with a terrible foreboding. The Goddess remained silent leaving Morgaine to fend for herself. And without Myrddin's help, her powers were weakened on the earthly realm.

One thought was clear to her--treachery stirred the air on Avalon.

Something dampened the sweet smells of honeysuckle and wild roses that filled the summer air. The meadow took on a sinister nature, the apple trees twisting and growing elongated thorns. Even the chirping of the songbirds sitting on the outstretched tree branches seemed to change, sounding more like dirges than cheerful birdsong. A menacing shadow loomed over Avalon, casting it into gloom.

Morgaine's senses tingled with apprehension. Someone was aiding Artorius. With her powers waning, it was difficult for her to see who was behind the faceless shadow that betrayed her.

She watched her son, Mordred, chase a brown and white butterfly across the meadow, his childish face filled with pure joy.

How she wished to have the innocence of a child again. She had forgotten what pure joy felt like. Her heart had to remain hardened to weak emotions so she could do what needed to be done to save the reign of the Goddess.

Frowning, she thought of what lay ahead. Mordred would not remain an innocent child for long. He had a destiny to fulfill. Soon he would be training to be a warrior--a warrior of the Goddess, one who would be ruthless against the Christian kings and against his own father.

Mordred ran over to her, holding a white rose. "Mother, I picked this for you." His innocent face smiled up at her.

She took the rose he offered her, feeling a stab of pain as a thorn pricked her finger. Staring at the white rose, one name entered her mind--Gwenhwyfar. Gwenhwyfar was the one bright light in Artorius's life. As long as she lived, he would prosper. And as long as she lived, Lancelot would suffer. She was the one who stood in her way, but Morgaine had been unable to find her. As a part of her upbringing on Avalon, Gwenhwyfar had been trained in the magical arts and she had her own powers she could wield against Morgaine.

"Mother, you are bleeding."

His sweet childlike voice brought her out of her dark thoughts for a moment. There was only a small part of her heart that saw the light. The rest was covered in blackness, as black as a raven's feather and as unforgiving as a violent tempest.