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Hidden Hearts

Captain Jesse Rivers of the Texas Rangers put everything on the line, daring to court a woman divided from him by breeding, culture and fortune. She promised to wait for him and didn't. When she reappears sixteen years later, she refuses to answer Jesse's questions about the intervening years.

Elena de la Cruz loved her Texas Ranger captain enough to marry another man to save his life. Then she committed murder to save her own and her son's.

When fortune leads her back to Jesse, how can she confess her crimes to a man who lives for justice? Especially when her son's life still hangs in the balance...

An Awe-Struck Release

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Rachel Smith

As a novelist, when asked to provide a bio, Rachel Smith has a tendency to ramble on at distressing length and edit to a fair-thee-well. To be brief, however, for those who are interested in such things, she has an educational background in psychology, a diverse employment history, an exceedingly tolerant husband, four children, innumerable grandchildren and a beloved dog.

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