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When a brilliant point of light appears in the southern sky, Nathan Oakes is finishing his early-morning run in Central Park, Kathy Stratton is preparing to give a speech in San Francisco, Nikki Jamison is dreaming peacefully in her home near Phoenix, and Oscar Villalobos is grappling with the guilt that fuels his nightmares. None are yet aware of how much that strange light in the sky will change their lives.

By the time it begins sending a digital signal, however, Kathy Stratton, science advisor to the president, knows that a turning point in the human story has been reached. Aliens have made contact.

Soon after they land on a rural stretch of road west of Phoenix, Nikki Jamison and Oscar Villalobos slip unnoticed into the tiny red spaceship and learn the hard way that Zeke and Simon arenít the friendly back-slappers they pretend to be. Trapped in a weird, impossibly vast labyrinth inside the ship, knowing their chances for survival are slim, Nikki and Oscar discover the truth about the aliens. They also learn about the complex network of interaction between sentient species throughout the universe, and the elegantly simple system of law that holds it all togetheróand they learn that a partnership with Zeke and Simon will not bring riches to the human race. Instead, it will bring extinction.

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William Greenleaf

William Greenleaf was born in Illinois, spent most of his life in Southern Arizona, and now resides in the beautiful high desert near Santa Fe, New Mexico. He holds a business degree from Arizona State University and worked as a corporate strategic and financial planner before changing careers in 1988 to become a professional writer.

Greenleafís previously published novels are Timejumper, The Tartarus Incident, The Pandora Stone, Starjacked, and Clarion. A common theme in his novels is the resilience of the human spirit and the ability of ordinary people, when threatened by extraordinary circumstances, to reach into themselves for the resources necessary to survive. This theme is explored further in his latest novel Bloodright.

When he isnít writing, Greenleaf enjoys exploring the back roads of New Mexico with his wife (and childhood sweetheart) Martha, learning as much as he can about the fascinating blend of cultures in this land of enchantment, and pursuing his quest for the perfect margarita.

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