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For The Love Of...

Some people do it for the love of money, some for the thrill. Still others do it for the love of the kill, but they do it for the love of each other.

Mackenzie Harmon is a woman in a man's field, but she's the best assassin money can buy. A slight wrench has been thrown into her latest assignment. A third party has stopped her finalization of a contract. Until she can find and eliminate the mysterious man, she doesn't get paid.

Gabriel Zumbrenen is also an assassin, but for half the money. He has been sent in to handle the removal of a CEO of a major medical corporation. The man who had the contract before him, Mac, has failed. Gabe's job is to clean up the mess.

Book 1 of the Luck of the Irish series

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Kally Jo Surbeck

Kally Jo Surbeck is a multi-award-winning best-selling author of several genres. She has over thirteen books, including participation in several anthologies.

A few of her accomplishments are Colorado Author of The Year, the EPPIE (Excellence in electronic publishing) Action category. Ms Surbeck, was, at that time, the first woman to have written and won in said category.

She is also the winner of the Daphne duMaurier in thriller/suspense. Her poetry was her first writing sale at the tender age of twelve. Her works are in several different anthologies, commemorative additions, and one is even in the Holocaust Museum.



4 out of 5 Stars

Dynamic characters and an action filled plot make for a great read!. With its first page, For The Love Of will have you on the edge of your seat waiting to see what happens next. Kally Jo Surbeck has crafted a tale that combines an action packed plot and strong, memorable characters. The heroine and hero possess inimitable qualities that make them distinct. Mac is especially appealing, her strength and vitality virtually leaps from the pages to draw the reader in. From the plot's inception, Mac's plan to leave The Outfit lured me to continue reading. The first person point of view personalized Mac's dilemma and allowed for a deeper understanding of what she was feeling. The additional characters within the story each have a purpose and are an excellent foil to Mac and Gabe. For The Love Of is very well thought out, from the technological gadgets to the network of crime and deception perpetuated by The Outfit. Readers will be astounded at the level of detail that went into this work. Kally Jo Surbeck does wonders introducing bits and pieces of information that will surprise readers with their subsequent importance within the context of the plot. The author has done an excellent job balancing the tension and intrigue with moments of humor, friendship, and passion. Kally does a wonderful job tying all the loose ends up and going out with as much bang as she started with.

Amanda -- Amazon Verified Purchase

FIVE stars!!!

I loved these characters. They lodged themselves in your heart and refuse to budge.

Paula Beaty -- The Romance Review Spot

FOR THE LOVE OF... by Kally Jo Surbeck is a must-read, action-packed romantic adventure!

BJ Deese -- Ecatromance Reviews

FOR THE LOVE OF... is fantastic! Danger, suspense, drugs, murder, and a fiery romance.

Ansley Velarde -- The Road to Romance

5 stars

Great book, kick ass herione and yummy hero.

Mac and Gabe are two of my favorite people. Ok, they are not real people, but they seem like it to me. Mac is sexy, but doesn't mean to be. She's dangerous. She's exotic. She's an assasin! The heroine is an assasin and it works. You love her. You root for her. You understand her and what makes her tick.

Gabe is ultra sexy, Greek God material. He's an assasin, too. His mark is Mac. This can't be good, right? Wrong! It's a match made in heaven. Gabe and Mac are wonderful together. They both want out of the business, but the Outfit, keeps pulling them in. How can they get out of the business and escape the Outfit?

The secondary characters are as compelling as the main characters and you'll want to see what happens to them in future books. Mac's friend and adopted little brother Bobby is one of the most wonderful and memorable characters. He's a definite ""hunk in the making."" I can't wait for him to have his own book. It will be a total hoot.

This was previously released as an e-book. But trust me, the print edition is worth it and the cover ROCKS!

I loved it!

C. Woolf -- Amazon Verified Purchase

With its first page, For The Love Of will have you on the edge of your seat...

