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Guest House

Lauren's fiance disappeared only weeks before their wedding, leaving a void in her life that she has not been able to fill. She longs for answers, for closure, so that she might trust again. Lauren accepts a job as a live-in physical therapist, caring for Daniel Robinson at Seacrest Manor. He is handsome, with a hard, sexy body, and intense blue eyes.

Lauren is instantly attracted to him, though Daniel is bitter and hostile. He has mood swings and emotional issues of his own to resolve, apart from the paralysis that was caused by a mysterious boating accident. He repeatedly reaches out to Lauren, then pushes her away. Lauren doesn't know if she will last through the summer.

When intruders threaten the secluded Seacrest Manor, Sheriff Garth Edwards struts onto the scene. He offers protection, and seems to be the hero Lauren has been longing for. But Lauren wonders if Garth is what he pretends to be. The strange, late-night phone calls and repeated intrusions inside the gate of Seacrest Manor leave Lauren wondering if she will ever be truly safe again. Lauren has to figure out how Daniel's estranged wife, Tiffany, and her own missing fiance are involved. Then she can decide which man is truly best for her: the brave, gallant Sheriff Garth, or the intense, fascinating, frustrating Daniel.

An Awe-Struck Release

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Linda M Orlando

Linda M. Orlando was born and grew up in downeast Maine. She has always loved books and began making up her own stories before she was able to write. She enjoys creating characters who bring to life the traditional Maine qualities of strength, independence and compassion. Her stories are often set on the coast of Maine, where the sparkling ocean water and the majestic Maine pine trees provide a realistic backdrop for her characters as they interact with each other.
When she is not writing, Linda enjoys long walks along the shore with her husband of seventeen years. Her hobbies are drawing, taking photographs, and listening to music. She is the mother of an autistic teenage son, and is a CPA who is employed as the finance director of a not-for profit agency that provides services to children with special needs.

Linda holds an A.S. degree in criminal justice and a Bachelor of University Studies degree from the University of Maine, as well as an MBA from City University in Bellevue, Washington, which was obtained solely through independent study.

GuestHouse is Linda's first ebook with Awe-Struck E-books. She is currently working on another romantic suspense novel, as well as a young adult novel, both of which she hopes to complete this year. Her readers may contact Linda at P.O. Box 733 Holden, ME 04429

Coming Soon...

She crawled up onto the bed to get to his left leg. She lifted it as she had done to his right, bending and straightening his muscular limb. "You know, if you don't keep exercising, you're going to lose all this muscle."

"I know. I had a therapist down in Boston. But he was too annoying for words. I was really glad to get away from him."

"But he helped you keep in shape over the last few months."

"I guess he did a little for me. But he was just in it for the money. He was on salary, but my father told him there was a bonus in it for him, if he made any real progress with me. Have you got something like that going with my old man?"

"No. I'm just supposed to be here. I get paid whether I get results or not. So I guess I could just kick back and not do anything, let you wallow in your self-pity all summer. But I'm not going to."

Lauren looked into his eyes. She could see that he was trying to make up his mind about here, whether she could be trusted or not. Then he reached for her, wrapping his arms around her and pulling her down on top of him. In an instant his lips were clamped over hers, his tongue demanding entrance to her mouth. She didn't struggle, just allowed him to kiss her. Then his hand dropped lower, tracing a path along her curves. She could feel his maleness pressing against her, knew he was as hungry for physical contact as she was.

Her head was spinning as he released his hold on her. He didn't speak, just continued to stare at her. She knew her cheeks were flushed. He smiled, seeming pleased with himself.

"See, some parts still work."

She crawled off the bed. "I think we've done enough exercising for today. I'll see you at dinner."

She couldn't face him, couldn't bear to look into those intense eyes. It was like he could see right through her, knew her every thought, every emotion. It was too unsettling. She ran from his room, her feelings suddenly overwhelming.