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Blood Fever

A mysterious infection is killing the Navajo on the reservation in Northern Arizona. Only the need to stop the spread of the infection and save his people makes Navajo Doctor Michael Begay agree to work with epidemiologist Peggy Sanders. But time is running out. They must overcome their mistrust and different backgrounds to find the source of the deadly infection because more is at risk than either could imagine.

A Hard Shell Word Factory Release

Anita Lynn

   When it was suggested to Anita to write a medical thriller, she chose to use her background as a Public Health Nurse to create a mystery which required epidemiology to solve. Besides writing, she works as a Women's Health Care Nurse Practitioner and is very proud of the two sons she raised. She resides in Northern Arizona with her husband and spends any free time walking her dogs in the forest.


"Anita Lynn has given us a powerful Medical Thriller and Romantic Suspense all rolled into one. You will see love overcome all odds as Doctor Begay and Peggy Sanders work side by side to find a cure for this BLOOD FEVER, whose wrath threatens the entire reservation."

Writer's Club Romance Group -- AOL Reviewer Board

"Ms. Lynn gives her main characters just enough pride to stand by their backgrounds but not so much that it would be impossible for them to come together in a common cause. The romantic thread woven throughout helps both characters to grow and strengthens the storyline. Well worth taking your time to enjoy."

Romance Communications

"Anita Lynn is very familiar with her subject. She raises some interesting, and scary, questions about the safety of our nation's blood supply. Read this book at your risk. You'll forever be concerned about your safety. Highly Recommended!"

Under the Covers Book Reviews


Only the animals witnessed the event.

Two men, walking single file, entered the national forest behind the San Francisco Peaks. The taller heavyset one, who led the way, wore a well-worn pair of coveralls, a blue chambray shirt, and brown work boots which had never been polished and probably never would be. His gray hair was pulled back into a ponytail that hung limply past his shoulders. The other, following about five feet behind, wore a green polo shirt and stylish jeans with a logo on the back pocket. His almost-new running shoes had the distinct mark of their manufacturer, and his blond hair was styled and razor-cut.

The tall, ponderosa pine trees, their reddish brown trunks scattered no more than four feet apart, allowed no vehicles through except a motorcycle. The sky, which had begun as an unpolluted clear blue, slowly began to fill with the heavy gray clouds, signaling the coming of the daily southwestern summer rains the locals called monsoons. Within the forest, the shadows from the trees darkened ominously as the sunlight disappeared.

The blond man, who carried a thermos, stopped to glance at the wilderness surrounding them, then spoke to his companion.

The larger man answered, frowning, and prodded the blond man along by a wave of his hand. Hugging the thermos cargo closer, the reluctant man started walking again, though more slowly than before. Every few seconds the larger man would turn around as if to make certain his companion followed him.

They continued like this until they came to a small stream, then the larger fellow held his hand out in request. The blond man hesitated, then turned as if to leave. The larger man pulled a gun from inside his pocket, pointed it at his companion, and shouted.

The blond man stopped, his eyes widening in shock when he saw the gun and the accompanying snarl on the rugged face of its holder. With trembling hands, he handed over the container.

The larger man nodded, then smiled in satisfaction. He immediately opened the container and spilled its cloudy contents into the clear mountain stream. As the current carried the substance downstream, it spread itself wider, like fingers of an opening hand. Soon, it became impossible to differentiate the water from what had been added.

The blond man hung his head, shaking it from side to side, as if he knew....

The nightmare had begun.