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Coming Home the Long Way

The biggest mistake of Daniel Klein’s life was leaving Kathleen Doherty. It was self defense, he left her before she figured out he was a loser. She loved him, but he knew that eventually she would leave him. Score one for Daniel, he did the leaving taking his infant son, Leo. He realized his mistake too late. Kathleen married the perfect man, a doctor.

The biggest mistake of Kathleen’s life was sleeping with her old boyfriend John. Maggie was the result. Maggie was not the mistake however. Marrying John was. Kathleen went from an independent woman who lived in New York to a housewife in Wayzata, Minnesota.

When John dies in an accident, Kathleen rebuilds her life with the help of friends and family. Through it all she still dreams about Daniel.

An Awe-Struck Release

Margaret Wilson

Margaret (Margie) Wilson's mother taught Margie to read when Margie was two, and she's been reading ever since. Every time she opens a book, whether a familiar old friend, or an undiscovered treasure, the thrill is always there. Margie hopes the stories she writes give readers that same thrill.
Margie lives in a suburb of Buffalo, New York, and she's been married to her best friend David for twenty years. The Wilsons have a beautiful sixteen–year-old daughter, Elizabeth, and a wonderful dog, Murphy. They are the lights of Margie's life.



"I was really in for a romantic read and that was exactly what I got! Coming Home the Long Way was romance all over from the first page until the last! I enjoyed reading this tremendous work written by the hand of Margaret Wilson…and now I only can end this review by stating that Coming Home the Long Way was a marvellous book to read! And…Mrs. Margaret Wilson, when is the next one coming???"

Sylvie -- Euro Reviews


"Margaret Wilson did a beautiful job at creating a scene that is brought to life from taking the reader to Tuscany all the way back to New York, including a villain that readers will hate yet the child in you will love. I loved the book for its rich and beautiful scenes throughout the novel."

Lena C. -- Fallen Angel Reviews

"Coming Home the Long Way weaves a story of love, lost love, tender romance, conflict, sabotage and just about everything that keeps the reader spellbound. The characters are fascinating and the strength they each endure brings them closer together as a big huge family. Margaret Wilson fashions a poignant story that is not only genuine but reaches out and touches the reader. It is not only well-written but allows the reader to get an in-depth feeling of all the characters, not just the main ones, as well as feel their emotions and kept this reader grabbing the tissues."

Cherokee -- Coffee Time Romance

"Well paced with good dialogue, COMING HOME THE LONG WAY is a sizzling hot romance and a warm family story that romance readers will enjoy."

Marilyn Heyman -- Romance Reviews Today

5 out of 5

"Ms. Wilson gave us a wonderful story of finding the one you never stopped loving and hoping things will work out this time around. The story was not without its bumps and bruises along the way for everyone. There is deceit and mistrust along with love. Ms. Wilson pulls at your heart hoping that everything will work out and you can’t stop reading for fear you will miss something along the way."

Pam -- A Romance Review

Daniel lifted his glass and clinked it with Kathleen's. "To the kids, may they not repeat all their parent's mistakes."

"Just the really good ones," Kathleen amended, a big grin on her face.

Daniel returned the grin. He took her hand and asked, "We were a good mistake, weren't we, Kathleen?"

Kathleen squeezed his hand for a moment and then withdrew hers. "I don't think of you as a mistake."

"You love John?"

"I married him," she replied, eyes downcast.

"So you're happy with him. Of course you are. Why wouldn't you be? A successful doctor, a good provider, can give you a trip like this. So have you taken up golf yet? Don't most doctors wives play golf?" His tone was bitter.

"I'm not going to explain or justify my marriage to you. It would have been a lot different if you hadn't..." Kathleen stopped in mid sentence.

"I don't think so. I don't think it would have been any different. Only took you a week or so to get over me." Daniel swallowed his wine in a gulp and poured more. His hands were shaking.

Kathleen slammed her glass on the table. "I was a basket case when you left. I didn't know I could cry that much. I didn't eat, or sleep. John was there for me."

"And I wasn't." Daniel's face crumpled.

She looked at him, eyes glinting with anger. "That's right, not a letter, not a phone call. Even if you didn't want to be my lover you could have been a friend. John was my friend and...well...I took advantage of his friendship and slept with him. I was so lonely for you and I needed...needed to be touched, to be held. I felt dead inside."

"Stop, Kathleen." Daniel stood up and threw some money on the table.

"Same old Danny, run away."

Daniel's face was a mask of pain, but he sat down. "It was better that I left. Sooner or later you would have left me, left Leo, moved on. And you did, right into the arms of Mr. All American, with a nice bank account."

Kathleen looked at him in utter amazement. "God, you haven't learned anything at all. I married him because I was pregnant. He stood by me, loved me. He didn't run away when things got rough."

She stood up and started to walk away. Daniel grabbed her arm to stop her. She looked at his hand on her arm until he removed it. "Now who's running?"

"Danny, I've spent the last four years missing you. How can you possibly imagine that I would have ever left you? That I ever got over you? I loved Leo like he was my own. I wanted us to be a family. You were never a failure in my eyes. Never. Until you ran away." She swiped her eyes and stared at him. "You have absolutely no idea how much I loved you."

Daniel grabbed her arm again. Her face was tear streaked and she needed to blow her nose. He held her upper arms tightly and pulled her to him. "I never got to kiss the bride," he said sadly. He touched her lips with his, gently. He felt her try to push him away for a second. Then she whimpered softly and kissed him back. He was in freefall, the kiss intensifying. Kissing her was better than he remembered. Her lips were soft and yielding under his. He was a goner. Then the world came back and he realized where they were. This was not his Kathleen; this was someone's wife. He broke the kiss and let her go. She stood there gasping for a moment and then slapped him hard. With that she picked up her bag and stalked off.