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Campbell's Reivers

This new novel is based on the exploits of young Alex Campbell, sent off by his father to join the newly-forming Scots Brigade in the Low Countries of Europe.

Romance having been found in unusual circumstances, the young man finds himself forced to part from his new love and leave his native Scotland to take part in the war between His Most Catholic Majesty, Phillip II of Spain, and Prince William the Silent, Prince of Nassau/Orange.

Leading a troops recruited from the Border area of southern Scotland, Alex rides at the head of his small band of 'reivers' into the pages of the tumultuous history of 16th Century Europe.

An Awe-Struck Release

Neil Grant

The author resides with his wife, Kay, in Bridge of Allan, Stirlingshire, in Scotland and within the shadow so-to-speak of Stirling Castle, the Wallace Monument, and the Ochil Hills.
Having followed a career in the Police and Civil Service, Neil has now taken to researching and writing about a period in Scottish history which is sometimes forgotten - and the many young men who left their native hills and glens and went off to Europe in the hope of a better life in the Scots Brigade.


"This superbly crafted novel embodies a vivid sense of place that is just as powerful as the book's potent message. When Alexander Campbell of Backhills stands on his favorite spot at the zenith of Ben Cleuch, little does he know of the exploits and grave undertakings that are to come his way...It is not long before, full of impishness and much equipped with womanhood, Shona makes her private claim of Alex - to uncle Iain's immense ire. Now an officer in pursuit of plundering Spaniards and their murderous ways, Alex Campbell finds plentiful battle action with and away from his brand new wife, Shona, and her impetuous ways.

"Campbell Reivers is bold, pert, outrageously funny. Characters are most likable or easy to identify with. Not only does the manner of their speech furnish charming dialogue, Neil Grant writes a most convincing Scottish accent that proves equally hilarious as a parallel romance begins to emerge in the face of Jens and young Mhairi."

Eugen M. Bacon -- TCM Reviews

"Kiss me, Alex," breathed the young woman and Alex bent forward to kiss her soft, downy cheek. At that instant, Shona turned her head slightly and their lips met. The meeting was not of brother and sister and both young persons gasped and sought more. Shona eventually drew away and whispered to her cousin, "Alex. I have always loved you. You are breaking my heart with this going off into the unknown. I don't even know if you'll come back."

The young man's head was in a spin. His covering had slipped down, revealing his well-muscled torso. He was astounded to say the least and could not think of anything appropriate to say except, "Mhairi?"

"She loves you as a sister, dearest, but I love you as a lover. I will wait for you. No matter how long it takes, I'll be here. Kiss me again. Please. Quickly. Now."

His mind awhirl, the two met in close embrace again.

The embrace became a fondling, a kneading, a touching of each other's bodies. Sheer ecstasy filled the air and Alex used the heel of his right hand to push up the girl's nightdress. He sought a breast and captured it, sucking slowly while its owner moaned. The fullness of it increased his awareness of its shape and form. The other did not get ignored either as his hand caressed her and moved slowly down her belly, her abdomen, and eventually found its reward between her spreading thighs. She was ready for him. Aye, more than ready. She pulled him over on top of her and reached for his manhood. She caused him to slide within her entrance as she called out softly, "Oh, Alex, Alex." His body was sprung like a bow. The kissing began again in earnest as he slid in to her and almost out of her in the age-old motion of love. Shona urged him on, clinging to his body as a limpet clings to the rocks on the seashore, nibbling at his ears and using her darting tongue in a most delectable way. She groaned out her responses to his love-making and Alex felt himself about to explode from within. Colours were swirling in his head. He felt himself passing out of control. Suddenly, as if a length of cold steel had entered his body, his motion stopped.

The young man withdrew quickly from the girl's moistness and the seed from his loins splattered across her bare stomach. She cried out, "Oh God, Alex. Why did you leave me? I wanted you all. You're a beast." Alex looked at her in a shame-faced way. She pouted out, "Yes you are. Nothing but a beast." Suddenly she smiled and the smile lit up her face. "I truly love you, my Alex. I will wait for you forever. That is my promise to you. Though I live to be an aged spinster, an old, dear aunt to Mhairi's children, no one and I mean no one will ever take your place. My heart is yours. My love. My Alex."