AmandA -- Fallen Angel Reviews

5.0 out of 5 stars

ONE GREAT BOOK! Sexy strong characters ... Intrigue ... Organized crime ... and assasins! What's not to love! A gripping read that keeps your interest and has you cheering for the heroine, Mac. I hope Ms. Surbeck plans on reviving this book's characters because they are too good to loose. I highly recommend you read this book. You won't be disappointed.

Kevin Fitzgerald -- AmazonVerified Purchase

If you like great sex, and action/adventure check out this book written by Kally Jo Surbeck. I recommend it!

Tammy -- Rebel Romance Reader Forum

5 out of 5 Stars

Fantastic Action Adventure for the Kick Ass woman in you!

The best assasin money can buy, Mac just wants to get out of the biz. She has worked on her plan, and is now on the brink of escaping when it all goes to hell. And in the midst of it all Gabe, another assassin, half priced at that, enters her world. Not only has he been hired to handle her last kill, but he is being paid to kill her also. But, no one told him the woman he was hired to kill would tempt him like no other.

But as the clock starts ticking against these two, they must trust each other to uncover the web of crime, deceit and lies. Will Mac sacifice herself or claim the happiness with Gabe?

This is one kick ass action adventure. It is written in first person, not my favorite POV, but in this case, it works. Detailed description, along with a wonderful strong Alpha heroine and Alpha hero, makes for a delicious ride that will leave you breathless in the end.

If you like shows like Alias, be sure to pick up For The Love of...You will thank me in the morning. :)

Melissa A. Schroeder -- Amazon Verified Purchase

Chapter 1

I woke up with a start at the hum of cracking ice. The thin, plaintive noise forced my eyes wide open, but wisely my body stayed, trained in position. I knew the winter chill had not yet finished its freeze on the lake, but by all my calculations—and my calculations were never wrong—my weight was not a threat. The hiding place I’d chosen was right on the edge of the inlet, under an overhang, tucked neatly from sight. It was one of the most solid freeze zones anywhere.

The sound was only the ice shifting, that’s all. I steadied my breathing and cocked my head, so that my chin rested on the perilous mass separating me from the freezing Michigan waters.

My cheap, waterproof, Swatch watch said it was 4:37 a.m. on December 24th.

Prescription medication for my migraine headaches and an empty stomach appeared to be counterproductive on a job. Usually I don’t take it unless I’m going to be somewhere I can lie down, but surveillance work doesn’t always work around my delicate schedule. It certainly wasn’t on this assignment.

Christmas Eve and I was alone, in the cold, with a headache, freezing my hiney off, watching a traitor to The Outfit.

Who in their right mind spent the night before Christmas perched precariously on a thin layer of ice hoping to get that one opportunity, the chance of a lifetime?


Because this was it. This was that one last score that would push me over my mark and let me retire. For good this time. I’d sworn. No more late night calls, taking off at the drop of a hat. No more gutter bar meets and certainly no more pious, fat, lecherous old men thinking they could do whatever they wanted since they held all the cards. Nope, I’d sworn, this was it. This was my ticket out of the game.

Slower than a bear awakening from winter sleep, I adjusted the sights of my scope. Training my eye down the tinted lens of my Burris, I watched Reginald Thaddeus Hartgay, CEO of Herzenogc Corporation emerge from the dilapidated old warehouse I’d lain on the ice watching all night. His pudgy frame barely squeezed through the double door opening. Now, why was he in there all night? And just what would make the paranoid old recluse travel without his entourage?

The second question bothered me much more than the first. Old Reggi was The Man, or so it was said. He’d built Herzenogc from the ground up. Built it with The Outfit’s money, that is.

“Thinking of running, Fatman?” Suppressing a grin at the image of him trying to run anywhere, I studied the layout. The impression wasn’t favorable. The only other soul I could make out was the driver. But he was a man bought and paid for by The Outfit, so he was of no consequence to me. I hadn’t even had to sneak up to place the tracking device on the vehicle last night. The driver had locked himself in the car, turned up the radio and just now reemerged.

