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Dark Side of Paradise

A beautiful woman with an aching heart, a handsome bachelor with a severe money problem and $6 million missing. A perfect recipe for an adventure in Paradise--Hawaii to be exact.

When auditor Meg Morton, comes to Hawaii to track down missing money, she finds much more than she bargains for -- her own hidden past, a suave Foundation Director who is her prime suspect, and a take-her-breath away romance that cannot be denied.

Meg searches for the truth as Marc Akilahu, Kauai's most eligible bachelor struggles to keep his family plantation afloat. He's searching for love and hasn't found it. He has to make very hard choices if he's to follow his heart to this new woman who has turned his world into a shambles.

An Awe-Struck Release

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Connie Crow

Connie Crow has always been a writer. Her first essay was published when she was young -- an essay protesting the demolition of a historic building, from the building’s point of view.

A true e-book pioneer, Connie's first book was published electronically in April of 1996, when most people had never heard of "e-books". She couldn't even read her own books electronically, because they came out only in PC format and she worked on a Macintosh. Remember those days?

She was a beta tester on the first e-book reading device, the Rocket-Book in 1998. Now e-readers abound at reasonable prices. Even grade schoolers are downloading their favorite books and libraries are lending readers full of e-books.

An Romance Writer's of America member, she applied for PAN ( Published Authors Network) membership in 1996. She became the first electronically published author to become a PAN member and set off the discussion within that organization over e-books that continues today. She's also a member of EPIC the Electronically Published Industry Coalition, an international e-book organization. Her book "Daughter of the Dragon" was a finalist in the world-wide EPIC contest in 2004. She is also a past officer of the Nebraska Writer's Guild, the state's oldest professional writer's organization.

Her six novels have been published in both e-book and print format and are now slated for conversion to audio books. She lives in Nebraska with her husband of nearly 50 years and a very spoiled Brittany who keeps her company while she writes. It's been a busy eighteen years.



"It is hard not to fall in love all over again as you experience the erotic and sacrificing love story of Marc and Meg in THE DARK SIDE OF PARADISE. Their love is nearly destroyed before it even begins when they are faced with the obligations to their families and the deceit that could be their downfall."

Briana Burress -- Romance Junkies Reviews


"...This reviewer loved the attraction but most of all the confusion in Marc’s identity. Here was a man who has hated women chasing him because of his money and now the woman who doesn’t care about it is promised to another man. But Marc is all man and boy did I like how Connie Crow created this stud. This is an awesome book that truly so captured all of the paradise that Hawaii really stands for."

Lena C. -- Fallen Angel Reviews

"Connie Crow is known for her intricate plots. DARK SIDE OF PARADISE is no exception. A real page turner, the reader won't be able to wait to find out what happens next. I highly recommend this story."

Ginny McBlain -- author of BearHugs and Faith, Hope and Charity

"THE DARK SIDE OF PARADISE isn’t particularly dark. The evidence tells the reader who the embezzler is long before the characters figure it out, so we can relax while Meg and Marc, Meg’s father, Marc’s friend Henry, and Marc’s parents all find their way to the happily-ever-after ending. Smoothly written, luxuriantly vivid, and not too deep, THE DARK SIDE OF PARADISE is the perfect accompaniment to a lo-oo-ong bubble bath."

Joy Calderwood -- Reviewer’s Choice Reviews

...Meg hung up. What a mess. How did her carefully ordered world fall apart so fast? So much for being the star junior partner of Morton and Morton. She'd be lucky to have a job left after this was over. At least her father seemed to be on her side and not too upset. A long-forgotten warm glow washed over her. Maybe she and her father had truly found one another again. Perhaps he was finally coming out of that private cavern of grief he'd entered when her mother died so many years ago.

Meg stretched out on her suite's couch. Her mind ran in circles. It was too late to go back to the office, yet too early to turn in. When had she eaten last? She didn't remember. From the rumblings in her innards, she should think about food. But nothing sounded remotely interesting. She grabbed the menu. Maybe something from room service would sound good. Her hotel phone rang. She reached over the arm to grab the receiver. "Yes?"

"Miss Morton? You have a visitor in the lobby. Shall I send him up?"

Meg clenched her teeth. Al again. Would he never stop?

"No. I'll be right down." She grabbed her key card from the counter. They might as well settle this right now. Dad had okayed sending him home. She might as well tell him to leave one more time. She didn't want Al in her life. She wanted Marc. And if she couldn't have Marc, she'd go it alone. Hesitating, she snatched her purse off the couch. She might need a drink after this confrontation and she certainly wouldn't let Al pay for it.

She tapped a toe impatiently, waiting for the elevator. The ride down seemed to take forever. She stomped out of the car, ready to do battle with her spurned suitor and stopped--dead still. Marc stood by the elevator, newspaper in hand. He waved the Tattler. "We really do need to talk. Please, Meg, talk to me now."

She sighed. Marc was the last man she expected to see. It never occurred he might know about the Tattler already. Grapevines work, even across the ocean. She might as well talk to him. It wouldn't make any difference now. "Yes, we do need to talk--the lounge is still open."

He nodded and they walked through the palm tree-lined lobby to the torch-lit lounge. They found a secluded corner booth, tucked cozily behind a palm tree. Meg slid in on the bench seat, with Marc right beside her. He ran a tentative hand over her fingers resting on the table. "Meg, I don't know where to start."

Meg looked up into his blazing dark eyes. "Then let me. I'm sorry we've made such a mess of your life. I don't know how we made the front page of the Tattler. I had nothing to do with that photo, I swear."

His fingertips deftly brushed an unruly curl from her face and caressed the curve of her jaw. "Of course, you didn't. I know that. It was my own stupidity that got that photo in the paper."

She wouldn't be put off. "Carol called me about it earlier today. I've already called my father about the bad publicity. I'm sorry if I've cost you your fortune."

A slow smile spread across his face. "That's what I wanted to talk to you about. I'm working on a deal in Shanghai to save the plantation. I won't need the inheritance and I can marry whomever I want."

"Oh?" Meg didn't know whether to be excited or horrified. What if his deal was with the Senator and the unauthorized account? What if her father was right?

He took her hand between his, caressing it gently. "You said you took my advice--well I've decided to take it, too. Love is more important than money and I've fallen in love with you, Meg. It's that simple. We'll work something out. The Queen's money doesn't matter any more. If it's gone, it's gone."

Warmth washed over her. She scooted closer to him in the booth, allowing him to drape an arm around her shoulders. She shivered with delight as his fingers kneaded the taut muscle in her neck. "Can it really be that simple, Marc? Are you sure you mean that? "

His other arm found her waist and he pulled her to him. His voice came soft and low. "I've never been more sure of anything in my life."

His mouth found hers, oblivious to the rest of the people in the lounge. His kiss carried her far away, into her own version of paradise. Her mind retreated as her emotions took control, sending hot spikes of pleasure through her, deep into her very core. But it didn't last long.

"Well, isn't this cozy! "

Marc broke the kiss and looked up into the angry eyes of a stranger. "Excuse me?"

Meg's voice cracked. "Al!"

Marc glanced at her, never loosening his hold on her waist. "You know him?"

She nodded. "Marc, this is Albert Anderson, my stubborn ex-boyfriend..." she glared at Al, "...who shouldn't be here at all.