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Promises Promises

Micah Johnson decides to seduce his new secretary to find out if she’s leaking bid information to his bitter enemy. There’s only one obstacle; the construction foreman with whom Emma seems to have a close relationship.

Jordan Wilson finds himself sharing things with Emma he’s never told a soul. He swears her to secrecy, but that doesn’t stop her from pestering him to make amends with the family he believes abandoned him at birth.

Emma Bowers, falsely accused of mishandling important documents by her former fiancé/employer, moves to Orlando, Florida to make a fresh beginning. But then the young construction foreman confides secrets she’d rather not know and déja vu takes over as she becomes enamored with her new boss.

An Awe-Struck Release

Irene Estep

A native Floridian, Irene Estep resides in the Central Florida area with her husband of 30+ years. She has a large family, and she enjoys the chaotic holidays and the special family events when everyone gets together.
Irene, an award-winning author, has five romantic suspense novels and one regency romance in publication. She is a member of Romance Writers of America and very active in two local RWA chapters--has served on their boards and chaired committees for both. She’s also a member of the on-line Mystery/Suspense chapter of RWA, better known as Kiss of Death. And she belongs to EPIC (Electronically Published Internet Connection). Her favorite pastimes are watching spectator sports with her husband (golf and football mostly) and, of course, reading romance novels.



"The characters in this story are excellent, interesting and well thought out. The reader really cares what happens to them...There is a tense plot in the story as well as some hot passion. When Micah and Emma get together sparks fly. They have a great sexual chemistry. The story is paced well, and the reader is drawn into the plot with good tension and great interplay between the characters...This book has some excellent secondary characters; they are so good that secondary seems a wrong term to use. Jordan, Micah’s half brother was such an interesting character. I also really liked Micah’s partner, Ben, and his wife Lauren. Micah’s dad, Anthony, is very good too. Each person adds so much to the whole book...If you want a good summer treat, go out and buy Irene Estep’s excellent book."

Mary -- A Romance Review


"Irene Estep brings us the perfect blend of steamy romance, spine tingling suspense, and fast paced action in her latest book PROMISES, PROMISES. With Secrets abound and a murderer on the loose PROMISES, PROMISES brings readers an explosive ending that will leave them feeling totally satisfied."

Dina Smith -- Romance Junkies


"Having previously read the sequel to this work, Overprotected, I was curious about the owners of the construction company and this novel tells the story very well. The author tells the story of the building relationship between Emma and Micah very well. She is very sympathetic to both characters. The foreman Jordan and his story are also explained in almost as much detail as the main story line. The reader will find herself rooting for Jordan when Micah’s character gets especially obnoxious, and hating the character of Belinda all the way through the story. All of the peripheral characters are very vivid and add to the story. The background plot of bid stealing and jobs site sabotage adds a lot of suspense to the story, and all is solved at the end with a good twist. This was an excellent and fast moving work that I read in one sitting. I look forward to Jordan’s story."

Maura Frankman -- The Romance Studio

3 1/2 STARS

"If you enjoy reading a captivating page-turner, then Irene Estep’s Promises, Promises is a book which you can’t afford to miss!...Irene Estep is a master storyteller whose engaging story draws you into the book from the very beginning. Promises, Promises is an excellent story with plenty of passion, romance and intrigue which ensures that once you start reading this story you will not be able to stop until you reach the final page...Fabulous characters, an engaging narrative and plenty of twists and turns ensure a great reading experience. I cannot wait for Ms. Estep’s next book!"

Julie Bonello -- eCataRomance Reviews

"PROMISES, PROMISES has several stories within the main story. Each of the characters has his or her own story that interconnects to the main storyline. This aspect creates a very vital, multi-dimensional story that draws the reader both into the story and into the psyche of each character. Furthermore, the author also adds some very interesting twists and turns that add a little romance, mystery, intrigue, and spice into the mix. This is a very well-written, entertaining book."

