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In Book Two of the Destiny’s Dreamers series, JOURNEY, Jack and Kaylith face their worst fears as they prepare to battle the invasion of the Clairvoyants. Separated once again by space and time, Jack and Kaylith struggle to reunite even as their list of problems and circle of family, friends, and enemies continues to grow.

Destiny has more than one surprise in store for the star-crossed lovers as they work together to stop an invasion of enhanced beings from taking over the civilized universe. What is the Clairvoyants point of entry? The bodies of any being wearing palacite, a crystal that enhances mental abilities and has the capability of storing souls.

How can Jack and Kaylith stop the invasion when the people of every civilized world use palacite to enrich their lives?

Even more troublesome, how do you separate the souls of the possessed, especially when they include your family and friends?

Book 2 of the Destiny's Dreamers series

An Awe-Struck Release

Coming Soon...

Rebecca Vinyard

Rebecca Vinyard, has FIVE novels in release with Awe-Struck ebooks, AWAKENING, JOURNEY, THE PICKPOCKET, SINFUL RAIN, and THE TAMMING OF THE TIGER.Writers, look for Vinyard's non-fiction book, THE ROMANCE WRITERS HANDBOOK, at your favorite bookstore. Vinyard is a member of EPIC and the Dallas chapter of the RWA. Visit her site for writers at http://romance-central.com or her personal site, http://rebeccavinyard.com.


"The JOURNEY for Kaylith and Jack continues as they try to save themselves, their friends, and untold other people from an insidious invading force. If it was up to our intrepid heroes, they'd be living a quiet life on some unknown planet raising their kids. Instead, as two of the most powerful psychics in existence, they stand between the galaxy and a demagogue's desire for world domination. Interspersed amongst the action are some truly humorous moments, along with a few dramatic ones that will bring tears to the eyes. Favorite characters from the previous book, including Roar Far and Orna, from Kaylith and Jack's crews respectively, return to provide a dash of wit, a spot of action, and a rollicking good ride."

Kathy Samuels -- Romance Reviews Today

Kaylith grinned as the white winds lifted her. The first time this had happened, she'd been five years old and terrified. Afraid of the unknown sensation of flight in the white void.

Now though, she knew the winds would bring her to Jack, just as they had the first time. She put her arms out like a bird and let the wind carry her to her love. She kept her focus on Jack's mind, refusing to picture a place or time.

Wherever you are, that is where I wish to be, she thought over and over again.

After a while, it seemed as if she'd been flying for hours, maybe years. Time ceased to have meaning--until she hit the invisible wall.

Shallog's titties! That hurt!

Kaylith's eyes watered as she rubbed her abused nose. She did not fall because in the white void there really wasn't an up or down. Stretching out her arms, she touched the invisible barrier. She tried rising above it, going around it, and under it. It was no use. Whatever blocked her way did so in all directions.

"Gotta go through then," Kaylith said with a sigh. "Jack did this once when I was shut down in Trinar. Right? Right. So all I have to do is think my way through. If he could do it, so can I."

Her neck made a cracking sound as she tilted her head this way and that, shaking her arms at her sides and flexing her knees like an athlete preparing for a competition.

She took a deep breath, then let out a mindshout...a massive mindshout, using all of her considerable power. IT'S KAYLITH, JACK! LET ME IN!


Something? Something.

A glimmer of laser blue light shimmered before her eyes. It was a mere sliver, like light coming from under a closed door. She lifted a hand to touch it...

Something grabbed her and yanked her in...

And suddenly, he was there.

"Jack!" Kaylith cried, throwing her arms around his broad shoulders. Her arms passed through his suddenly non-existent body. The momentum carried her forward to land right on her face. This didn't hurt since there was no 'ground' for her to fall on, but her clumsy entrance stung her pride a bit.

Blowing her hair out of her eyes, Kaylith glared up at the love of her life and growled, "What the fark?"