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Anxiety Disorder Workbook

The Book introduces you to Mary Ellen Popkin and her vivid account of her first terrifying anxiety attack during her college years. She recounts how anxiety became a daily reality until it eventually left her home-bound for 7 months. Diagnosed with Separation Anxiety, Generalized Anxiety Disorder and Agoraphobia she worked her way back to the "outside world." Inch by inch, she reached her goal of having a career and traveling again.

This book is filled with practical survival tips for someone with anxiety disorder. It is set up in 20 sections filled with lessons that are easy to follow. The reader can study and practice these tips at his/her own pace. It details way to handle the stress of being alone to anxiety while driving. Also included are tips on how to create your own "anxiety safety kit".

Giving the reader hope, she states that "There is no such thing as a set-back without growth spurts." Read this powerful personal story and lessons that follow. This book is recommended reading for someone wanting to help him/herself--or friend or family member--even a child--with this debilitating disorder.

These are surely anxious, high-stress times we live in--and many millions of Americans suffer from Anxiety Disorder and Panic Syndrome. You may be one of them. You certainly know one of them, and perhaps your pre-teen or teenager is dealing with anxiety and panic for the first time. Much of this inherited disorder can be dealt with and eased significantly with at-home relaxation lessons and exercises.

An Awe-Struck Release

Mary Ellen Popkin

Mary Ellen has a BA from Marymount College. She also did some graduate course work at MCP Hahnemann University in Art & Dance Therapy. For over 10 years she was an ice skating coach. Later she became a District Manager for a Fortune 50 Company. She accomplished these things despite being diagnosed with Anxiety Disorder.
Upon graduation from Marymount College Mary Ellen's father had terminal cancer and she chose to help her family care for him at home. He died of cancer approximately ten months later but the experience left her with an original diagnosis of Separation Anxiety. Her attacks increased and she had GAD, Panic Attacks and Agoraphobia which left her housebound for nearly 7 months.


"As a psychologist, I have worked with thousands of people suffering from severe anxiety. I have never ceased to be amazed and humbled by their courage. Let me explain. For me, driving along the highway is an ordinary act, needing no bravery. For Mary Ellen Popkin, it used to be an act of mind-numbing terror - and yet, she did it when she needed to. Courage is not the absence of fear, but the act of overcoming it...Mary Ellen is a hero, for not only has she defeated the monster Anxiety, but also she has written a guide for fellow sufferers...Often, personal accounts of recovery are just that: perhaps touching, emotionally powerful, but, well, not much use to anyone else. The Anxiety Disorder Workbook is not like that. As the title suggests, it is a tool for defeating anxiety. I was pleased to find a list of techniques very close to those I use with my clients, each clearly explained, each leading to explicitly set out exercises...I thoroughly recommend it to anyone who is pestered by anxiety in any of its forms, and for friends or relations of sufferers."

Dr. Bob Rich, psychologist for more than 30 years