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To protect his family from harm, Ambiorix has no choice but to join the Roman Army, once again commanding a cavalry unit, and torn between the soldier inside and being a husband and father.

Nemu must confront a past life that is filled with betrayal, loss and revenge. As her past life collides with her present life, she finds herself trapped in the Celtic Underworld by a god who was once obsessed with her when she was known as Becuille.

Can their love survive the wrath of the goddesses and an obsessed god? Can Ambiorix save Nemu from her Underworld prison without forfeiting his own soul?

Blending Celtic lore with history, RavenWolf takes the reader on a journey to an ancient land filled with magic where spiteful goddesses threaten to tear Ambiorix and Nemu apart.

An Awe-Struck Release

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Kelley Heckart

Kelley lives in Arizona with her husband and two dogs. Her lifelong passion for Celtic mythology and storytelling is the inspiration behind her novels featuring fierce warriors, bold women and otherworldly creatures. Armed with a vivid imagination, Kelley spends most of her time daydreaming and crafting tales filled with romance, conflict and magic. She can be found online at www.kelleyheckart.com.


It might be easy to categorize this book as fantasy because of its supernatural elements or as romance because of the explicit sexual content and story of lovers in jeopardy, but the lovely writing and incorporation of well-researched Celtic history and mythos elevates the book to something beyond either clichéd genre. Below the sensual surface, the book seems to touch on themes of balance and unity between genders. Women are empowered in the story with the depiction of powerful female goddesses, but Heckart carefully avoids the trap of choosing one sex over the other by emphasizing the need of each to come together as a balanced whole….The story will be entertaining to most and fascinating to anyone interested in Celtic history and myth.

Amanda Yesilbas -- Historical Novel Reviews Online

Do you like a bit of history mixed in with a touch of spellbinding romance? In Ravenwolf Kelley takes you into a time and place where all is magical and amazing.

Angela McCarthy -- TCM


Heckart's work offers beautiful, poetic descriptions rich in detail. Reading this book is a sensual pleasure. It is especially a joy to read about the idyllic agrarian lifestyle, and the sense of people's connection to the land, to the tribe, and to the spirit world. The richness of detail in descriptions create a powerful aura that positively fills this work.

Snapdragon -- The Long and the Short of It reviews

The Raven Women surrounded the stone fortress, imprisoning me. I realized that this was the place I had dreamed of. Somewhere nearby, though, was the land of my mother's people and the place of their final entombment. A silent tear rolled down my cheek as I thought of the fate of my mother.

Dark stone monoliths jutted out in the distance from the mist-filled water. I watched the sun fall beneath cloud-strewn skies, creating a burst of pink and purple. It should have been a glorious sight to me, but instead of white clouds colored pink and purple, I saw white wings covered in shadow and stained with innocent blood.

Wrapped in large black wings, the Raven Women silently guarded me. I gave them no notice because I knew I would be ignored. But their presence was oddly comforting to me.

There was a lot I still did not understand, but this I knew--Mine is the dark face of night, the silver moon my only true friend. Solitude is all I have ever known and will ever know. This I have come to accept as I accept that the sun rises each morning and sets each night in a fiery ball of glory. My only regret is that I should have realized this much sooner...before love.

It is strange how life can change in an instant. Perhaps I should have heeded my dreams, listened to my inner voice. But I have learned that life does not always go the way it was planned. No wonder mortals were so tormented. Of course, the Romans had again played a role in destroying my peaceful existence. But I feared that I was to blame for that. My thoughts whispered to me that there was more for me to learn about my past. By allowing the dark one to bring me here, lost memories had rushed back and I was not the same person I was before. A prisoner, I was alone again, and perhaps that was my true destiny. I wanted to place the blame on others, but the truth was, I made my own choices. I could not change what I was. I was foolish to believe it could be done. Maybe I was not meant to live as a human among human beings. And I have learned a secret that has changed me forever. My eyes filled with tears at the memory of what I was and would always be.

What have I done?