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Over The Moon/My Baby Too

Over the Moon:

Guilt-ridden Gabrielle agrees to cat-sit Angelique, the apple of her sister's eye. What Val ever sees in that cat is anyone's guess. When cat'astrophe occurs, Gabrielle takes her to the animal hospital, and discovers that the veterinarian treating the fickle Angelique, is Craig, her sister's ex-fiance.

He's as good-looking, fun, and charming as ever. But to make matters worse, Gabrielle is already engaged to another man. Angelique is controlling this little show, however, and seems to find ways to put these two humans together, all the while doing exactly as she pleases.

This is a cat tale you can love.

My Baby Too:

Holly has had a baby and her ex-husband Erik doesn't have a clue that he's the father. Tyler is a busy toddler who resembles Holly. Erik assumes the boy is a product of an illicit affair.

After jumping to that conclusion he carries on, never knowing the child he sees often is his own. And what's the point of telling him?

Holly and Erik's relationship is long dead, isn't it? ISN'T IT??

An Awe-Struck Release

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Elaine Hopper

Elaine Hopper, born and raised in Cincinnati, Ohio, spent several years moving around the U.S. with the Air Force before settling down in sunny South Florida with her husband, five children, and five cats.
Her father likes to tease her that she's a career student as she's always in some sort of school. She earned her BS in Accounting from University of Southern Mississippi, her MBA from Nova Southeastern in Florida and has taken classes resulting in ceramics certification to writing courses and workshops. Presently, she works for a non-profit charity that serves the poorest of the poor in the Caribbean and Latin America.

Elaine's first novel, TIGERS PLAY TOO ROUGH was released by New Concepts Publishing in June 1999. Elaine's second and third books OVER THE MOON and MY BABY TOO is an Awe-Struck E-Books September 7, 1999 as a "Double Take". CARELESS WHISPERS, Elaine's fourth novel, also unfolds in sultry South Florida. Elaine's fifth novel, NEXT TO FOREVER moves up north for some winter fun.

Elaine's an ecstatic grandma. Her first grandchild, Michael Lukas Hopper, was born August 24th, 1999.



Book 1: "'Will she live?' Gabrielle asks the handsome doctor. 'My sister will never forgive me if her baby dies.' If not for this obnoxious fur ball, Gabrielle would never have met hunky Craig Nealy, her sister's long-ago boyfriend." Book 2: "Angelique, the cat, steals the show. Gabrielle doesn't even like cats, but she's stuck with cat-sitting. Oh, but that's how she meets Craig, so maybe cats aren't so bad after all! The scene where Ian loses control and sends Gabby fighting for her life is ugly, but very fun to read!"

VH Story -- eBook Connections

"Over The Moon is a wonderfully delightful story of two people coming together and loving despite the obstacles before them. The characters are fresh, and the story filled with humor and warmth. Definitely a story you don't want to miss."

Shadoe Simmons -- All About Murder Reviews

She crossed her fingers, her toes and her legs at her ankles. She couldn't keep stalling. "I got stuck in traffic and had to bring Angelique to the office. Would you be a sweetheart and baby-sit for me until I get off work this evening?" She didn't dare take a breath in the midst of her question, or else she'd chicken out. She felt herself turning blue while she awaited his reply.

"You took a cat to your office?" Twinges of mirth ribboned his milk-chocolate voice. "Your boss didn't kill you?"

"He doesn't know. Yet," she whispered, cupping her hands around the receiver. "Look, I'm really desperate. I'll do anything you want in return for this favor." Almost anything. Even give birth to your first son.

She was losing it. She wasn't herself. Maybe some spirit had invaded her body, making her act out of character.

"Anything?" The word sounded somehow sinister and sexier than sin when he crooned it.

"Almost anything." Her nerves skittered a mile a minute. She circled her ankle in the air, fixating on her foot. "I'm meeting with our president and our most valuable client right after lunch. The cat has to be gone or I can kiss my job goodbye."

"Spend the weekend with me."