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Cricket's Moon

Cricket Stafford spends her last dollar on a lottery ticket, knowing the furniture store she works for can't stay in business much longer, and her family frowns on gambling. The next morning the town is buzzing with the news that someone in Hazlett won the lottery. After church, Cricket and her brother Bill get a newspaper and are stunned to see that she has the winning ticket.

Her first move is to go to the town's best lawyer, instead she finds his son, also a lawyer recently home from a disappointing stint in Washington. Mark realizes that he's found the opportunity to change the world in his hometown.

Cricket faces resistance in a community sharply divided by economics even more than by color.

An Awe-Struck Release

Jane Bierce

     Jane Bierce is celebrating twenty-five years of romances, in a career spanning print, audio and and electronic publication. After many years of raising a family, she is semi-retired to rural Tennessee where she quilts, gardens and still writes romance.


AUTHOR WEBSITE:http://flowersandhearts.com/janebierce.htm


"Jane Bierce did a wonderful job of showing what money can do to people, and the selfless way one person goes about providing for those in need. The characters are presented in a very positive way, and the interaction of some of them left me with questions unanswered. I was very happy to see that Cricket not only found a way to share her wealth, but she was able to find true love as well. This is the first book in the Hazelett series and this reviewer is looking forward to the next story."

Goddess Minx

When she reached the ball park, she walked slowly to the pitcher’s mound and looked around. There was a silvery full moon rising over the fringe of trees on the far side of the neighborhood. She paused, appreciating the quiet evening, the rising moon, the rose clouds of the sunset.

Buying a Lottery ticket couldn’t be all that bad. With her luck, she wouldn’t win. She’d just spend the evening thinking about possibilities. Such possibilities! Over three hundred million dollars! It was a mind-boggling amount.

Off in a distance, she heard little girls playing a game, singing a rhyme. She was reminded of a rhyme she’d learned years ago. Carefully, she dug her wallet out of her pocket and cleaned it out. There were no bills, just change, so far as money went. She tucked the unnecessary things into another pocket, then scooped the coins into her hand. Carefully, she put the wallet at her feet. Taking a deep breath, she threw the coins one at a time into the outfield, pivoting slightly with each throw, so that they would be distributed evenly.

Then she picked up her wallet and placed the Lottery ticket in the compartment where the bills would have been.

She showed the wallet to the moon, holding it at an angle so that the pale moonbeams might shine on it.

“Moon, moon, beautiful moon, fill it up, fill it up, fill it up!” she chanted.