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Building Passion

Jacqui Belpre has her hands full, running the home building business she inherited from her parents and riding herd on her teenaged brother Kyle and sister Janice. She doesn't know how lonely she is until she meets Christopher, who's angry that his sister is smitten with her brother.

Christopher Warden's resort hotel is expanding and in need of a contractor. He doesn't intend to hire a woman for the job -- but Jacqui is the only one who submits a certified bid. They'll be working very closely together…

An Awe-Struck Release

Jane Bierce

     Jane Bierce is celebrating twenty-five years of romances, in a career spanning print, audio and and electronic publication. After many years of raising a family, she is semi-retired to rural Tennessee where she quilts, gardens and still writes romance.


AUTHOR WEBSITE:http://flowersandhearts.com/janebierce.htm


"The romantic undertones are subtle at first, building with a natural progression toward love and happily ever after. The realistic and well-researched descriptions penned by author Jane Bierce allow the readers to glimpse another aspect of the building trade. Building Passion is a book I will gladly purchase for friends who love a great story about home and family, and falling in love."

Scarlet -- Joyfully Reviewed Reviews


"Jane Bierce's BUILDING PASSIONS is a wonderfully addictive story. The family dynamics among Jacqui, Kyle, and Janice is simply wonderful to picture. They're all so supportive of each other, even if things don't go exactly as planned. Christopher and his sister, Alaine, have never been very close. He's trying to step into a fatherly type roll and Alaine rebels by spending time with someone whom she knows Christopher will not approve. Ms. Bierce takes us on this couple's journey to finding trust and love despite their initial mistrust. I adored Kyle and Alaine as a couple and would love to know more about what happens with them as well as what Janice decides to do with her future. BUILDING PASSIONS has a great plot filled with fun characters. This is definitely a book I'd recommend reading."

Chrissy Dionne -- Romance Junkies Reviews

"Ms. Bierce uses a well-researched background to hang an enjoyable story of love and the obstacles--real and imaginary--that can come between two people as they fall in love. Building Passion is a warm, sweet story of falling in love for the first time."

Tara Manderino -- MyShelf Reviews

"While a carefully constructed and subtly humorous romance that will make you glad you aren't in the building trade and plant you firmly in Florida's sunny warmth, it's the wonderful characters that gives BUILDING PASSIONS its special touch. These are people to empathize with over their heartaches, cheer for their successes, and relish their subtle manipulation of one another. Jacqui is a heroic woman, smart, strong, selfless, and driven. Christopher is just the man to remind her she is a woman, and she shows him you should never underestimate a determined woman. Author Jane Bierce makes it clear these two were meant for each other, but leaves you wondering if either Jacqui or Christopher can untangle their complicated lives to build a life together. Caution, wear your hard hat."

Robin Lee -- Romance Reviews Today

Jacqueline Belpre hung up the telephone on her littered desk and stared at the man who was standing before her. He was splendid in his navy blazer and pale gray slacks. His black hair waved gracefully back from his broad, tanned forehead. He smelled of expensive, sensuous cologne which was at the same time characteristically discreet.

Handsome enough, she appraised, and obviously not poverty-stricken. He was a refreshing change. Most of the men who came into her office at Osprey Builders were dressed in tattered blue jeans, dirty T-shirts, and work boots, layered with grime and reeking of sweat and surreptitious beers.

"I'm Christopher Warden," he introduced himself, unsmiling, as though she should already know his reason for being there and possibly his life story. He placed a long cardboard carrying tube on her desk and tugged nonchalantly at the collar of his pale blue shirt, which was open at the throat, showing a wisp of black hair.

"Jacqui Belpre," she said, eagerly extending her hand across the space between them as she got to her feet. As president and chief salesperson of Osprey, it behooved her to appear outgoing and friendly, even if this character showed all the cordiality of a prickly pear.

"Leisure Discovery," he said, barely touching her hand with his. "We would like you to bid on our latest project."

"Oh, yes," Jacqui said, picking up the tube, reading the label and putting it down again. "The luxury cottages on your Egret Island property. I've heard people talking about that, and I'd like to bid, but I just don't have the time to devote to a presentation before your deadline. If you'll excuse me, I have to get out to my model house at the Shelter Cove development."

"Miss Belpre, I also have a personal matter to discuss with you," Christopher Warden said, a note of urgency in his clipped Bostonian tone, quite unexpected on the west central Gulf Coast of Florida, north of the Tampa Bay area.

"I beg your pardon?" Jacqui asked, studying his serious gray eyes, cold and immutable as granite.

Christopher Warden cleared his throat and commanded her attention. "I could have had a messenger deliver these specifications, or ignored your firm completely, Miss Belpre," he said with growing agitation, drawing himself up to his full height, which was an impressive six foot two of three, she judged. "But there is the matter between your brother and my sister."