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No Holding Back

Rodeo life comes alive in this romantic/suspense...

Photographer Jenna Swain puts her heart and soul into her work. When Today's Sports, a popular magazine, hires her to capture the essence of the professional rodeo, she sets up a live shoot at a rodeo not far from her San Francisco home. Her camera especially likes the ambitious Luke Campbell, a cowboy whose career is taking off.

But Jenna's blond hair and blue eyes have most of the fellas all tongue-tied and passing glances her way. She wishes that she could be a male, for a little while, in order to fit unnoticed into the scene and get the crowning photo that seems to elude her. Could she slip into the rodeo as a man?

Dressed in second-hand clothes and cowboy boots, Jenna experiences an entirely different perspective of life as the young cowboy Jamie Frame. But when another cowboy is murdered, Jamie Frame is seen fleeing the scene, and Jenna's masquerade is over - she is arrested for the murder. And Luke, whose feelings for Jenna are heating up as fast as his career, is livid with her for having held back the truth from him. Despite his rage, he believes in Jenna's innocence and becomes her ally. Together, somehow, they must clear her name...

An Awe-Struck Release

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Pamela Klein

Fascinated by the language of the deaf, Pamela Klein set out to learn the graceful gestures of sign language, becoming a student of a deaf tutor. She went on to secure employment with an agency for the deaf and hard of hearing, determined to acquire the skills to facilitate communication between deaf and hearing worlds.
Two years later, her nephew was born deaf.

Pam's first love is writing, and it only seemed natural to incorporate the struggles and triumphs of the Deaf in her first novel, "STOLEN TIME," a romantic thriller that grabs you from the start, propelling the reader into a realm of intrigue and suspense. There are enough twists and turns, including romance, to gladden the hearts of every reader.

A self-proclaimed perfectionist when it comes to her work, Pam's love of research shows in her craft.

"Her writing seems effortless . . . only an artist can make something look so easy," says editor, Kathryn D. Struck, of Awe-Struck E-Books.

Words already grace the pages of her second book, "NO HOLDING BACK."

When Pam isn't writing, you can find her utilizing her eye for detail as a Statistician for a non-profit employment placement agency, or interpreting for the Deaf.

As someone who enjoys camping and a day at the beach, Pam's favorite sports include golfing and swimming. Yoga and power walks add to Pam's energy level, making it possible for her to keep up with two young and very active children.

The picturesque setting of Red Deer, nestled in the foothills between Calgary and Edmonton, is where you'll find Pamela spinning her tales of suspense. With the editing assistance of Pamela's twin sister, Donalda, this duo is a very talented team.


"From the very beginning sentence of 'I'm innocent,' right up to the verdict, NO HOLDING BACK is filled with suspense wondering just who is innocent in the mess surrounding Swain Productions and a bunch of hardened rodeo cowboys...The writing is superb!"

Brenda Ramsbacher -- Scribblers

"...an interesting look at the professional rodeo..."

Jennifer Bishop -- Romance Reviews Today

The barn was as abandoned as the grounds. A few livestock remained as some contractors were too far from home to venture out this late. They were fed and now their owners were busy taking care of their own stomachs. Jenna stopped to pat the flank of a proud stallion, his coat a striking midnight black. The animal responded to Jenna's soft voice, not bothering to question the gender of its owner, knowing only it was a human being with maybe a carrot to chew. Jenna had no food to offer, but a stroke seemed to be good enough.

Suddenly the tranquility was pierced by the ugly wail of a man in pain. Jenna swung around at the same time an object fell from the loft above. A man landed with a thud on the concrete pad a few yards from her feet. A pair of steers on the other side of the fence scurried away from the intrusion.

At first, Jenna stood there unsure of what to do. The shock of what had just happened settled in on her. Then she recognized it was Denny McIntyre and she ran to him without hesitating.

"Denny? Are you okay?" He moaned like a wounded beast. Lying partially on his back, his arms moved in an attempt to struggle to his side. Horror registered on his face and his eyes darted from side to side in rapid succession. Jenna reached for his hand and he pulled on her arm, trying to lift his weight off his back.

"My back!" He groaned out the words with such intensity that Jenna thought the blood vessels in his eyes would burst. Instantly, she thought his back might be broken.

"Don't move!" She knew enough not to move a man suspected of a broken back. When it appeared as if he wouldn't listen to her, she pushed him closer to the floor and he screamed out in agony. Jenna put her hands up in defense. Her touch was causing him great pain. She'd broken contact with him, but still his hands reached, searching for her.

"My back!" Jenna was confused. How could he attempt to move if his back were broken? His eyes were huge, the pupils moving to the corners of his eyes. He seemed to teeter on his side. She moved to look behind him, and when she got a glimpse of his back, her breath caught in her chest.

A metal hook protruded from the center of his spine!

She stopped short and a scream lodged itself in her throat but it never left her mouth. Horrified by the image now in front of her, she fell to her knees beside him, feeling utterly helpless.

"Oh my God!" finally found its way to her lips. She stared at the hook, then at Denny's pleading face. With eyes glazed over in pain, he fixed his stare on her, locking his eyes on hers.

"Take...it...out!" he gasped. "P-l-e-a-s-e!