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Never Let Me Go

In Regency England, an anniversary celebration, mischievous young wards, scheming marriage prospects, a vicious villain, and a persistent suitor are only a few Impediments holding up Horatio Tallwood-Smythe's "wedding of Inconvenience" needed to secure his Inherited title.''

Luckily, aristocratic friends, a pair of oldsters, and a Jack Russell terrier assist the burly viscount's less-than-courtly wooing of a feisty bluestocking he nicknames, "Lady Bountiful."

Tall and voluptuously endowed, Anabel Satterley tries not to fall In love with the domineering, Infuriating ex-soldier. Instead she does the opposite since he and his wards are never out of her mind or heart.

An Awe-Struck Release

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Blaise Kilgallen

Blaise was born in New Jersey and lives in a semi-rural county in the northwestern corner of the "Garden State" on 3-1/2 acres with a retired thoroughbred mare (Starr) and a newly acquired handsome, fawn-colored Boxer, Tiki (named after the football NY Giants’ flashy tail back.)
Blaise earned her BS in Fine Art Education intending to teach, but after one year, she found teaching wasn’t her “bag.” Afterward, Blaise was employed during a decade as account manager, production assistant, and ad and radio commercial copywriter by various New York City’s advertising agencies. Later, she wrote catalog and PR copy for a private label manufacturer of small appliances, then moved on as Executive Assistant to the CEO of a drapery/bedspread manufacturer and again wrote catalog and direct mail copy. She also earned a NJ Real Estate Broker's license and listed and sold real estate for a dozen years.

A multi-published romance author, Blaise finally found her “niche,” and she now concentrates on writing romantic fiction--historical and contemporary novels--both “hot” and “sweet.” She is creative in several other areas, too. She likes to do her own covers and has worked for other e-publishers. Her talents continue. Doing fine art, she paints regularly and markets her watercolors in several outlets in New Jersey.



“What a wonderfully written tale of first chances at love. Both the main characters, for their own reasons, believe they will never find that one person. Bella with her self doubts and low self image struggles with the idea that someone just might be attracted to her. Horatio with all his military background has come to believe love is really nothing more than a myth. The characters are very well written and absolutely believable. This story was one of those rare tales that keeps you on the edge of your seat until the end of the book. I really enjoyed reading it, and would absolutely recommend it!”

LeeAnn -- Coffee Time Romance

"Lord Wentworth needs a wife to claim his title and inheritance and sets his solicitor to the task of finding a few suitable for the job. He intends to pick his wife the same way he would a good horse. Will it work out? Or will be forced to change his mind about how to find a wife once he meets Anabel Satterley, a rather independent-minded friend of Marsipal Kincaide who is married to Lord Wentworth's old friend? Why does he find this strange woman so attractive? A military man, Lord Wentworth has no idea how to handle the situation. Anabel finds Lord Wentworth too bossy even if he is more attractive than other men she's met. What is it that causes her to think of him thusly? For any romance fan, this is a book you'll enjoy. A fun read all the way through. Talented author Blaise Kilgallen has crafted a story that will make you smile and yet pity people caught so tightly in the strictures of a society that they can't find love where they will. Yet the old saw does work, Where there's a will, there's a way."

Anne K. Edwards

“Never Let Me Go is a charming romance with great characters… the developing relationship between Horatio and Anabel is enjoyable. Horatio's manner is rough-around-the -edges, because of his years of military service. When Anabel and his wards enter his life, Horatio slowly realizes that his life has been missing one key ingredient--love. Never Let Me Go is a nice read, and I recommend it…”

Marlene -- Once Upon a Romance Reviews

“… a merry romp that involves three bride candidates, a conniving fortune hunter, mischievous twins, a map of Egyptian treasures, a most charming rakish earl, and a secondary romance. Poor Horatio and his plans for a business-like marriage wife with none of that romantic folderol! He's met his match in the voluptuous, innocent, six-foot Anabel, who had given up hope of marriage, and would certainly not put herself in the hands of a man without love. But what about the sexual tension crackling the air between them? That's part of the fun…if you like good stories about likeable characters, you'll want to read NEVER LET ME GO.”

