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Regency Society Revisited

A professional woman journeys back in time and finds herself torn between duty and love.
A toplofty lord encounters a mysterious “widow” who doesn’t live by Society’s rules.

The future and the past collide! How could anthropologist Serenity Steele have foreseen she’d meet her heart’s desire back in Regency England in the form of one short-tempered aristocrat, Nicholas Wycliffee, Lord Brockton? In 2020, Serenity’s research assignment is back in the year 1812.

Her duty is to collect data and return to the future. However, the call of love is far stronger than she ever imagined. Should she ignore her obligations... or should she leave behind the man she loves?

Resentful at having had to cashier out of the Navy at his father’s request, Nicholas Wycliffe certainly does not intend to further please his father by taking a bride. But that is before he meets the enigmatic “Mrs.” Steele. The devil of it is, she refuses to discuss her dead husband, and when Nicholas proposes, she turns him down!

An Awe-Struck Release

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Susanne Marie Knight

Award-winning author Susanne Marie Knight specializes in Romance Writing with a Twist! She is multi-published with books, short stories, and articles in such diverse genres as science fiction, Regency, mystery, paranormal, suspense, time-travel, fantasy, and contemporary romance.
Originally from New York, Susanne lives in the Pacific Northwest, by way of Okinawa, Montana, Alabama, and Florida. Along with her husband, daughter, and feisty Siamese cat, she enjoys the area's beautiful ponderosa pine trees and wide, open spaces--a perfect environment for writing. For more information about Susanne, please visit her website at www.susanneknight.com.



“I'm not a big fan of time travels or paranormals, but REGENCY SOCIETY REVISITED is an exception to that rule. Well written, with interesting and likeable characters set amid a detailed historical backdrop, I found it to be a fast paced and very satisfying read... Without reservation, I recommend REGENCY SOCIETY REVISITED, especially if you're looking for a quick read that has good interaction between enjoyable characters, excellent dialogue and a very good storyline. Reviewed by Nancy Davis for Romance Reader at Heart.”

Nancy Davis -- Romance Reader at Heart Reviews

“REGENCY SOCIETY REVISITED opens with an interesting concept and a couple of other futuristic or paranormal touches, but it's also a traditional Regency romance with parties and balls and an appearance by the Prince Regent... Readers will enjoy the several passionate scenes, a villain, and two secondary romances. And there's the added heartbreak of the choice for Serry between giving up love in 1813 or her family in 2021 to further distance this novel from the ordinary. Regency lovers should enjoy this one.”

Jane Bowers -- Romance Reviews Today

“A fun read for any history or time travel fan. The romantic would also enjoy this story. Talented author Susanne Marie Knight opens the door for a peek into a time we can only speculate at. Written in an easy-to-read style the movement and characters will hold your interest to the last word. Enjoy. I did.”

Anne K. Edwards -- Mysteryfiction.net

4 1/2 ROSES

"This well written love story comes special delivery for readers of historical romance and fans of time travel romance. The characters are likeable and the dialogue is clever as it speeds the plot along at an agreeable pace. Prepare for an exciting journey in Ms. Knight’s newest offering, Regency Society Revisited. The author has given the tried and true theme a twist that satisfies and entertains at the same time."

Rho -- A Romance Review

“When I saw this story up for review, I pounced on it. I recently read another Regency romance by this author, and I enjoyed it so much I was eager to read another. I like time travel, too, so this was doubly interesting to me. ... kept me up at night reading far longer than I should have been... This was definitely an enjoyable read, and I look forward to more from Susanne Marie Knight.”

Violet -- Long and Short Reviews

Before Serenity had a chance to say yea or nay, he lightly wrapped his arm around her, and steered her toward the balcony. Serenity, trying to shake those soft and furry sensations from her mind, allowed herself to be led.

They walked into a beautiful courtyard lined with clipped yew hedges shaped like modern-day Popsicles. Strolling silently on the graveled path, they came to marble steps guarded by two inscrutable sphinxes. The cool, starry night air was a relief from the stuffy ballroom, and she relaxed under the influence of fragrant exotic flowers, champagne, and the touch of Brockton's arm.

Inhaling deeply, she relaxed for the first time this evening and looked over at her companion. Amazing how he should have taken offense at her words...but he didn't.

What was he thinking? She admired his profile: the high forehead, straight nose, and his smooth, well-defined jaw. His features, though, gave no clue to his internal thoughts.

She exhaled again. Of course it was unwise to relax in the presence of a rake, but then again, how else would she see how a professional seducer practiced his art? Something told her she wouldn't have long to wait.