Tami Brady -- RoundTable Reviews


"Trust, faith and commitment are hard won things and for two men, they mean very different things. One is bent on revenge and the other on uncovering the plot to take down his company. However, they have one thing in common, they both want to stake claim on the same woman...Promises, Promises is an absorbing erotic suspense. The story line is intricate without being too complicated and gives great background motivation for the attitudes of the main characters. Both Emma and Micah are scarred by past relationships, although she is willing to open up to love again."

Genevieve Thomas -- CoffeeTime Reviews


"PROMISES, PROMISES is an extremely enjoyable story that captured my attention from the beginning…I simply couldn’t put it down. I was very impressed by the talent Ms. Estep has for creating the right mix of characters, suspense and romance. I give the book a dazzling recommendation and I am putting Ms. Estep on my must read list."

Jennifer Ray -- The Road to Romance

Micah raked aside loose glass, creating more breakage as a few bigger pieces landed on the floor. He twisted the lock free, and pushed up the frame. Shoving his suitcase in before him, he crawled though. After turning to analyze the damage, he released an out-of-character snicker. He'd have that new efficient secretary he'd heard so much about take care of getting it fixed tomorrow.


He dropped into the chair behind the desk for a moment, thinking about his reason for taking an earlier flight. Tomorrow he and Ben would have to decide what to do about the bid disclosure problems. Ben had an important bid opening to attend in the morning and Micah wanted to be there. Something rotten was going on in the company and he was determined to find out what. The thought was sobering, but not sobering enough, he thought, as he stood and swayed on his feet. What he needed was a hot shower and a good night's sleep.

In the bathroom down the hallway, Emma was cursing because she'd forgotten to get the lock repaired. Heavy footsteps shuffled along the hallway, and then they stopped. A deadly silence followed. She pressed her ear to the door, but could only hear the echo of her heartbeat going, tah-thump, tah-thump, tah-thump. Long minutes seemed to tick by before she picked up the sound of footsteps again. They came closer and closer.

Tah-thump, tah-thump, tah-thump. Her heart kept rhythm with her silent chant. Don't panic! Don't panic! Don't panic!

The steps halted just outside the bathroom door. She quietly shifted so she could raise her arms to get a good swing with the rock paperweight in case he entered.

Slowly the door opened. Her worst fears were about to be realized and her heartbeat magnified to a blood rushing thump, thump, thump.

A hand came around the doorway, fumbled its way up the wall, and flipped the light switch. The brightness temporarily blinded her, but she made out the shape of the masculine form that tripped over her foot when she stuck it out in front of him. Emma delivered a glancing blow to the head of the tall, dark headed intruder as he fell forward.

"Christ!" the man sputtered, wobbled, then closed his eyes and slid to the floor like a noodle doused with hot water.

Emma feared she'd killed him.

At first she thought the burglar was pretending to be unconscious. The blow couldn't have been forceful enough to hurt him badly. She marveled that she'd even knocked him out since she'd hesitated just after her weapon began its decent. For a second, in the shadowed darkness, she mistook the man for Jordan. Her hesitation was just enough to lessen the blow so it glanced off the side of the intruder's forehead instead of catching him with a good solid hit.

She stood staring down at him. It wasn't the crew foreman, but there was a slight resemblance in the long aquiline nose, thickly arched brows, and deeply tanned skin. Of course it could be the mud stuck to his face that caused him to appear darker than he was.

It was hard to tell, the way he lay curled up on the vinyl tile floor, but she judged this man to be every bit as tall as Jordan's six foot plus. Her gaze slid down his body, noticing along the way a pair of well-developed biceps strained against the seams of his soiled white dress shirt. A gold medallion-like buckle adorned a belt that hugged his trim hips, and muscular thighs pushed against a pair of snug fitting dark trousers. Whoever he was, he kept himself in good shape.

She quickly looked back to the intruder's face and frowned. He still hadn't moved. Had she hit him harder than she thought? She had to make sure he was alive.

Closing her eyes, she slowly knelt beside the prostrate man and lifted his wrist to feel for a pulse. She felt strangely moved by the strong, steady beat beneath her fingers as she touched his warm skin. She leaned closer, sniffed and caught the unmistakable scent of bar smoke. Another sniff and she caught another unmistakable scent. Beer.

He moaned and curled his fingers around hers, then mumbled, "Later, darling."