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The Dead have risen.

Humanity teeters on the edge of extinction.

Only one remote island called Cobble remains as the last holdout of civilization and hope until a military unit fleeing the mainland arrives on the islanders' doorstep, demanding to be allowed to stay. Amongst them is a man whose dreams span the length of time itself and who may hold the key to the human raceís salvation.

But they are not the islands' only visitors. A dark, demonic creature intent on finishing its work of destroying God's world reawakens the islandís dead once more fanning the fires of distrust and hatred as the islanders and the military unit seek to find a way to settle out their differences and work together.

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Eric S. Brown

Eric S. Brown is a 30 year old author living in NC with his wife Shanna. Their first child is due in October, 2005. Eric has had his short stories published over 300 times in print and on the web in the last four years. Many of these tales have been collected into books including his highly praised collection Dying Days and his newest collection Madmen's Dreams.

Some of his other collections and chapbooks include Space Stations and Graveyards, Portals of Terror, As We All Breakdown, Zombies the War Stories, and Flashes of Death. When not writing, Eric spends his time collecting Fantastic Four comics and watching horror films.

Susanne Brydenbaugh

Susanne Brydenbaugh is a Southern gal of Scottish and Cherokee heritage, and a third generation artist. She is the author of over 80 short stories and poems published in magazines, literary journals, and on the web. Two of her short stories have recently been anthologized and translated in both Italian and German. She has co-authored two novels (COBBLE with Eric Brown, and BONOBOS with T.M. Gray) and is currently at work on her first solo novel, THE FIREFLY TREEóa Southern Gothic set in an actual Alabama ghost town that refuses to be inhabited.


4 Clovers

COBBLE is an intelligent personís horror story as it provides great food for thought regarding the fine line that sometimes separates good from evil...readers looking for a unique twist on zombies will thoroughly enjoy COBBLE. Eric S. Brown and Susanne Brydenbaugh have crafted a very credible zombie novel that urges readers to consider more than just the next gross-out scene. COBBLE is entertaining, suspenseful, and thought-provoking and a very solid horror novel.

Debbie -- CK2S Kwips and Kritiques

These arenít your parentís zombies. These things can think, can MOVE, can drive cars, so watch out! Cobble is non-stop action from page one. Eric S. Brown and Susanne Brydenbaugh break boundaries throughout and no character is safe from their wrath. Like Brian Keene, Eric Brown is a master of the modern zombie tale. He is a talent to watch

Donna Taylor Burgess, Editor -- Naked Snake Press
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