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Out of Her Dreams

Since she was a child, Kate has had brief but vivid dreams of Jake, a handsome, laughing, loving man. She moves into a large 19th century house on the shores of Lake Ontario and actually finds him on the Widow’s Walk. In the flesh…well, occasionally in the flesh.

Jake is sure she is the reincarnation of his fiancée who died in 1919. Although Kate remembers him only from her dreams, Jake insists she knows where she hid the charm that will break the ancient curse he is under. While she is falling in love with him all over again, they must deal some serious magic and lurking evil. Can they find the charm that will save him in time?

An Awe-Struck Release

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Dee Lloyd

When Dee Lloyd was thirteen years old she told a reporter for the Timmins Daily Press that she wanted to be a writer. The road since has meandered through some fascinating territory, but the writing has been a constant. She's worked in record stores, at cosmetic counters and for a City tax department, but for the past twenty years she has devoted most of her energy to teaching Creative Writing to adults and adolescents.
Dee is addicted to cruising tropical waters in the winter as often as she can and loves the clear lake waters that surround her island cottage in Central Ontario. She is fascinated by the interactions between men and women of all ages and cultures and by the resilience that people display in the face of devastating troubles.

After years of reading all kinds of mysteries, Dee gradually found herself choosing stories with a higher romance content. Her own stories moved in the same direction. Recently, she realized that she was a natural to write romantic suspense novels. After all, she met her husband in what could have been the opening scene of a romance novel. Dee was auditioning for the singing lead in a college musical comedy that he had written. Naturally, she got the part . . . and the man.

Now that she is focusing her attention on her writing, these days Dee's main distractions are, aside from her husband, her two grown daughters and six grandchildren.

Dee has been a member of the Romance Writers of America since 1990, of the Rocky Mountain Fiction Writers since attending a great conference there in 1992, and of the Kiss of Death Chapter of RWA since 1998.


"Out of Her Dreams is a wonderful story filled with fascinating characters and a ghostly love story that will turn even the most avowed sceptic into a believer of the psychic arts. No matter what kind of book you favor, as a dedicated mystery buff, I promise that this mysterious, paranormal romance is the kind of amazing book that you won't be able to put down until you’ve devoured every single page."

Jude Atkins -- author of Anna’s Secret, www.judeatkins.com


"A ghost finds his reincarnated lover, but is it too late? This captivating story has realistically portrayed characters, and Lloyd seems to know enough about ghosts and reincarnation to make her story feel real. The suspense keeps going right up to the satisfying conclusion."

Gail Pruszkowski -- Romantic Times BOOKreviews


“What a supremely beautiful story. This wonderful tale pulls the reader in with depths of Kate's past and her emotions. While you are being drawn into the story, the plot weaves its spell around the reader until you are part of this fabulous tale. Exceptional characters with history and interesting secondary characters carry this story with exciting ghosts, spells, and even dangerous evil beings. The phenomenal romance is the cherry on top; making this a delicious paranormal you will want to read.”

Wateena -- Coffee Time Romance Reviews

“This was an interesting story; I really enjoyed Kate and Jake's courtship and how their modern day story interwove with stories from their past. Kate was a likeable, spunky heroine -- it was fun to see how she dealt with having a ghostly suitor and how she managed to cut through all the suspense and intrigue to find her happy ending. It was lovely to see another "true love conquers all" story and the humorous writing kept the story lighthearted throughout. I'd be interested in seeing another story by Dee Lloyd.”

Night Owl Reviews

5 Tombstones

"This was a lovely book! I especially enjoyed how the author used the lovely, ethereal descriptions to set the stage for her central characters, and the supporting cast felt very real. The romance develops very naturally, and the paranormal elements are well-woven into the story as a whole."

Jennifer -- Bitten by Books


His urgent whisper penetrated her deep fog of sleep.

"Wake up, sweetheart."

Caitlin tried to open her eyes but a large warm hand covered them. She caught the achingly familiar scent of spicy shaving soap.

