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Realms of the Shadows

Arola wakes from another terrible nightmare, the shadows shifting restlessly above her, waiting for their chance to claim a new victim. Iolet, driven by a desperate, yearning need, braves the shadows to climb Widow's Peak, the highest and most perilous cliff she knows. They are sisters who have never met, living half a world apart, about to be drawn into a conflict that will forever alter their lives.

Lumina, dark and sultry, is as cold inside as she is exotic without.

Escaping from a desperate past, she, with the aid of her goddess, Quadrini, is bent of world domination. The strife centers around control of an earth crystal defended by the Circle. It's a winner takes all situation—there are no half measures. Iolet and Arola, with elder members of the Circle, aligned against Lumina, and only one faction will live to tell the tale.

Iolet, Arola and Teria, Iolet's fiancé and heir to Horizon Isle, come of age in the battle to protect the Crystal and their way of life.

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Anne and Jeff Lambert

Jeff and Anne Lambert traveled the world for years, courtesy of the US Navy. Voracious readers, they shared active imaginations and a passion for science fiction/fantasy. During an unaccompanied tour, with little to do in his off duty moments, Jeff wrote a solitary scene. Life and reality crashed in and the passage lay dormant and forgotten on a disk. When he returned home, Anne discovered the disk. Being the curious creature she is, Anne opened the untitled work and read it. When Jeff returned that afternoon, unsuspecting, Anne pounced. "Your characters would never really do things like that!"

Thus began a corroboration that continues to this day. Together they documented the oddities of life overseas, writing research reports for corporations with overseas business interests and travel shorts. Upon Jeff's retirement from active duty, they settled in the desert southwest, where Jeff works as a middle school teacher and coaches tennis and soccer. Anne teaches literacy to adults, and writes. Together they enjoy gourmet cooking and visiting hospitals and nursing homes with their Alaskan Malamute Therapy Dog, MiCante.

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