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Double Dare

Single, expectant mother Heather Dare is doing just fine on her own until her mother, Senator Darlene Dare discovers her daughter's condition. Hysteria reigns as the Senator, on the campaign trail, starts having chest pains. The press are right on her trail.

When Heather's sexy neighbor Jake West barges into her apartment in the middle of all this mayhem, what is a girl to do? She quickly introduces her mother to her "fiance". Wow! Jake -- and his real fiance Brenda -- are sure surprised! Now Mom is making wedding plans...

Elaine Hopper always mixes her romance with a cup and half of humor. You'll thoroughly enjoy this light-hearted romance!

An Awe-Struck Release

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Elaine Hopper

Elaine Hopper, born and raised in Cincinnati, Ohio, spent several years moving around the U.S. with the Air Force before settling down in sunny South Florida with her husband, five children, and five cats.
Her father likes to tease her that she's a career student as she's always in some sort of school. She earned her BS in Accounting from University of Southern Mississippi, her MBA from Nova Southeastern in Florida and has taken classes resulting in ceramics certification to writing courses and workshops. Presently, she works for a non-profit charity that serves the poorest of the poor in the Caribbean and Latin America.

Elaine's first novel, TIGERS PLAY TOO ROUGH was released by New Concepts Publishing in June 1999. Elaine's second and third books OVER THE MOON and MY BABY TOO is an Awe-Struck E-Books September 7, 1999 as a "Double Take". CARELESS WHISPERS, Elaine's fourth novel, also unfolds in sultry South Florida. Elaine's fifth novel, NEXT TO FOREVER moves up north for some winter fun.

Elaine's an ecstatic grandma. Her first grandchild, Michael Lukas Hopper, was born August 24th, 1999.



"A wonderful page turner...A classic tale of screwball comedy, with the warmth of a romantic comedy. with the mother's planning, and Jake trying to pull off two engagements, one false, and one real, one should keep an eye on Mrs. Hopper. She'll be a major force in romance writing."

John Richard -- SCRIBES WORLD


"Fantastic! In Double Dare Elaine Hopper has created a romantic comedy with a twist of suspense that will entertain you and keep you laughing, wondering, and dying to turn the page from beginning to end."


"Elaine Hopper has created the novel to put most sitcoms to shame! As Jack juggles two women, and the senator threatens heart attacks, the laughs keep coming right to the happy ending. The characters are richly drawn, with just enough plausibility to keep the giggling reader happy as love finds its own way. Highly recommended!"

Cindy Penn -- WordWeaving

Say family values for the camera, Dear!" Senator Darlene Dare flung strong arms about her daughter, then stepped back, her violet-blue eyes wide.

A gazillion flashing lights blinded Heather. But her mother's million-dollar smile easily eclipsed them. She blinked. It took several seconds for her vision to clear, but when it did, her blood stopped pumping. Her lungs refused to exhale. Her fingers itched to slam the door. A bevy of news people and cameras buzzed about her apartment's shadowy hallway, all snapping pictures of her in her flimsy negligee. Her closely guarded secret was blown to the winds. Protectively, she splayed her hands across her protruding belly. She ran back into her mother's outstretched arms, seeking comfort and protection. "I've missed you so much."

In her mother's ear, she chided, "You really should've warned me you were in town. There's something I've been meaning to tell you." She paused for emphasis. "Privately." A pushy reporter snapped a close up. As she'd done so many times in her life, she averted her face, covering it with the palm of her hand. Life in the spotlight as the Senator's daughter formed scars on her.

"When were you planning to tell me?" Darlene's cultured voice held just the slightest twinge of censorship. "At the Baptism?"

Pulling away, the Senator stood at arm's length, her gaze trained on Heather's stomach. She patted Heather's bulging tummy with perfectly manicured hands.

Ravishing as always, her mother made her feel extremely dowdy. Pearl ear studs played peek-a-boo through coiffed white-blonde hair, the same shade as Heather's. A flawless complexion highlighted the heart-shaped face that still bewitched many a male constituent. Swallowing hard, she lowered her eyes to the evidence of her condition. Her stomach stretched so far to the front, she could legitimately be mistaken for the Good Year Blimp, or a hippopotamus. Very slowly so as not to drawn attention to it, she inched her hand behind her back, away from the nosy cameramen, but most particularly from her mother. The pad of her thumb rubbed her ringless finger. Old Mrs. Perriwinkle from across the hall stuck her nose out her door, staring shamelessly. Somber brown eyes shifted from mother to daughter to the tribe of newscasters. They pinched together in her screwed up her face.

Wrinkles rolled on her forehead. Thick eyebrows came together in one solid line.

Another neighbor, Carla Schoenfeldt, stopped mid-gait on spiky high heels, her mouth agape, her ears wiggling. Shoulder length ear hoops swung back and forth. "Interview's over." Darlene's lips thinned.

Violet eyes narrowed in warning. No one in their right mind would argue with her mother in this mood. When were newsmen ever in their right mind, though? Quelling the nearly uncontrollable urge to hide, she managed to stand her ground. "We'd like to meet your lovely daughter, Senator Dare." Brian Jenkins of the KCRG Des Moines News Team, objected, trying to push his way inside Heather's apartment. Ruddy cheeks turned as red as his hair. Freckles popped out on the bridge of his nose. Only Darlene's expression was more determined than Brian's.

Dread consumed her. Having her home turned into a war zone wasn't on her top ten priority list today. Nor was having a photograph taken of her in her negligee anywhere on that list. "You're causing a scene." Curling her fingers around her mother's upper arms, she dragged her into her tiny apartment, away from the prying eyes and brash news people.

The last thing she wanted was Brian Jenkins and this mob in her living room!

Maybe find it exposeed on the six o'clock news.

Leaving no doubt intruders weren't welcome, she shut the door firmly, then turned to face her mother whose chest rose and fell swiftly.

Darlene's gaze stayed glued to Heather's bulging stomach. A puzzled expression flickered across her eyes. The irises dilated alarmingly.

"When's the baby due? This month?"