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Moving Violations

Jessica Savage, the victim of a drunk driver who killed her husband and left her a paraplegic, is being stalked. She wants the terror to stop. In an effort to stop the escalating violence and uncover the stalker, she teams up with Mac Mcready.

Mac has been a cop for fifteen years. The job has already cost him his first marriage. More recently, the job cost the life of his partner, Loretta--a death he feels he should have been able to prevent. He's determined nothing will happen to Jess. For only by keeping Jess safe can he atone for the loss of his partner.

Jess, reluctant to become involved with any man after the car accident that robbed her of her ability to function normally, does not want a caregiver. She wants a man who will love her as a woman. Even though she is attracted to Mac, she keeps her distance, afraid that when he realizes life with her will be difficult, he'll abandon her.

An Awe-Struck Release

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Miriam Pace

Miriam Pace has been writing for over twenty years. Her first short story and novella sales were in science-fiction. She sold her first historical novel, New Orleans, to Zebra which was followed two years later by Delta Desire. Miriam switched to contemporary romances and sold three career romances to Avalon Books: Warm Creature Comforts, That Winning Touch, and Dream Of a Lifetime.
Miriam also writes short stories and articles. Her short story, The Attic, won the prestigious, Chapman University Fiction Award in 1989. Her articles have appeared in national magazines, including FUTURES--a magazine for writers. Her article, Getting Organized, appeared in Kathryn Falk's best-seller, How To Write A Romance: and Get It Published.

As a long-standing member of Romance Writers of America, Miriam was founder/President of the Inland Valley Chapter RWA and recently retired as president of The Kiss of Death: Mystery/Suspense Chapter RWA. She is currently newsletter editor for Inland Valley Chapter. She also belongs to Sisters in Crime, where she is the West Coast Regional Representative.

In 1996, Miriam began co-writing with a friend, Jacqueline Hamilton. Recently they sold two paranormal novels, Stealing Hearts and an untitled novel. Stealing Hearts is an October, 1999, paperback from Imajinn Books, written under the name J.M. Jeffries. The sequel to Stealing Hearts will be a February, 2000, Valentine special release. These two novels are the first in a series featuring those intrepid match makers, Venus and Cupid.

Miriam lives in the Los Angeles area with her husband of twenty-nine years, her son, and a recently married daughter along with a variety of animals: a dog, two cats and an assortment of tropical fish in two aquariums and an outdoor koi pond.


"A facinating story, many twists and turns, and it kept me guessing right up 'til the end, what would happen next. I enjoyed this book very very much!"

Beverly Bangemann -- HUNTRESS BOOK REVIEWS

"Miriam Pace gives readers an intriguing story built around a strong cast of characters. Ms. Pace tugs at the heartstrings with her touching story of a romance between two people fighting off the ghosts of their past. Lovers of romantic suspense will definitely want to read this one!"

Yvonne Hering -- Writers Club Romance Group

He glanced around the colorless kitchen. How could he create a masterpiece in such a sterile, subdued environment? He worried that Jess Savage lacked red blood cells. He searched through all the cabinets and couldn't find one decent bottle of Chianti.

She was a little too cool for him, but he loved a challenge. He wanted to mess up this house, to add color and personality, to give it life, in the same way he wanted to awaken the passion in its owner. A passion, he sensed, subdued by too many years alone and too many years of being unable to trust. She was moody and private and he wanted to crack open her shell and let the real Jessica Savage emerge.

Surprised at himself, he paused to look out the kitchen window at the lengthening shadows in the garden. A mockingbird sat on a tree limb. A tiger-striped cat, contemplating the bird, prowled below, tail swishing.

Jessica Savage was like a sleeping princess, cool and remote. The only passion he'd seen in her had been at Mrs. Santiago's home. Did she save all her feeling for her job? He glanced around the white kitchen again. He understood the need to make her life simple, but being confined to a wheelchair didn't mean she had to give up on life, to pass up the chance to love, to live.

What would his mother do? He pictured his mother, a round, solid woman with snapping black eyes and a wild tangle of black hair forming a nimbus around her face. She'd make Jess want to live again. But how? He pondered the question while he studied the food selection available to him for dinner.

"Tomorrow, or the next day," he told the cat, "we shop and talk to Mama. Mama will know what to do." Mac knew what to do, too, but he wasn't certain that immediate seduction would work with Ms. Jessica Savage. He added more casserole to Scooter's dish.