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Pornucopia is a picaresque black comedy that transgresses all bounds of everyday good taste. It begins in a near-future world where sex-vending machines and genital transplants are taken for granted.

Prior Gross, the hero and sex object of this wild adventure, thinks his fantasies have all come true when a beautiful young woman seduces him on a public beach. She turns out to be a succubus, beginning his initiation into a realm populated by demons that are not merely horned, but horny.

He encounters a perverse cast of characters that includes a satyr, a vampire, and a pair of luscious sisters, one of whom tricks him out of his manhood.

So Prior Gross sets out on a perverse odyssey, taking him to a distant planet where he discovers the key to the return of his property and, ultimately, the origin of the universe itself.

Book 1 of the Pornucopia series

Contains sexual language and explicit sexual situations intended for the enjoyment of adult readers.

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Piers Anthony

Twenty-one times New York Times Bestselling Author

Piers Anthony is one of the world's most prolific and popular authors. His fantasy Xanth novels have been read and loved by millions of readers around the world, and have been on the New York Times Best Seller list twenty-one times.

Although Piers is mostly known for fantasy and science fiction, he has written several novels in other genres as well, including historical fiction, martial arts, and horror. Piers lives with his wife in a secluded woods hidden deep in Central Florida.


Pornucopia is a combination of fantasy and erotica. It is the story of a man who finds he holds a cure for venereal disease on his, um, genitalia. Because this is so important, his genitalia is removed and he is given a substitute. The rest of the book details his quest to get his genitalia back.

The premise of this book is so outlandish and ludicrous that it is enjoyable to read. I did a lot of laughing and eye-brow raising. However, it is not for the conservative or faint of heart. If you are an adult and a diehard Piers Anthony fan, I would recommend this book. Especially if you are open-minded. Otherwise, you probably won't enjoy the story. It's pretty darn wierd. I'd have to say that I've never read anything quite like it.

Amazon Review

I bought this as a gift for my wife because she adores Piers Anthony. She has read every single one of his books and has all of them. This was the only one she didn't have and she burst into tears when she opened the box. She loved it. She said it's different then most of his books but still one of his best. She said it's a must read for all Piers Anthony fans or the readers who are just curious. She gives it an A+++++++.

Amazon review

There's nothing wrong with a little "adolesent snickering" from time to time. Erotic adult entertainment is all well and good, but sometimes, you just have to have that adult laugh from time to time.

This story has been more closely associated with the Xanth series of works that Anthony's more serious science fiction or fantasy works. Going in with eyes open along those lines, I got what I expected. And I enjoyed it like crazy! It certainly opened the door for more options to my personal fantasy thoughts.

Seriously, if you are looking for more serious erotica adult themes, then this isn't it. If you're looking for a fun adult romp through the sci fi genre, have a go at this one.

I can't give it a 5 exactly, and I'm not sure why. It's extremely enjoyable and is worth rereading every 5 or 6 years. But I can't say it's 5 star really. 4.5 - 4.8 maybe? Hmmmm....

Andrew J. Rhodeson

Piers Anthony holds true to his Xanth novels in this bit of fun erotica. Puns are everywhere. I read this book years ago, actually before I read any Xanth novel, but it was such an INTERESTING bit I still remember it well. I recommend it to anyone who is adult enough to see the humor in weird places (including a... hmm... multi-attachment... er.. groin). A must have for Piers Anthony fans.

Amazon review

If you like Piers Anthony and you aren't offended by radical departures from traditional mores, you'll love this. Very funny, though not as thought provoking as Heinlein's material on the same subjects. It was a little less tightly written, from a plot perspective, than Piers' more traditional fantasy and sci-fi,


I'm not certain a wilder fantasy can be had. An incubus/succubus, magical smegma, a set of detachable, interchangable penises of various sizes and functions, demons, and a woman scientist who doesn't know the meaning of the word "No" nor how a man values his own penis. This is Piers Anthony boldly rushing in where Mrs. Grundy fears to tread.

I enjoy his novels, and this one was no exception. I read it long before I had discovered Xanth, Tarot, or the Incarnations of Immortality. I don't think I had yet read the first Phaze trilogy. What an introduction! This book stood alone in it's own right--one doesn't have to be an Anthony fan to enjoy it.

