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Fortune Cookie Karma

The murder of a Beverly Hills psychic -- fifth victim of the Ice Pick Killer -- drafts Detective Art Murry and his partner Billy Kidman into a special LAPD task force, where Murry's intuitive hunches are ignored in favor of fitting together the "facts" that so far, have led nowhere. But when Murry's intuition turns to psychic flashes, he sees a vision of his girlfriend, Medical Examiner Mary Eclair. She's dead, ice picks through her hands and feet. To try and save the woman he loves, Murry alienates his boss and his partner, risking his job and his life to find the killer.

Billy, irritated at Murry's lack of communication, and spooked by Chinese fortune cookies of doom, threatens to transfer to a different department where he'll have the opportunity to head his own investigations.

The Ice Pick Killer has his own troubles. A burglar cleaned out his safe: cash, jewelry, and the set of ice picks intended for his next victim. To protect his identity, he must get back the picks. Ice Pick, an actor and make-up artist, masquerades as anyone from a priest to a security specialist, whatever it takes to win his victims' trust. And he already has his next victim -- Mary Eclair -- in his sights.

While Murry follows a slim thread from a reported burglary to a dead thief, Ice Pick sets the trap for Eclair. Will Murry be able to sort through the clues in time to prevent her death?

The breakneck pace of FORTUNE COOKIE KARMA hurtles from the first page to an explosive, skin-prickling conclusion.

A Hard Shell Word Factory Release

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L.F. Crawford

L.F. Crawford holds an M.A. in Psychology – handy in developing characters and their murderous motivations. She started writing 16 years ago and is an award-winning author of over 14 books. One of the things she enjoys most about her job is the research – which recently included a helicopter ride in a Robinson-22. Beverly Hills Voodoo, featuring Detectives Murry and Kidman – and a touch of the supernatural – was the first book in her current suspense series. The sequel, Fortune Cookie Karma followed and, Bad Moon Rising, the third book in the series is now out in hardcover. Three of her books were nominated for the Romantic Times Magazine Reviewers Choice award for Best Mystery. Two have been on the publisher’s bestseller list. Her books have won the Eppie for Best Mystery and been a finalist for Best Mystery three times.


5 Cups!

The mystery is perfectly paced, logical and psychologically plausible. An excellent read, there are no loose ends. This reviewer felt Ms. Crawford was totally in control of the story. The sentence structure was excellent and worthy of Greg Isles or Harlan Coben. Mystery fans will hate to see the novel end. (Maybe we will encounter Murry and Company again?)

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