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Dere's Demons

When Jane was no longer able to provide for her sisters after her brother, Collin, lost their home in a game of chance, she was forced to turn to Lord Derrington for help – the very man who once wagered against him.

If Nigel hadn’t started the idiotic Dere’s Demons, Brayden wouldn’t now have to worry about a missing artifact, Collin wouldn’t have been trying to desperately ingratiate himself with the group, and he would not have the whole bloody mess to deal with. It absolutely did not help matters when he found himself increasingly attracted to Jane.

It appeared that at least one of their brothers was guilty of taking the artifact, but only one family’s honor could be salvaged.

An Awe-Struck Release

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Tara Manderino

Always a daydreamer, author Tara Manderino loves to create stories and situations for the people running around in her head. She first began writing in third grade when she realized she couldn't afford her reading habit.
She currently works at the Library District Center where she assists in promoting the wide variety of programs offered through public libraries. When not behind the computer, you can find Tara acting as chauffeur to her sons, or cultivating bleacher-butt as she cheers them on at various sporting events.

Tara resides in her native town in southwestern Pennsylvania with her husband, two sons and a pet rabbit. Besides enjoying a good romance novel, Tara seeks ways to avoid housecleaning (Dust bunnies have a right to live!), and thinks her crock pot is her best buddy.

This is Tara's second epubbed romance. While she can always find room for another paper printed book on her shelves, she finds the new medium much more enjoyable since she can carry several books at a time on her Handspring Visor-and it fits in her purse!



"I really enjoyed this well written Regency. The setting, Manchester, is unusual, as are the main characters, both undervalued and responsible members of their families. The author writes about both the fashionable and workaday worlds of the time and her description of conditions in the factory are very well done without detracting from the story. The mystery of the missing artifact is an engrossing one and adds as much to the story as Brayden and Jane's rocky romance. The other characters and their environment are vividly portrayed and the dialogue is well written and flows smoothly. This is definitely a must read for fans of this genre."

Maura -- Coffee Time Romance

"DERE'S DEMONS is an unusual Regency romance in both its setting, the industrial town of Manchester, and its heroine. Jane isn't the first put-upon daughter or sister with no expectations but to serve the family, but she is certainly one of the few if not the first to actually work in a factory as a common laborer. Those were very dangerous places as witness the accident involving a little boy and a loom. Dere is an admirable hero with a great load on his back. If he's just a bit dense at first in judging Jane, he'll make up for that in time…Other characters of note are Braden's younger sister Arabella and his friend Kit, Viscount Hulton… I found DERE'S DEMONS to be entertaining and the main characters likable and don't hesitate to recommend it to Regency romance lovers."

Jane Bowers -- Romance Reviews Today

"I wondered if you have any news of your brother. Surely he would have sent word by now."

She gave him a tired grin. "Obviously, you do not know Collin all that well if you believe that." She took a sip of her tea. Real tea. Something she had not had in years. She closed her eyes for a moment to savor the taste. It was much richer than anything she could recall.

He watched her drinking and her reactions. "Is there something wrong with the tea?"

Her eyes snapped open. "Heavens, no! It's lovely." She gave him a reserved smile. "Was there anything else, my lord?" That did not seem much of a reason. Still, she was glad for it had got them inside and this delightful tea.

"I had not expected you to leave your home so quickly."

"It seemed the best thing to do, my lord. I have not heard from Samuel, so I can only assume that Lord Hawke has taken possession."

"He has. I am puzzled about something. He seems to think that Collin is in possession of some items."

Jane set her tea carefully on the table. "I did not remove anything of import," she said thinking guiltily of Evangeline's doll.

"May I have another cake, Jane," one of the twins interrupted in a whisper. At least he assumed it was to be a whisper; it was rather loud.

Jane looked at the plate in front of them. She could see why her sister was tempted. She was herself. With true regret, she gave an almost imperceptible shake of her head. She had to remember why they were here.

"Please, Jane." That came from the other twin.

Before she could answer this time, Brayden did. "Of course you may," he told them. Turning to Jane he said, "It is far enough to dinner that it will not spoil their appetite."

Jane couldn't even answer. She was sure of that! It also served as a reminder of why she was here. She sat up a bit straighter in the chair and placed her cup on the table. "I have some business I would like to discuss with you, my lord."

Now that was intriguing. "If you think we can trust the moppets with the rest of the cakes, we can go to my study."

She raised stricken eyes to his. She had not wanted them to take more, and certainly she needed him to think well of them. "They will not touch any others," she assured him, and stood.

"It was a jest," he said, standing also, and guiding her to the room across the hall. He couldn't help but notice that she did not smile in return. Whatever was bothering her was weighing heavily indeed.

Ushering her into the room, he gave her a seat in front of his desk. Rather than sitting behind it, he hitched one hip on the edge, so that he was fairly close to her. He noticed her rough hands again as she twisted them together.

"Come," he told her, "it can't be that bad. What can I do for you?"