While she was looking up at the moon of the nineteenth century, Brockton stepped closer and brushed her ear with his lips.

Suddenly she was no longer curious. An image of a brilliant peacock feather tickling her skin exploded in her mind. She frantically chased it away. Why did she always have these bouts of synesthesia when she needed all her wits about her?

"That's not a good idea." Retreating from him, she stumbled on the carpet of grass surrounding the walkway.

He firmly gathered her back onto the path and they continued their walk, crunching small stones beneath their feet--the only sounds that broke the quiet.

"You are right, of course. Not a good idea. Please forgive my momentary madness, my girl. Blame my lapse of good manners on this romantic atmosphere."

A smile lurked about the corners of his mouth. He seemed so sure of himself--so certain she would respond to him. Certain of success.

Anger coursed through her veins. "I am neither!" she denied hotly.

"Neither what?"

"Neither yours nor a girl." She left his side again, but the darkness seemed almost tangible. The blackness of night distorted the manicured yew hedges into maniacal shapes. As the wind rustled close-cropped leaves, it was easy to imagine pairs of hands reaching out--grabbing her.

She quickly returned to his comforting, yet infuriating nearness.

"You are too literal with your words, are you not, Mrs. Steele?" A wolfish grin showed he enjoyed her unease. He circled his arm around her waist.

His touch felt warm through her silky gown. Again she saw that peacock feather. When his fingers gently kneaded her skin, she flinched.

"We should be getting back now. If you please." She placed some space between them.

Her report on a libertine's motus operanti would have to be glaringly omitted from the monograph. She was too nervous, too affected, and right now she didn't have time to study her reactions. Escape was utmost in her mind. "I've heard it's not at all the thing for a lady to be alone with a rake for any length of time."

The term "rake" failed to trouble him. Probably had been called worse!

"Is that how you see me? As a rake and a rutting buck?" He stopped walking, and leaned over her to trace an imaginary line down her forehead, nose, and lips.

She shivered. "I don't know you well enough to venture an opinion. But we do need to return before anyone notices our absence."

"You can start getting to know me by calling me 'Nicholas.'"

He drew her closer. She tried to push him away, but he held her tighter. Leaning down to nuzzle her ear with his nose, he whispered, "And I shall call you 'Serry.' What is that short for?"

Without waiting for an answer, his lips met hers.

She trembled, and after a brief hesitation, her lips opened slightly to welcome him. He deepened the kiss and their heated breaths mingled.

Without meaning to, Serenity moaned. Snuggling closer, she drank in the taste of Nicholas Wycliffe.

Alive. She finally felt alive.

He tightened his arms around her, tilting her head back and exploring the inner recesses of her mouth.

A flash of bold colors--crimson reds, scarlet pinks, and flaming oranges--rose up in her mind. Percussionist cymbals clashing sounded in her ears. As their mouths melded, her senses slowly spun out of her control....

Colors? Cymbals? Serenity opened her eyes, sanity returning. She roughly pulled back from Brockton and his potent kiss.

Her heart pounding a path out of her body, she shook her head to clear the last traces of the vision.

The truth was obvious: Nicholas Wycliffe was responsible for plunging her into a world of synesthesia. His touch--no one else's. Just his touch turned her upside down, inside out.

Good heavens! What was she going to do now?

She slid her hands down her gown, ostensibly to straighten her garment, but in reality, she needed to steady her trembling body.

As she did, he watched her. His eyes held a peculiar expression and his hands were tightly clenched by his sides. She stood mesmerized by the light of the full moon dancing brightly on his dark, wavy curls. She had to say something. Had to pretend his kiss meant nothing to her. Which was true, right? Absolutely nothing.

She flicked her tongue over her lips before speaking. A mistake. She tasted him again. "Um, since you asked, Serry stands for Serenity. Now, if I understand society's conventions correctly, this outing could compromise you...and me. We don't want that to happen, so I'll do us both a favor and leave. We'll forget about this..." Her voice cracked. "...this interlude by tomorrow. Good-night, my lord."

Moving swiftly as if the hounds from hell nipped at her heels, she returned to the sanctuary of the ballroom.

Nicholas watched the woman named Serenity leave. He sank down onto a bench, bathed in the night's fickle moonbeams. Why did he want her so badly? Why did kissing her burn like fire? What would it be like to bed her?

As soon as possible, he would have to satisfy his curiosity.

"Serenity," he murmured, liking the sound of the word. "Serenity, we will not forget. I will see to that."

He stood and slowly walked inside the mansion.