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One Texan's Enough

Amy Van Buren, a single parent, has moved from Boston to Destin, Texas, with her fifteen-year-old son. After a nightmare marriage and years of scraping by, she hopes to start a new life in the house her aunt left her.

Justin Wheaton grew up in Destin. His marriage didn't go well, and when his wife died of cancer, he was left with four children and deep-seated guilt. Although he has dated a few women, his family and thriving construction company don't leave him time to get involved. At least, that's what he believes before he meets Amy and sparks fly.

Now his biggest concerns are convincing Amy that he's the Texan for her, and keeping her son away from his teenage daughter.

An Awe-Struck Release

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Sarah Storme

Sarah Storme grew up in New Orleans. After a year of college, she dropped out and ran off to Alaska to enjoy a taste of the Wild West pipeline days.Three years later, Sarah returned to the Lower 48 and earned a Master's degree in engineering from the University of Texas at Austin. As a civil engineer for the government, Sarah has lived all over the United States from Mississippi to Alaska. She currently lives in New Mexico with her own personal hero, has a fantastic job working for the Forest Service, and has finally stumbled onto the joy of her life--writing.


5 Lighthouses

"Ms. Storme pens a smooth flowing read that is most engaging and tender and holds the readers interest. Her style of writing captures the emotions of the characters....This is my first story by Ms. Storme and it promises not to be my last. This is a wonderful read."

Linda -- Lighthouse Literary Reviews


"Full of Texas charm, a dastardly villain, and plenty of family hijinks, One Texan’s Enough is a solid story from Sarah Storme… I was hooked from page one by this sweet and loving contemporary romance."

Sarah W -- Fallen Angel Reviews


"Hang onto your cowboy hat as you experience the earth shattering love that Amy and Justin discover as he teaches her that ONE TEXAN’S ENOUGH to handle the passion of her heart and soul. Sarah Storme gives her readers an entertaining love story that would not be complete without the five children of these two families that are not blind to the love blossoming between their single parents."

Briana -- Romance Junkies Reviews

"ONE TEXAN'S ENOUGH is a great story about finding the way to love through misunderstanding and old hurts, not only between two disillusioned adults, but also between a father and his teen daughter. Justin and Amy are single parents caught between their heart’s desire and what is best for their children. The children accurately represent teens and pre-teens, with all their angst and innocence. Destin is small-town America at its best and worst, with a few nasty citizens ready to wreck Justin's and Amy’s chances for not just a livelihood, but their future happiness as well. You will enjoy this book."

Robin Lee -- Romance Reviews Today

"Single mom, Amy Van Buren, finds a Texan is hard to resist. This is a story that tugs at your heartstrings."

Gayle Kasper -- author of Mad About Jack

Amy savored the last bite of bread pudding. Justin sat beside her, his arm draped across the back of the booth, sipping coffee.

In her wildest dreams, she wouldn't have guessed they were going to have such an exquisite meal. She was also shocked at what a splendid time she'd had so far. Justin was perfect company; he asked questions but didn't press if she didn't answer, and he threw in teasing comments when things started to get tense or too quiet. The man was smooth.

"What's it like growing up in a small town?" she asked.

He smiled and shrugged with one shoulder. "It has its ups and downs. It didn't take much to be a star on the football and baseball teams. There wasn't a lot of competition." He drank the last sip of his coffee and placed the cup on the saucer. "Of course, everyone knows who you are when you grow up in a place like Destin. You can't get away with anything. My best buddy and I got busted when we tried to swipe a friend's truck. That ended our life of crime."

Amy smiled as she leaned back to enjoy her coffee and study the man beside her. There was something different about him--something she couldn't define. When he started talking, he didn't sound like a redneck.

But that wasn't it. It was his eyes. His glistening blue eyes held secrets.

"Of course," he said, "there were only so many girls to go out with, and all the dates were the same. After a school dance or a movie, we'd go up to Lookout Point. The sheriff would come around with his flashlight and knock on the windows. I think that's how he got his jollies, the old pervert."

Amy shook her head. "It sounds like a 1950s movie," she said.

Justin's grin grew decidedly wicked at her comment.

Amy gulped the last sip of coffee.

"What did you do as a kid on a date?" he asked.

"Not much. The boys were all terrified of my father."

Justin laughed and nodded. "I can imagine. Sheriff Aster knew me and my buddies all by name. If he'd had a daughter, I'm sure none of us would have had the guts to ask her out, even if she'd been the prettiest girl in Destin. As it was, we had to leave town if we wanted to do anything at all sneaky."

"You mean, like tonight?"

When his gaze jumped to hers, Amy realized she'd hit on something. He even blushed a little. For whatever reason, he didn't want the town to know that he was taking her out.

She reached over and touched his arm. "Don't worry," she said, "your secret's safe with me. I certainly wouldn't want anyone to know I had dinner with a cowboy."

He grinned again. "Oh, I've planned a whole lot more than just dinner tonight. You're not out with some wimpy city boy."

The way he looked at her made her mouth go dry.