I was attracted to the taboo-violating nature of the basic plot device: Evil scientist removes man's stubby little penis and gives him a wide range of accessories (with full sensate functioning) to replace it. Man goes on quest to obtain techno-magical item to exchange for his original organ. The theme of "a quest to obtain something magical so the wizard will return what is rightfully yours" is a tired old theme. Applying it to a man's penis returns it to novelty!

Once you get past the creative audacity, this reads like any other Anthony novel. The characters don't have a lot of depth (the hero seems to occupy a fractal dimension larger than two but fails to achieve a full three dimensions). Who cares? His creativity is legendary--and this book showcases it well. Lots of challenges, action, and even the odd pun, all played out in a sci-fi-magico-phantasy-sexual arena.

Yes, there are some very interesting forms of coupling portrayed in this book. I would hesitate to label it erotica, and certainly not consider it pornography. It's not a one-handed read. Think of it more as a Xanth novel you'd hate to explain to a pre-pubescent! This is as violent as any quest novel, but the sexual arena for the quest makes the violence less palatable.

Three stars for characterization. Four stars for plot. Five stars for shear audacity. If you've got an open and adventurous mind, don't miss this unique book.

Elderbear -- Vine Voice

When I picked up my first Xanth book at 14 and learned about the adult conspiracy, little did I know what I was going to get myself into later. Pornucopia was a completely different beast than the punny Xanth series, whimsical Adept series, the more philosophical Incarnation series, or anything else by my favorite author.

Although the writing style had the same basic flavor as Anthony's other writing, Pornucopia had a distinct campy flavor to it, as if there was not put alot of effort into the book. On the other hand, the story was well connected to itself and the plot flowed very smoothly. As usual, the book was incredibly amusing and entertaining...but this one had the added plus of being ultimately naughty. The book showed us even more of Anthony's playful side.

Each section was well written and entertaining, and the characters all had a presence that was impossible to ignore. It was hard not to be enchanted with a succubus, demons, venereal disease-healing smegma, detatchable penises of a variety of forms, wanton sexual exploits and abundant ejaculations of creativity.
Highly recommendable!

Contains sexual language and explicit sexual situations intended for the enjoyment of adult readers.


Unwilling Donation!

He woke in his own apartment, his penis itching furiously. He reached down automatically to rub it, trying to remember how the past evening had finished—and found a bandage.

A bandage! Had he come down with VD after all?

He sat up groggily, yanking at the dressing. It came away with a flash of gruesome pain. For a moment he stared at his crotch uncomprehendingly.

He did not have VD. The reality was much worse. His penis 

Dazed, he sat on the bed. How could such a thing have happened? He still had his testicles—but what good were they without the delivery system?

He thought back to the party. He had seen the satyr making out with the succubus. Then Tantamount had summoned him, and—

"Why, that thieving bitch!" he exclaimed, and the effort made his nonexistent penis hurt again. She hadn’t been attracted to him at all, but to his penis! So she had drugged him somehow and stolen his masculine member. She had talked so long before coming to the point in order to distract him and keep him quiet until the drug put him down; only when she had been assured she had him, had she allowed him to have her.

Prior dressed and drove to Tantamount’s house. He didn’t know what he was going to do, and knew it wouldn’t work, but he had to try.

She opened the door promptly. "Why hello there, Mr. Gross! So nice to see you again."

This set him back. She was absolutely ravishing despite the mundane dress and conventionally bound hair. Now her tresses were ordinary brown—had the color been a trick of the night lighting?—and her bosom was demurely de-emphasized under a laboratory smock, and her fair face was innocent of any sign of any thought touching on anatomical matters between the shoulders and the knees.

"Do come in," she said, as though he were an old friend. And when he was in: "Are you in pain? Let me check the dressing." She kneeled before him, opened his fly and ran her slender fingers over his smarting crotch. "Oh, you removed the bandage. That won’t do. This will heal nicely, but it has to be protected for the first few days. The operation was a success. You were so generous, contributing to science and health this way. Let me show you."

She took him to a small office where she rebandaged him, leaving a pipette for urination, then led him back to the laboratory.

His penis was ensconced within a maze of glass tubing. Colored fluids traveled to its base, and there was the steady hum of a pump. A plaque set in the base of the display said: DONATED IN THE INTEREST OF THE WELFARE OF MAN—PRIOR GROSS.