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Evil Wears a Bonny Smile

Her words died away as the door swung open once more and a tall, broad-shouldered man strode into the hall. Though Maggie's attention was fixed on the newcomer, she was aware that Geordie had risen to his feet. The man had stopped just beyond the circle of light so that Maggie could not see the expression on his face, but his tone, when he spoke, was cold. "So you've returned." Quickly, Jeannie intervened. "And just see who he has brought with him." Slowly the man moved forward, into the light, and now his face was clearly visible. Though a strong family resemblance lurked in the curve of the brow, the set of the nose, this man's hair was midnight black as were his eyes, and there was nothing boyish in his expression as there was in Geordie's. Rather, this man's features bore the stamp of pain and sorrow. Abruptly filled with confusion, Maggie wondered if she should leap to her feet and curtsy in the grand manner. In the end she did nothing, for in that same instant she became aware that the man had stopped, gone rigid, while his eyes, huge in a face suddenly grown pale, stared at her as if she were an unholy apparition

A Hard Shell Word Factory Release

F. Jacquelyn Hallquist

     Jackie Hallquist is a resident of the Great Pacific Northwest where she shares her home with six, thoroughly spoiled and completely charming, cats. Although she has done many things in the past: school teacher, fuller brush delivery person, archaeologist, piano teacher, secretary, homemaker and mother; currently she divides her time between writing and computer games. She has traveled widely, both here and abroad; loves good food -- especially Sunday brunch; and plans, someday, to take a round-the-world cruise. Everybody needs a dream....


"Fans of the Gothic genre will enjoy this one; it has a brooding hero, the gloomy castle, resident ghost, first wife dying of mysterious circumstances, and a relative with the Sight."

Romance Communications

"Sadly, Gothic romances have been missing in the romance industry in the past decade: rich canvases with dark mysterious locations, virginal heroines, things that go bump in the night and the ever present good vs. evil theme played out in the persona of a brooding suitor or those who may not be what they seem. That is why it is a delight to recommend to readers F. Jacquelyn Hallquist's Evil Wears a Bonny Smile, a wonderfully rich gothic romance set in the Highlands of Scotland in the late 1800's. If you are new to e-books this one is a must read. The story form is timeless but has a fresh, professional voice in it's delivery. Keltic Keeper Exceptional!"

Jody Allen -- Romancing the Celtic Soul

4-1/2 Stars!

"EVIL WEARS A BONNY SMILE reminds me strongly of the best of the gothic novels of the sixties and early seventies. It has the plucky, virginal heroine, mysterious, brooding castle, troubled lord, suggestions of supernatural happenings, and whispers of dark deeds in the towers and dungeons. All of this is handled with a deft and sure touch by author Jacquelyn Hallquist, who weaves together the various elements into a story that hooks the interest and builds suspense until it reaches its thoroughly satisfactory conclusion."

Scribes World Reviews


London, October 1887

Professor Donnelly dead at age 57.

It was learned only today that Professor Bruce Donnelly died earlier this month at Karonga, a small African Lakes Company trade mission situated on the shores of Lake Nyasa in Northern Rhodesia, Africa. His death resulted from wounds sustained during a raid by Arab slave traders on the small native village of Nkonde where Professor Donnelly, noted anthropologist and celebrated author, was conducting research for his next book. He believed the Nkonde, a gentle, peace-loving people, were descendents of the Hamites, the lost tribe of Israel.

The undefended Nkonde village was attacked without warning by Arab slave traders lead by one called Mlozi. After selecting the finest and the strongest of the young men and women for sale in the markets of their masters, the Arabs, together with their native henchmen, the ruga-ruga, slaughtered everything in sight: old men and women, children, even cattle and dogs, then torched the village.

Professor Donnelly is survived by his daughter, Margaret. Though seriously wounded during the slavers' attack, Miss Donnelly and her father managed to hide amongst the reeds along the lake shore, then make their way to Karonga where the Professor succumbed.

Miss Donnelly, an accomplished photographer, has traveled with her father since the death of her mother some ten years ago.