I should’ve brought my gun. If I hit Hartgay, the driver would take off and never look back. No, it wasn’t him that made me cautious to go to my car and get the rifle, but rather the two bodyguards I couldn’t locate. They were there I’d seen them go in just not come back out with Hartgay. Apprehension laced with ambition crept with dirty fingers along my spine, what would have drug a man so accustomed to posh out in the middle of the night to a meeting in the run down, rat infested, Wet Sector. The information might well be worth more money to The Outfit than merely Hartgay’s removal. He’d been in that building most all the night. No one else coming or going. Someone important had to be inside. But who was that someone?

My eyes widened for a brief moment in horror. What if someone had come? The chance was remote, but the possibility remained that someone could have approached while I’d rested my eyes. I knew it was only for a brief moment, but two and a half minutes might have been long enough for a companion to arrive, maybe drop off a package and leave. What if Hartgay’s partner was still in there?

Mac, old girl, you’re getting sloppy. Damn good thing you’re getting out of the business, mistakes like this could get you killed.

It would do no good to expose myself and take out my target, if a larger, more important irritant waited in the building. This had to be clean. No questions and no one else to haunt me. I wanted this job done, but not so badly that I’d risk having The Outfit on my tail. I tried to list my options, but knew I had exactly zero. Even if I had time to run, get the rifle and get back before Hartgay left, I couldn’t risk more than one shot from any location. And if, perchance, when I killed the fat bastard, another target scuttled out into the open, I couldn’t afford another shot before having to run. Leaving meant I’d have to disassemble the gun. Meaning, I’d lose my zero, and I’d have to recheck again. There wasn’t time. The mystery guest might show, but I doubted it. Most likely Hartgay’s death would scare his accomplice back into the nether reaches of the land called Loose Ends.

Loose ends were bad business.

No, I conceded, shaking my head and sadly kissing the image of my retired body soaking up the sun in Bora Bora, piña colada in hand, away. Good dream, but it would have to wait. Loose ends weren’t just bad business...they were a deadly mistake. Being a female in a male dominated profession afforded me zero room for error. I’d wait. A full night of lying out in the cold would be chalked up to experience and intelligence, but not my kill. And not a paycheck.

Damn! I’d have to contact The Outfit and inform them of the delay. Slowly sliding into a sitting position, I stretched my neck and arms, vainly hoping the prickliness would dissipate quickly. My clothing was warm, but many hours ago the bone-numbing chill had crept past the heavy layers of silk long johns and flannel. I wanted nothing more than a long, hot bubble-bath, a glass of my favorite pinot noir accompanied by Chopin or another great. The bubbles to engulf my body, the booze to thaw my heart, and relaxing music to make me forget my life.

I carefully placed the Burris back in its travel case, and slowly moved out from my hiding place. It was that magic hour of dawn, when horizons blend, so I felt I had adequate time to exit to my car and formulate a plan.

Jingle Bells ripped through the still morning air just as I made it up onto the runner’s walk. Cursing like a construction worker, I jerked it from my pocket. I thought I’d turned the damn phone to vibrate when I’d checked in with Bobby before heading to the warehouse. I must have knocked the button one too many times.  The tune could wake the dead. I unlocked the phone and answered. “Yeah.”

“Mackenzie, were you able to finalize our contract?”

“No, sir.” I stared hard at the long black limousine shinning in the distance, bitterness rising in my heart. Hartgay stood leaning on the roof searching the distant horizon. I wondered if he could feel me breathing down his neck, he sure as hell heard the phone. Could he feel my gaze? “It would appear there is a third party interested in our proceeding.”

From this distance I didn’t really need the scope, but I pulled it out for one final look. Then, put it back in the case. I’d modified the navy blue hard pack to look like a camera case. Modifications are my life. Tucking the sling strap over my shoulder, I snapped the lid shut and delivered the worst part of the news. “I’m holding off on finalization, pending further research on the new player.”

Oh, he was angry. The hatred pulsed over the airwaves, oppressive in the silence. “Very well, I suppose that is what we pay you for.”

“Indeed.” I refused to bite. “I’ll contact you when I know further details.” I hung up just as I heard a shot.