Jane Bowers -- Romance Reviews Today

"Why am I portrayed such an ogre, Bella? You have no fear of me. True?"

"No. Why should I be?" she retorted brusquely. "I'd only be worried if my reputation was in tatters and you told someone."

"Come now, Bella, do you really believe I'd do a thing like that?"

"If anyone saw us at the gazebo, or this morning..."

"You still believe me a scoundrel, Bella, don't you?"

"What does it matter now?"

He came to stand quite close, gazing intently at her face. A whiff of his cologne, a unique, faint odor of his maleness, emanated from his clothing and reminded her of the torrid kisses they shared at the gazebo.

"If you think that, it must be because you're trying to force a proposal from me."

"Wh--at!" Her cheeks flamed. Hazel eyes fired a volley of gold lightning at him as she spit out a tirade of angry words. "How dare you? Oh, you're truly low, Horatio! You're very much mistaken if you've taken that into that thick skull of yours, sirrah!" She was almost infuriated enough to slap his face--hard. But she held back. "Keep your marriage candidates in mind instead of badgering me. And your teeth in your mouth, too," she added, spewing a few more angry words at him.

"Why? Why won't you consider a marriage of convenience, Bella?"

Again, she tried to push past him, but he grabbed her arm in a bruising hold.

"You must be addled, Horatio. I explained what kind of life I want, and it's not a marriage of convenience." She pulled away and turned her back.


"Just let me go, Horatio," she said, glancing over her shoulder, feeling sick to her stomach. "We've had this discussion before. We both know it won't work."

"One would think you're overset," he said, smiling wickedly, taunting her.

"And why are you being so arrogant and offensive?" she snapped back. "We don't have anything to discuss. You...you're going to age much faster, my lord, if you keep on deviling me."

He laughed openly. "Bella, I only thought you and I were of a size that fit well together..."

Fire flashed in the amber depths of her eyes. "What? You wish to marry me for my dimensions? Like your horse, perhaps?" She was outraged. She rolled her eyes. "I don't believe this!"

He had moved away from her and was braced in the doorway with his arms spread. His breath of shoulders and torso, and his male stance and presence was both provoking and overpowering.

"I heard one of the twins likened me to a big bear. Who can tell? A good-sized hairy bear might suit a certain lady." His eyebrows wiggled, and he grinned again, just as wickedly. "As well as being...umm...very huggable."

She snorted. Her eyes opened wide. "Wh--at?" She repeated.

Then the ridiculousness of the entire conversation dawned on her. "I really don't believe this!" Anabel burst out in a round of undiluted laughter, unable to stop.

It cleared the air, wiped away her anger, and sweetened her attitude.

This man was made of many moods, an enigma whose depths she had yet to plumb, Anabel realized. He could be stern and tender. Other times, volatile and uncompromising. And sometimes, even likeable, charming--and witty.

It was a shame she'd never have time to know him better. Too bad there'd never be anything between them.

"Horatio, have you gone mad?" She went on laughing, her ire washed away. "You? Huggable?"

"Have I nonplussed the well-educated, direct speaking Miss Satterley?" His grin matched hers.

Anabel took another step backward.

His eyes had taken on a new light, but his lips remained smiling. Feeling lighthearted, a leaden weight no longer burdened Horatio--or his conscience.

Regaining her equanimity, Anabel needed to say something. "As I was saying, Horatio," Anabel swallowed in mid-sentence, "about Lady Carlene..."

Her voice trailed off into silence.

He was looking at her very strangely. His booted legs moved on lazy strides, closing the distance between them. Anabel saw there was no way she could get by him to leave.

She heard herself start to babble. "I've heard you growl more than once, Horatio, so you must not..."

He said nothing, kept coming with that same intense expression on his face.

Soon the backs of her knees pressed against the feather mattress of the twins' four-poster. He was less than an arm's length away. She saw the simmering heat in his eyes.

He leaned toward her. "I'm not at all like a nasty bear, Bella. Let me show you."