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Shatter Scatter

The long-awaited sequel to Wolves on the West Side.

Be careful what you wish for!

Aggie, Brody and Lara learn the hard way that tampering with magic and investigating without the guidance of their mysterious guardian, Anton Dorayn, leads to big problems. All they meant to do was test a few theories, but a supposedly harmless picnic in the park stirs up magic and opens a doorway into another world. Is it the home the three barely remember?

Between finding Werelings who claim to be relatives, a waterlogged ghost searching for her true love, magic that doesn't follow the supposed rules and wizards who suddenly want to kill Lara, it's not a day in the park by any stretch of the imagination. All they know is that they have to protect the friends who fell through into the mirror world with them and unlock the secret of the magical disaster that hit them ten years ago, before unraveling magic destroys the land, and possibly the world.

Book 2 of the The Emerald Necklace series

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Michelle L. Levigne

Michelle Levigne has lived most of her life in Ohio, on the North Coast. She started writing her own stories in junior high, when she couldn't find the books she wanted to read in the library and didn't have enough money to buy out the bookstore. Her first professional sale was in conjunction with the Writers of the Future contest.

Her first place winning story, "Relay," appears in Writers of the Future Volume VII. Between that publication and the release of her first novel, Heir of Faxinor, she wrote and published more than forty short stories and poems in fan fiction, ranging between "Star Trek," "Beauty & the Beast," "The Phoenix," "Highlander," "Starman," "V" and "Stingray." This included a brief foray into fan publishing with the 4-issue fanzine "Starwheel."

She has a BA in theater/English from Northwestern College and an MA in communications/film from Regent University. Published titles explore mythology, epic fantasy, and futuristic adventures.

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