She still found it hard to believe Jake was home again. For two long lonely years, she had yearned for his slightest touch and even a trace of his scent. She gave herself a mental shake. This was real. She could relish this moment. He'd returned from the war weeks ago and this wasn't the first time he had climbed the oak tree outside her bedroom after his late shift at the restaurant. She had loved him before the war when he'd been a good looking boy but the passion she felt for the dynamic, forceful man who'd returned to her was almost more than she could contain. Soon, they would not have to be satisfied with stolen moments. After they were married, she would spend the whole night, every night, in his arms.

She tried to brush his hand away from her eyes but gentle as his touch was, she could not budge it.

"Keep those eyes closed, sweetheart. Relax. Let me awaken you slowly." His wonderful voice, deep and rich as chocolate, rumbled close to her ear. She could feel his breath on her cheek.

They had played this game before. Sensations were so much more acute without visual distractions. The slightest touch of his lips, his fingers, could make her tremble. His firm lips were amazingly soft now. Slowly, tantalizingly, his light, warm kisses circled her mouth.

She could almost see his grin when she tried to position her head so their lips would meet. "Wait, sweetheart," he whispered.

She felt the mattress dip and the quilt tighten over her legs as he sat on the edge of her bed. His long fingers slid slowly through her hair. Jake always loved to play with her long dark hair. Then his breath was hot and moist on her eyelids as his lips feathered over them. She had relived those light, loving caresses so often while he had been overseas.

Caitlin licked her lips, anticipating the next move in their little game, and tried to sit up. Gently but firmly, he pushed her back.

His lips hovered briefly beside her eye, then slowly pressed damp kisses on her temple. Delicious little prickles began to travel from her scalp to the tips of her toes.

"Thank God you're here at last, Caitlin," he murmured.

"You're the one who went away to war," she whispered. "I've been waiting here all along."

"True," he said after an odd pause. She shouldn't have mentioned the war. Jake avoided reminders of the horrors of the trenches. "But we're together now," he added.

He took her head more firmly between his hands and continued to kiss his way slowly around her face. Her lips tingled in anticipation. With every teasing kiss, she became more impatient. When he trailed kisses even farther from her mouth, along her jaw line to her ears, she'd waited long enough. Her lips needed his kiss. She tried to move so their mouths would join but he held her head still, tasting her cheeks then moving on to nuzzle her neck.

"Jake!" she said impatiently. "Kiss me properly."

"Never properly. You don't want Ôproperly'," he said with a low chuckle. "Keep those eyes closed, Caitlin," he added.

She usually enjoyed his teasing. The reward was worth the wait. But tonight, she desperately wanted to see him. They had spent so many months apart.

At last, his mouth nibbled at her lips. His hard tongue flicked at their closing. She opened eagerly. She would never tire of the sweet, tart taste of his mouth. His tongue touched hers briefly, then retreated. Jake was always careful to keep their lovemaking under control. Sometimes she wished he were less honorable. But in only one week they would be married. Then they could kiss with abandon and let their passion carry them away.

"I'm awake now," she said, sliding her arms around him. She let her hands move down over his broad back, savoring the smooth skin over hard muscles.

She leaned forward so that their upper bodies touched. His heat warmed her through her cotton nightgown. Her breasts ached to be stroked and caressed.

"One week more," he whispered. "One week and we will be married. No more short midnight visits. Finally, we will make love completely and be together. Forever."

"Forever," she echoed, her love swelling in her chest.

"Touch me," she murmured, rubbing her hardened nipples against his muscular chest.

He groaned and slid his hands slowly, sensuously, down her back. The stirrings of her body when his hands finally pulled her fully against him became almost painful.

She couldn't play the sensual game any longer. She had to see his face.

* * *

The moment Kate opened her eyes, the loving man in her arms disappeared. For a split-second, she caught a glimpse of Jake's handsome face in the half-light. His distinctive dark blue eyes, warm with love, lingered a moment, then faded away.

The warmth of her phantom lover's embrace faded quickly. The cotton nightgown with its tiny blue flowers became her red silk camisole and boxers.

A wave of chilling loneliness swept over her. She was no longer Caitlin and Jake was gone.

Moonlight streamed through the leaded bedroom windows onto bleak expanses of blue and white quilt. The filmy new curtains she had hung this evening billowed in the light breeze. The pale blue ruffle on the canopy over her bed swayed gently.