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Janus is a Two Headed God

Year: 2452.

Sophia McLaren (Sam) has taken care of her younger brother Martin, ever since they were orphaned. Mart suffers from a medical condition that has no cure on planet Earth.

A chance to be healed comes his way when a traveler from the fabled Galactic Core Coalition (GCC), located in the Milky Way's center, tells Mart about a remedy for his disease. The only catch is that he must travel to Xaspaar, the GCC home planet, to obtain treatment.

JorVaal 5 Lanquist, one of the leaders of the GCC on Xaspaar, has enough on his mind with the latest crisis facing the GCC: the inexplicable behavior of a rival member race--the aggressive Uortzks. For some unknown reason, the Uortzks are sabotaging their own sun, increasing its chances to go supernova. This explosion, together with another projected interstellar disaster--an evaporating black hole-- will in the near future, endanger all life forms in the galaxy.

How is he going to find time to host this female visitor from primitive Earth and her sickly brother?

Book 1 of the Janus series

An Awe-Struck Release

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Susanne Marie Knight

Award-winning author Susanne Marie Knight specializes in Romance Writing with a Twist! She is multi-published with books, short stories, and articles in such diverse genres as science fiction, Regency, mystery, paranormal, suspense, time-travel, fantasy, and contemporary romance.
Originally from New York, Susanne lives in the Pacific Northwest, by way of Okinawa, Montana, Alabama, and Florida. Along with her husband, daughter, and feisty Siamese cat, she enjoys the area's beautiful ponderosa pine trees and wide, open spaces--a perfect environment for writing. For more information about Susanne, please visit her website at www.susanneknight.com.



"Some of the best science fiction stories explore the nature of humanity. Some of the best romances feature a couple learning to compromise. Sometimes, if we're really lucky, a book like this comes along which combines both..."

Celia -- aromancereview.com


"This book is so richly detailed and multi-layered I could almost believe that Xasparr is in the universe. There are aliens, genetically altered humans and, of course, the Earthlings who migrated hundreds of years before, who only remember Earth with disdain. This one is not to be missed."

Kathy Maxwell -- Romantic Times

"...the meat of the romance itself is the cultural differences between JorVaal and Sam. Though both are from fully human stock, JorVaal's upbringing in a different world leads to more than a few conflicts over any future that they may have together."

Ann Leveille -- Paranormal Romance

"...it takes very little time before the reader becomes engrossed in the world of space travel and wormholes, unicopters and Uortzks. What are wormholes, you say? Don't wait any longer, get your copy of JANUS right away and find out for yourself!"

Astrid Kinn -- Romance Reviews Today

"This is a very well done science-fiction romance book. The characters are fun and detailed, the sparks between the main characters entertaining. There is enough Sci-fi techno-talk to carry the feel of the future, while the story remains on the people, just as it should be in this type of book."

Janet Miller -- Paranormal Romance


"Science Fiction is provocative and expands the mind to think of the now. Susanne Marie Knight has done that with "Janus is a Two-Headed God." Her premise is interesting: Her characters are full of surprises. The tale itself is full of twists and turns. Plot and subplot add layers of interest. Her worlds are believable and well thought out. Her diverse cultural mores make for realism. Such an enjoyable read deserves many kudos and mine is the belief that this is something of a keeper."

Nan H Doporto -- Sime-Gen Reviews

The man focused his steely blue eyes on Sam. As if caught by a paralyzing beam, she couldn't move, couldn't breathe. For some reason, she felt tingly all over. "I... have only just arrived here. I come from... off-world."

Memories of Mirabelle's scorn of Earth and its people still rankled. Sam preferred to keep her origins to herself for a while. The man, whomever he was, excited her in some peculiar way. Maybe it was purely physical. After all, his outward form was the very picture of masculine perfection. His warrior stance emphasized solid, powerful thighs and his hands on hips bulged out strong bicep muscles. The man's short, tawny hair contained an appealing wave, almost beckoning her to run her fingers through.

A sigh escaped her lips. He could probably write a book on sexual magnetism.

Or maybe it was a mental attraction rather than physical. His high forehead and no-nonsense blue eyes seemed to indicate a towering intelligence; someone who could analyze the pants off of a person.

She flushed again. An unfortunate choice of words.

The man walked over to the cabinet and poured pale green liquid into a glass. "Absinthe?"

She shook her head and sat to calm her wobbly knees. He wasn't the first good-looking man she'd met, so why was her heart thumping in such an unusual way? "No, thank you. You must be waiting for Fredd, as I am. My name is Sam-"

He held up his large hand. "Names are unnecessary. How long have you been waiting for Desilva?"

"About ten minutes, I guess."

He downed his drink in one gulp. "How long?" he repeated, only this time louder.

She was about to reply again, but the [domicile administration unit] spoke first. "Fourteen point seven minutes."

He set the glass down with a thud. "Long enough. No sense in waiting any longer." His next command was directed at her. "Tell Desilva I need to speak with him."

"But...." This man took for granted that she knew who he was. Admitting her ignorance would really identify her as a provincial.

He strode to the door, then turned to face her. "But? You want something more?" His gaze flickered over her again. "Ah, yes. Although not my usual style, you do have an interesting allure. I will agree to one time. If it is good, then perhaps more."

After consulting a small notebook, he continued, "Not tomorrow, but the next day's reinvigoration period. Until then."

She blinked and he was gone. What on Earth was he talking about? She stood up in a daze and twisted her top button closed. Whatever it was, she was certain she'd just been insulted.