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Lord Peter's Page

When the Baron and Baroness Finbury pledge their spirited daughter to an elderly earl, they expect her obedience, willing or not. But Charlotte decides to run away rather than submit to her parents' wishes. Disguised as a boy, she finds her escape exhilarating until a street urchin robs her of the money she intended to use for coach fare to her aunt's house in Bath. She spends the night hidden in the stables of the coaching yard, frightened but determined to proceed.

Lord Peter is the handsome younger son of the Duke of Randolph, on his way to the family manor at the summons of his mother. The Duchess has yet another matrimonial prospect for him to meet. When the curricle snaps an axle halfway to Bath, Lord Peter is surprised to find a grubby boy amid his jumbled belongings. That grubby 'boy' is Charlotte.

Charlotte quickly concocts a story to explain her presence, and Lord Peter is moved by the "boy's" sad tale and agrees to keep "Charlie" on hand as a page and take him the rest of the way to Bath. He is puzzled and exasperated by the boy's soft manner and hilarious ineptitude for his duties. And so begins this delightful Regency romp of mistaken identities and not-so-clever disguises as Charlotte finds her adventure a bit more complicated than she had thought.

This is a delightfully lighthearted Regency!

An Awe-Struck Release

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Maureen Mackey

Home for Maureen Mackey is the towering firs and misty rains of the Pacific Northwest. Writing is her life-long dream, which first surfaced when she was in the third grade. She wrote an entire table of contents to a fairy tale, and then began writing the chapters only to get hopelessly mired in chapter four. Happily, she’s never gotten stuck like that again.

Born in Los Angeles, Maureen was raised in the San Francisco Bay Area and earned a degree in English from the University of California, Santa Barbara. While studying English literature and history, she fell in love with her future husband, a fellow student, and also 18th-century and Regency England, time periods she continues to enjoy researching and writing about. Determined to become a working writer, she obtained a masters degree in journalism from UC Berkeley, which led to jobs as a staff writer and freelancer for a number of magazines and newspapers. However, she found she couldn’t stay away from writing fiction.

She was encouraged when her first Regency romance novel, Lord Peter’s Page, won first place in the Top O’ The Trees novel writing contest. Another novel, The Forgotten Bride, was a finalist in a competition sponsored by The Beau Monde, a chapter of the Romance Writers of America. In addition to the two novels mentioned, Maureen has written three other Regency romances as well as a contemporary romance and a romantic suspense trilogy, all published by Awe-Struck Publishing, an imprint of Mundania Press, LLC.

Currently, Maureen lives in Oregon, in a charming 105-year-old home in one of Portland’s historic neighborhoods, which she likes to explore with her dog. When she's not writing, Maureen gets inspiration from reading, going to the movies and working in her garden. She enjoys spending time with her husband and her two grown sons and their wives, and also keeps trying to improve her knitting and crocheting skills.

You can learn more about Maureen and her books at her website, www.MaureenMackey.com. You are welcome to subscribe to Maureen’s blog, The Regency Looking Glass. You can also follow Maureen on Pinterest and Twitter.



"This is one of the best and funniest regencies I have ever read. I actually laughed out loud while reading this book!! Ms. Mackey is an incredible story teller who mixes charm, wit and heartfelt emotion all into one package. LORD PETER'S PAGE is a story not to be missed. It is a rarity that one finds an author who can make you laugh out loud while never once compromising the discriminating taste of the regency reader."


"I enjoyed LORD PETER'S PAGE enormously, and I'm sure any Regency reader would, too. It's so good to know that the electronic publishers are helping to keep the traditional Regency alive and flourishing. LORD PETER'S PAGE is top-drawer entertainment."