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In the fast-paced world of espionage, two partners must fight their way through a web of lies, misdirections, and red herrings in order to fight back against the terrorist plot that threatens the world.

Vivienne Holbrooke has been at the spy game for quite a while, but her new partner insists on treating her like a novice. But when terrorists threaten the country she's sworn to protect, they're going to have to learn to work together.

Alex Masterson had had it up to here with female agents. He didn't want a partner, he didn't need a partner, but he was stuck working this case with a little rich girl who wanted to play at being a spy. But when things get a little more complicated than they expect, he might find more than just backup in his partner.

Working together, the two partners tackle terrorists and false trails, eventually leading to a showdown that puts their country in danger ... and their hearts on the line. Can they save the world and fall in love?

An Awe-Struck Release

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Melinda Skye

In accordance with multiple confidentiality agreements, Melinda Skye would like to affirm that the events in this book bear no resemblance to her life. None at all. She swears.

She lives a mundane quiet life in Portland, Oregon with her husband and their menagerie of crazy pets and does not fly off to Paris at a moment's notice to avert international disasters. And that wasn't her you saw on the plane to Istanbul.


4 Nymphs

The storyline itself could be out of the newspapers or investigative reports. The twists and turns in this story will keep your interest...The author did a good job resolving the differences that Viv and Alex had, along with the feelings of jealousy that both experienced...Misdirection is a good story to add to the bookshelf if you like spy type suspense stories.

Amazon Nymph -- Literary Nymphs
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