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Rick Sage rides into war against a murderous Tijuana narcotics cartel after they behead his friend and kidnap his friend's wife and two young daughters. Determined to rescue them, Rick encounters unusual allies in a sword-wielding cult of women warriors led by Queen Calafia, the reincarnated mythical Queen of Baja.

When Sage accidentally discovers the crystal cave complex where the Calafians have lived and trained for centuries, his warrior allies hold him prisoner because no man has ever been allowed to leave after learning their secrets.

When word reaches him that his son Pedro has been captured by the cartel, Rick must somehow convince Queen Calafia that he is not a threat and they must fight the cartel together. It's a slim chance made almost possible when the Queen's sister, Princess Ana, befriends him.

Even if Sage escapes from the crystal caverns, he must still fight the murderous cartel to rescue Pedro. Can he do the impossible, or has Rick Sage finally met an enemy that even Mexico's army and police forces have been unable to defeat?

Book 3 of the Rick Sage Mystery series

A Hard Shell Word Factory Release

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Murdoch Hughes

Murdoch Hughes has lived his adult life along the West Coast of North America, from Mexico to Alaska's Aleutian Islands. However if he were to call a place home it would be Seattle, walking her misty streets at night with the ghosts of her past, while sipping the dark espresso of her present, and scenting the seaweed and cedar dreams of the area's long Native American history.

He lived for six years on Unalaska Island, in the Aleutian Islands, working as a fisherman and a marine engineer. Then he sailed for two years with his wife Jan on their thirty-two foot sailboat, Hunter Star, down the Pacific Coast and into the Sea of Cortez, exploring the many islands and coves of Baja California Sur, Mexico.

Swallowing the anchor and moving ashore, they lived for four more years in the beautiful, peaceful city of La Paz, near the tip of the Baja peninsula. It was there he wrote his two Baja and Mexico based Rick Sage Mysteries: Murder In La Paz, and Death Mask of the Jaguar.

Murdoch is presently living and writing in the Seattle area.

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