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The moment wealthy young widow Savannah Knight meets Napoleon Falconer sparks fly between them. But Savannah has an explosive secret that could surely put an end to any romance. She is the mysterious Madame of the La Hibicus Rouge bordello in New Orleans.

La Hibicus Rouge is a safe house, the first stop in the road to safety for abused women in their quest for freedom.

Napoleon hunts for these very same women. Savannahís heart is tested when her closest friend comes to her for help. Savannah keeps her friend one step ahead of Napoleon.

Napoleonís heart is crushed when he discovers Savannah seduced him to keep him from capturing her friend. Savannahís heart is vanquished when she realizes Napoleonís knows she is the Madame of La Hibicus Rouge.

Will Savannahís secret turn Napoleonís love for her to disgust? Will Napoleon be able to regain Savannahís trust?

An Awe-Struck Release

Jewelann Butler

Jewelann lives in Beaverton, Oregon with her husband and little poodle, Ginger. On occasion they go on a vacation. Last time - a cruise in the Caribbean where they were shipwrecked. Her hobbies include cross-stitch, reading, and collecting jewelry.


"This story will draw you in from the very beginning. Napoleon may be very domineering but he has a sexy side to him that comes across quite well. Even though Savannah is the Madame of a bordello, her innocence still shines through loud and clear. I guarantee you will derive great pleasure in reading this story, I did."

Candy Cay -- Coffee Time Romance

"What a fascinating story! Captivating from the first sentences, it held my attention right to the end! I recommend this to lovers of historical romance, and those readers seeking a good plot, with a worthy cause, and well-researched characters who are three-dimensional, not paper doll cut-outs. As soon as this book is available, buy it, read it, enjoy it!"

Annie -- Ecataromance.com

"Bordello is a wonderful love story. I enjoyed visiting 1893 New Orleans and following Napoleon and Savannah as they navigate the traitorous road to love. This story is full of emotion and intensity. It has lots of laughs and a few sad moments. It is a wonderful read that I fully enjoyed."

Tamar -- JoyfullyReviewed.com

"I'm just a good listener," he said. That was when Brandy noticed that he didn't smile the way other men did when they uttered such pleasantries. Had she seen him smile at all? She wasn't sure.

"Well, good listener, I'm afraid it's time to go home," said Brandy as a new rush of customers entered the restaurant. She was amazed to see that it was 11:23. The 9:00pm movie must have just let out.

Ten minutes later Brandy found herself pulling up outside her own apartment building, Dan Martin still in the car. She didn't feel tired, though, and the night was bright with the full moon. "Wow. I must be so tired I spaced out," she said. "I didn't even ask where you live."

"That's okay. I'll walk home. But I'll see you to your front door first."

Brandy laughed. "I'm perfectly safe. I'm a cop, for goodness' sake!"

"And I'm a gentleman," he replied, getting out and coming around to open her car door. No man had done that since a couple of extremely shy boys in high school!

Deciding she did enough roaring as a police officer, Brandy let him hand her out of the car and walk her up the stairs. At her door, he said, "I want to see you again."

"I'd like that," she replied, and fought down a strong urge to invite him in. This was not the swinging 70's, when safe sex meant not banging your head on the headboard!

She had wanted men before, but never so strongly -- and never, ever, on a first acquaintance. She had always resisted, successfully.

Dan Martin took her in his arms, and Brandy discovered how comfortable it was to be held by someone only a few inches taller than she was. Their lips met without either getting a crick in the neck. It was as if they had kissed a thousand times before, knew each other's texture and rhythm.