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Lonely Hearts Mountain

Successful romance novelist Lucy Hanson has a reason for shunning publicity, although her publisher doesn‘t know it. She once fell for a charming stranger, only to find her waking dream transformed into a nightmare. Far from a handsome prince, Michael was an international terrorist. Lucy's been in hiding ever since she learned the truth.

Stephen Mikos has paid his dues for his comrades and country. A former Navy SEAL, he's building a less dangerous, if no less challenging civilian career as a publicist. His greatest challenge yet is Lucy Hanson.

But Lucy's publisher is determined. Steve must put the author in the limelight, alongside her published titles. Tracking Lucy to her remote mountain cabin, Steve is stunned by what he finds: an entrancingly absent-minded literary phenomenon.

He also finds disturbing evidence that Lucy isn't alone. Michael has found her, too.

An Awe-Struck Release

Coming Soon...

Rachel Smith

As a novelist, when asked to provide a bio, Rachel Smith has a tendency to ramble on at distressing length and edit to a fair-thee-well. To be brief, however, for those who are interested in such things, she has an educational background in psychology, a diverse employment history, an exceedingly tolerant husband, four children, innumerable grandchildren and a beloved dog.


"This is a great romance and a pleasure to read. I look forward to discovering more great romance from this author. Enjoy!"

Night Owl Romance

"A thoroughly enjoyable romance, Lonely Hearts Mountain is a keeper. I’m looking forward to more from Rachel Smith."

Long and Short Reviews

"Lonely Hearts Mountain is a very good read. Interesting characters that can be a bit quirky, entertain you throughout. Adventure and romance add to the mix. ...this is a good story to take the time to read."

Matilda -- Coffee Time Romance

She lay on her side in the center of the bed, turned away from him, with a trailing edge of patchwork quilt pulled across her body, curling copper hair spread on the pillowcase. Steve leaned over the bed, the better to see her face. She was asleep, all right. Eyes closed, lavish copper lashes fanned across her cheeks, a faint flush rising in the warmth from the stove. Breathing soft and even--he lowered himself gingerly to the mattress, sitting behind her back.

"Luce." Whispering her name, he braced a hand on the quilt, lifting the other to stroke a stray strand of hair from her forehead. "Time to wake up, Lucy."


Her breathing hitched, resumed its rhythm. A hand twitched, under the quilt. Steve leaned closer. So close he could clearly see the purplish shadows under her eyes, tiny blood vessels beneath delicate ivory skin.

She was tired. She was up early, before him, that morning. She spent the whole day in town, had a scare coming home--it was her birthday, and she had no one to celebrate with but a stranger who burst into her world, uninvited.

"Lucy." Steve leaned across her from behind, with his eyes on her lips. Luscious coral lips, slightly parted with her soft breathing. He shifted to stretch beside and behind her on the bed, braced on the pillow, inches away from the mass of trailing red hair.

"Lucy." Scarcely audible. His hand stroked copper fire, wondering why he didn't feel the burn. Or rather, he felt it, but not in his fingertips. In his groin, in his chest--he lifted a strand to his lips, eyes closed.

Not here for that, Mikos.

Shut up, he told himself viciously. Just shut up for a change, will you?

He inched close, and closer, until the flames burned all down his body; everywhere it approached hers. He loomed inches above her, scooting closer almost without conscious thought. When the quilt covered curve of her rear end faintly brushed against his hip, he was instantly erect, under layers of denim and cotton flannel.

"Lucy." A breath against her hair, against her skin, against her neck. "God in heaven, Lucy."