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Black Robes on White Horses

Thrust into the arena of social aggression, political terrorism, legal anarchy and media-driven chaos, America is on the verge of a cultural breakdown. The country is beset by treason, impeachment, and the assassinations of the President and all but one in the presidential line of succession. She happens to be the President's widow. In the constitutional crisis that follows, Supreme Court Chief Justice Simon Lincoln and his minions rise to the occasion, elevate themselves to national heroes with a series of manipulated court decisions and move to create a new constitution. One of Lincoln's clerks, Linda Feller, discovers his blueprint for control. Federal Judge Carol O'Donnell, Homicide Captain Brian Parker, and a small band of patriots embark on a treacherous journey to stop Lincoln's quest for absolute power.

A Hard Shell Word Factory Release

Daniel B. Jeffs

     Daniel B. Jeffs has an extensive background in the criminal justice system. He holds a law degree and a teaching credential. Dan wrote AMERICA'S CRISIS: THE DIRECT EDUCATION AND DIRECT DEMOCRACY SOLUTION, BLACK ROBES ON WHITE HORSES, a legal/political thriller, VIOLET NIGHT, a techno/political thriller, and he co-wrote THE KAMIKAZE EQUATION, a high-tech thriller.


"Simon Lincoln has got to be the wickedest villain/manipulator I've read about in a long time. Rather scary that I was drawn to his every next move. Even though the story contains many political complexities, I thought the plots were fast-paced, interesting and easy to follow. A fast escape read."

Donna Davis -- Amazon reviews

"Black Robes on White Horses is a compelling, thought-provoking story."

Nora -- Lighthouse Literary Reviews

Chapter 1

Jefferson's fears were painfully prophetic…

"CLASS, STAND BY your desks and face the flag," said the third grade teacher as she selected the most distracted student. "David," she said, elevating her voice to gain the boy's attention, "please lead us in the Pledge of Allegiance to the flag."

David stopped fussing with the boy next to him, placed his right hand over his heart and swallowed the lump in his throat. The boy made a face at David as he led the class, out of unison.

"I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America and to the republic for which it stands. One nation, under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all…"

* * *

"BREAK ON MY cue," Ted Brewster said as he moved briskly to the studio news desk at Central Media in Washington. The stout, baby face anchor with the golden voice sat down in his chair, checked himself on the camera monitor, scanned the teleprompter, then nodded to the director with a smirk.

"We interrupt CM's regular programming with breaking news from Washington. CM has just received word that President Denton is locked in the final battle of his political life with the leaders of Congress. We now go to CM White House Correspondent Bruce Wilson for the latest on the constitutional turmoil over the impeachment and trial of the President…"

Brewster turned to a large television monitor as Bruce Wilson received his cue to begin.

"Ted, this will undoubtedly be the turning point on whether President Denton will resign or be removed from office. Seven weeks ago, the House of Representatives voted for articles of impeachment. The Senate, with Chief Justice Simon Lincoln presiding, has tried the President. The only thing remaining is the verdict. President Denton is now in the Cabinet Room with the Speaker of the House, President pro Tempre of the Senate and Denton's Cabinet. Our sources in the Senate say they have the two-thirds vote necessary to convict and remove Denton from office. White House sources have informed us that the offer is now being made for the President to resign…"

* * *

PRESIDENT JOHN Denton sat rigidly at his fully-occupied Cabinet Room conference table listening to the Speaker of the House…

"…So, Mr. President, unless we leave here with your signed resignation, you will go down in flames as the first president to be removed from office."

Secretary of State Phyllis Denton stood up from her chair next to the president, seething. "I refuse to sit here and witness this partisan lynching. How can you do it to him? The man won the war against terrorism and saved America, for God's sake."

"But in the process, your husband gambled away our Middle East oil, sold us out to China and ruined the economy, Mrs. Denton… He's been given a fair trial, Madam Secretary," the gravel-voiced Senator argued.

"Japan, Germany and the European Union did that. Not him," Mrs. Denton yelled as she stomped out of the Cabinet Room in her all too familiar rage, escorted by two Secret Service Agents.

"Was that the Vice President in there?" one agent whispered to the other. "He was supposed to sit this out."

"I don't know," the other agent answered nervously. "I didn't see him or his people. Maybe you'd better call Bass."

"Never mind that. I'm leaving the building," Mrs. Denton said sharply, quickening her pace. "I can't stand being anywhere near those ungrateful idiots."

Back in the Cabinet Room, the President's jaw muscles rippled. His neck veins swelled. He glanced at Bass, his stone face Secret Service agent standing in front of the door. His eyes moved slightly from side to side as he listened to the barely visible microphone in his left ear. He nudged the Vice President with his elbow, then fired a harsh look at the President pro Tempre of the Senate. "I've just received confirmation that you don't have the votes, Senator."

Denton glared at the Speaker of the House. "I will not resign, Mr. Speaker. You lose." His face flared red as he raised his fist and slammed it down on the table…

The eerie second of silence that followed was shattered by the devastating explosion of the entire conference table, gutting the Cabinet Room and everyone in it…

* * *

White House Oval Office

ONCE FOURTH IN the presidential line of succession behind the Vice President, Speaker of the House and President Pro Tempre of the Senate, newly sworn-in President Phyllis Denton sat alone behind the Oval Office desk staring at a large flat screen television on the wall. The attractive but sinister looking woman watched Ted Brewster standing in the middle of the ravaged Cabinet Room.

Brewster scanned the graphic evidence of the deadly explosion.

"Ten days after the brutal bombing at the White House killing the President, Vice President, Speaker of the House, President pro Tempre of the Senate and fifteen Cabinet members, this blackened cavity of death is all that remains of the recently renovated Cabinet Room. The nation is without leadership, reeling in shock from the mass assassination.

Despite the immediate election of a new Speaker of the House, political chaos governs Washington in a bitter constitutional struggle between President Phyllis Denton and House Speaker Nathan Forbush over the presidential line of succession. The government is paralyzed, gripped by the fear of more assassinations. America is again seized by paranoia and confusion. The people are pleading for answers, wondering who is responsible for the terrorism and frightened by the unknown of what might happen next. Many are afraid to leave their homes, or to travel—even to work."