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Stalker From Her Past

At that moment she heard Shaddock burst out of the bushes. His shoes crunched on the gravel. Seconds later the sound stopped. He must be looking around, she thought! Then the crunching started again. Matlin's muscles tensed. The noise became louder. He was coming her way! She shrank further behind the table, crowbar at the ready. The moment the door lifted she would use it--hard! She'd have to anyway. Even with a crowbar she wouldn't stand a chance against that wicked-looking knife. Surprise would be her only advantage.
Shaddock's footsteps stopped. Matlin almost yelped as something slammed against the side of the motor home. From the direction of the noise, she judged he must be at the door leading to the interior. He'd thumped on it. She now heard the door open.

"I know you're in there, sweet Matty," he said, his voice sounding unbearably close. Then she heard the door slam, followed by the jangle of keys and the sound of one being tried in the lock. He grunted as it apparently didn't work. But the next one did. All too clearly she heard it turn, heard him try the door to make sure it was locked. He chuckled. "There! That'll keep you safe till I'm ready for you."

Oh, God, no! Andreas! He's going for Andreas!

Matlin’s life has already been turned into day upon day of terror, and the big blond man who helped her is possibly all that stands between her and death by murder. But now his life is also in danger--possibly helped along by her determination to keep her shameful past secret from him. For he lies unconscious in his own house, bound and gagged. And the nearest neighbour is miles away. How can Matlin save him, and herself as well, from the maniac stalking them?

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Laraine Anne Barker    Laraine has been writing fantasy for young readers since 1987, when she started The Obsidian Quest, which was a finalist in the YA division of the Dream Realm Awards in 2001 and was also published in Swedish (paperback) in December 2005. Fantasy has been Laraine's favourite reading genre since she discovered the Lord of the Rings trilogy back in the seventies. She and her husband live in a dairy-farming community near Rotorua, one of New Zealand's most well-known tourist destinations. They have five acres, on which Laraine's husband farms beef cattle, and they share their home with three long-haired miniature Dachshunds. 

     Laraine's web site can be found at http://lbarker.orcon.net.nz.



Laraine Anne Barker pens a story that…hooked me…. Stalker from Her Past has…sex in it, along with a huge blond man to die for, and a twenty-six-year-old virgin who jumps at the slightest touch from a man! Ms. Barker detailed the countryside so vividly I could almost see the trees and shrubbery. Andreas had vowed never to marry after Alma had suckered him in with her lying and hedonistic ways. The woman had left him for some other wealthy victim who succumbed to her acting skills. Maitlin is the polar opposite of Alma, all fiercely guarded independence in contrast to Alma's hunt for a rich man. Great descriptions and a suspenseful plot make this a book readers will enjoy.

Alisha -- Two Lips Reviews


The sexual tension between Andreas and Matlin is exciting and believable. The fear that Matlin feels from her stalker is so authentic it makes the reader desperate to have this evil man caught and locked away so that she can get peace from him. No words are wasted with this story, it is a book you can't put down until you finish it. It is such a satisfying read. I happily recommend you get a copy of Stalker from her Past and can assure you a great read.

Mary -- A Romance Review Reviews

The suspense begins right away in this attention-grabbing thriller and held me in its clutches until the end….Something unique and creative about this story is the first meeting between Matlin and Andreas. I found the situation unsettling because I wasn't sure what Andreas' role would be in the story. Without spoiling it, let me just say that it kept me on the edge of my seat as Matlin is forced to make impossible decisions. As they get to know each other, Matlin's lack of sensual experience and Andreas' tenderness and restraint in trying to protect and shelter her are heart-warming, and further illustrated to me Andreas' strength of character. Stalker from Her Past is a spell-binding adventure with complex characters and a sweet romance that is sure to please.

The Long and Short of It Reviews

In his panic he unlocked and thrust the door open with unnecessary force: it crashed against the upholstered two-seater. Even as he cursed his clumsiness and took the key from the lock, he heard Matlin's scream. Panic drove everything from his mind but a vision of her being assaulted. He kicked the door shut, slammed on the lights, and rushed for the bedroom, yanking open the door with no thought for any damage he might do.

In the moonlight streaming through the window, and the light that filtered from behind him, Matlin stared at him, frozen terror in her huge dark eyes. She was sitting on her heels in the middle of the tumbled duvet with nothing but the corner of the top sheet--all she'd apparently had time to grab--clutched at her bare breasts. It only just covered her. The sight increased his annoyance. She should have more sense than to sleep in the nude when there was a man around. Surely the previous night's fiasco would have at least taught her that. "Matlin, are you all right?"

"Andreas! Oh...Andreas! There was a man at the window!" And, much to his consternation, she burst into tears.

Baffled, and with his annoyance increasing as he saw that the drapes were undrawn, he sat on the bed, dropped the keys in a jangling heap and put his arms around her. She had obviously been having another nightmare, he told himself.

With the force of her weeping seeming to threaten to tear her apart, Matlin instantly dropped the sheet and clutched at him. Desperately he tried to ignore what this meant--to hold her as a father would hold a distressed small daughter. But at least the genuineness and intensity of her distress washed away his anger as he tried to comfort her. "It's all right. Shush, now, it's all right. He's not there any more. He's gone now."

To stop his hands from caressing the satiny flesh of her back and shoulders--to stop himself from holding her far enough away from him to enable him to fill his hands with her breasts--he started stroking her hair. Then, before he was aware of what he was doing, he had buried his mouth in its heavy silken strands. Its clean freshness, coupled with the feminine perfume of her warm skin, filled his nostrils, only serving to reinforce the fact that she was naked in his arms. It took him a few moments to grasp that even kissing her hair was too much for his masculine reflexes: he was fast becoming vitally aroused.