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Funny Business

A contemporary romance set in Tampa, Florida, Funny Business focuses on Meg Buffington as she sets out on a career in business. But on a dare, she performs at amateur night at a comedy club.

In the audience is Curtiss Edmunds, a financial planner new to Tampa, who finds little humor is life and none in business. As it turns out, Meg interviews with Curtiss the next morning for a job. He remembers her act, and issues an ultimatum -- if she accepts the position of his office manager, she will not perform as a comedienne. The attraction between them is strong, but their combined stubbornness is stronger.

How can Meg bring some laughter back into Curtiss' life?

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Jane Bierce

     Jane Bierce is celebrating twenty-five years of romances, in a career spanning print, audio and and electronic publication. After many years of raising a family, she is semi-retired to rural Tennessee where she quilts, gardens and still writes romance.


AUTHOR WEBSITE:http://flowersandhearts.com/janebierce.htm


"Margaret Buffington, AKA Miss Buffy the aspiring comedienne, wisecracks her way through life with her comic wit, landing her smack dab in the middle of Curtiss Edmunds' heart... As they become closer, their differences surface. Meg's 'Miss Buffy' embarrasses Curtiss and she is frustrated that Curtiss won't loosen up and laugh. FUNNY BUSINESS is a sweet romantic comedy with witty one-liners that bring a smile to a reader's lips and a shine to the eye.."

Hope Stephenson -- Romantic Times magazine

"With the crisp delivery of an expert comedian, author Jane Bierce delivers a rollicking romance in FUNNY BUSINESS. Meg never compromises her ability to make people life, refusing to change to capture the man she loves. Bravo! These opposites explode across the page, deftly mixing one liners and emotional intensity in a wonderfully amusing read. Further, Meg's a terrific heroine, refusing to compromise any of her abilities, whether it be with computers or jokes, and never settling for less than what she deserves. Watching the growth of this hero also provides humorous entertainment too good to miss...Highly recommended"

Cindy Penn -- Senior Editor, WordWeaving (http://wordweaving.com), Amazon Top 50 Reviewer

"Ms. Bierce has written an insightful tale of romantic suspense with the message that if a loving relationship is to work, no matter how physically attracted two people are to each other, there needs to be a willingness to compromise, to forgive and try to understand, and to accept one another, flaws and all."

Jeanne Allen -- Ivy Quill Reviews

The gray eyes narrowed again. "You are, aren't you?"

"I beg your pardon?" Meg countered, stiffening.

"Miss Buffy, from the Funny Bone, last night? You don't look quite the same, but I hear it in your voice," he told her coolly.

"I'm afraid so," Meg confessed, knowing by the tone of his voice that he didn't approve.

There was an oppressive silence for a long moment. Curtiss Edmunds braided his large-knuckled hands together and twisted them a few times, thoughtfully. "Yes, I suppose to do that, you have to -- be intelligent."

"Look, I'm sorry if you disapprove," Meg apologized. "It was one of those silly college dares. I have no intention of being a stand-up comedienne for a living. I've prepared myself to make a living in business. I thought the best way to do that was to learn business management and focus of finance. To be where the money is."

"Precisely," he said. "Yes, I came to that conclusion myself when I was in college. Mr. Marsh and I are just beginning, but we have some important clients and pick up new ones every day. We're already having trouble keeping up and our girls aren't adept at using our computer. That should be no problem for you."

"No, I've taken several computing courses," Meg pointed out.

"Miss Buffington, the position is yours if you want it," Curtiss Edmunds told her, with a wave of his hand.

Why aren't those words sending me into rapture? Meg asked herself. It was because she had heard in his voice that he was about to say something else.

"I trust that escapades like entertaining at the Funny Bone will not be a part of your life if you're employed by a firm which maintains a circumspect image."

Meg's backbone stiffened. "Mr. Edmunds, I'm a competent businesswoman. I can handle whatever challenge this position presents. But I call to your attention that what I do on my own time, so long as it's not illegal, immoral, or unethical, is my affair and not yours. Mr. Boniface has asked me to perform at the Funny Bone next Friday night. I was undecided whether I should take him up on his offer. After all, I could use the money, and telling jokes comes very easily to me. Now, I wouldn't turn him down for the world."

"But..." Curtiss Edmunds sputtered, getting to his feet.

Fixing him with a drop-dead glare, Meg turned on her heel and strode from the room. She was almost angry that the deep carpet at her feet muffled the sound of her footsteps. After all, there was no sound so unequivocal as the loud staccato click of high heels on a hard floor. The firm statement of her anger was delayed until she reached the paving of the sidewalk that led to the parking lot. She punctuated it by slamming her car door.