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All We Want for Christmas

When cartoonist Mike Couric's four mischievous children disappear shortly before Christmas, he finds them at an orphanage where they've presented an outrageous scheme.

But it's Christmas time, and when God's in control, anything can happen.

An Awe-Struck Release

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Polly Bolack

Polly Bolack, has worked as a Polynesian dancer, a crisis therapist with a suicide prevention center, a librarian and a yacht captain—and in that order. She’s a member of Toby’s Clown College where she’s known in the alley as “Mischief”.
When she's not writing, she enjoys drawing, painting, fishing and traveling. She plays guitar and mandolin with a prayer group music ministry, and she’s learning bluegrass banjo.



"Grounded with tempered love of the Lord, ALL WE WANT FOR CHRISTMAS is an inspiring story of faith as Joy finds her way back into the fold courtesy of one man and his children. Bolack has created an enchanting Christmas Eve tale destined to bring hope for the special Christmas wishes others are hoping to come true."

Brenda Ramsbacher -- Scribblers

"When cartoonist Mike Couric's four young children see a television show about adoption it gives them a great idea. They hire a cab and go to the Florida Adoption Agency to adopt a mother. Instead, they find Dr. Joyce Anderson, who, in their opinion, is perfect for the job. They know their mission is a fait accompli when Santa Claus promises to deliver them a mother for Christmas. Now they have only two little problems to overcome: Joy is engaged and getting married on Christmas Eve, and their father is still grieving over the death of their mother...ALL WE WANT FOR CHRISTMAS is a delightful romp about love and marriage and the important things in life. The characters leap off the pages, and the dialogue is brisk. This is a perfect book to curl up with on the sofa during the dreary winter days."

Diana Risso -- Romance Reviews Today

As hard as Joy tried, she couldn't convince herself that she was just on her way to spend time with friends to decorate a Christmas tree. She could no longer deny she wanted to be with Mike.

She forced her thoughts back to attending church. After the wedding, and after she was settled, she'd find a church. Suddenly, she realized she'd have to sneak to attend church, not let Trevor know. Trevor considered participating in organized religion a character flaw. Politically incorrect.

Sneaking to church? How ironic. Life could get so complicated. Her life could have been so different if only...what if she'd met Mike a few months ago...before she'd met Trevor. What is she'd not received that letter from the-?

"Hey lady, we only got three colors and we've already gone through all of them!" The angry voice came from a truck driver who'd pulled up beside her to pass. A blare of horns snapped Joy's attention back to her driving. She stepped on the accelerator, worked her way into the left lane and turned onto the road that led into Mike's neighborhood.

Okay, I can do this. It's not a big deal. I'll tie a couple of glass balls on the tree and toss a handful of tensile on the branches, drink a glass of Tommy Sue's special Christmas punch, say my final good-byes to the children and go home and concentrate on my wedding.

Joy gasped as she neared the house. Mike must have strung a million Christmas lights on the roof, she thought as she pulled onto the driveway. The house and grounds had been transformed into a Christmas wonderland. The decorations were a wonderful blend of the old and the new-the traditional and the secular. Santa Claus and his eight reindeer paused precariously over the chimney, watched over by a multitude of hovering angels. Rudolph stood nearby on the roof, his nose blinking bright red. A life-sized, animated manger scene dominated the front lawn. More fluffy-winged flying angels kept vigil over the display. The usual cartoon characters in the yard had been replaced with Santa's elves, toy soldiers and huge candy canes.

As Joy got out of the car, Mike rounded the corner wearing a red and green Christmas sweater and jeans. His arms held a tangle of speaker wire. She wasn't prepared for the knot that formed in her stomach when he walked toward her, grinning widely. He smelled of fresh cedar and his eyes sparkled in the sunshine. He reminded her of a mountain man, strong, yet gentle. The kind of man who could fight a bear in the morning, remove a splinter from a child's finger with the delicacy of a surgeon in the afternoon...and in the quiet hours of the night...she quickly dismissed that image from her too vivid imagination.