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A Temporary Governess

Clarissa Manning receives a frantic visit from her best friend, Jane Hornsby, who is employed as a governess at Trury Priory, and learns she's been terrorized by the Marquess of Chester's friend, Frederic Black. Clarissa is hired as a temporary substitute for Jane whom she describes as having contracted the measles.

Clarissa hopes to increase her family's financial situation by writing a romance novel. She believes she can do research for it at the Priory. She befriends the Marquess' daughter, realizing the child desperately needs a friend as well as a teacher.

The handsome Marquess seems lonely, too. She finds herself attracted to him but believes his lofty title and her lesser one are incompatible. Very soon, Clarissa finds herself the target for seduction by both men.

An Awe-Struck Release

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Blaise Kilgallen

Blaise was born in New Jersey and lives in a semi-rural county in the northwestern corner of the "Garden State" on 3-1/2 acres with a retired thoroughbred mare (Starr) and a newly acquired handsome, fawn-colored Boxer, Tiki (named after the football NY Giants’ flashy tail back.)
Blaise earned her BS in Fine Art Education intending to teach, but after one year, she found teaching wasn’t her “bag.” Afterward, Blaise was employed during a decade as account manager, production assistant, and ad and radio commercial copywriter by various New York City’s advertising agencies. Later, she wrote catalog and PR copy for a private label manufacturer of small appliances, then moved on as Executive Assistant to the CEO of a drapery/bedspread manufacturer and again wrote catalog and direct mail copy. She also earned a NJ Real Estate Broker's license and listed and sold real estate for a dozen years.

A multi-published romance author, Blaise finally found her “niche,” and she now concentrates on writing romantic fiction--historical and contemporary novels--both “hot” and “sweet.” She is creative in several other areas, too. She likes to do her own covers and has worked for other e-publishers. Her talents continue. Doing fine art, she paints regularly and markets her watercolors in several outlets in New Jersey.



"A Temporary Governess is about Aristocrates, about their way of life, with or without scrupules. Blaise Kilgallen has written a sweet love story, with lots of passion in it. Passion, love, seduction and betrayal. The author writes in a way that is, for me, difficult to describe but special and very good. While I was reading this book, I was thinking of Jane Austen; Blaise Kilgallen has the same heart-touching, beautiful way of writing. If you love romance, then you will adore this book!"

Annick -- Euro-Reviews


"(A TEMPORARY GOVERNESS) has an unusual plot and it works well as it is quite believable that a woman of strong character like Clarissa would help her timid friend Jane by taking her place. The story is strong on passion and the romance is very good.…There is an underlying subplot with the Countess of Devon trying to make Alex come up to scratch even though he is tiring of her. She needs him as her ancient husband has gambled away his fortune. This plot runs intriguingly through the story adding excitement to the romance. The characters are well thought out and interact well with each other. I particularly like how Lady Beatrice develops under Clarissa's teaching.…This is an intriguing story with lots of clever twists in the plot and there are a few surprises in the later chapters. Altogether a very satisfying read."

Mary -- A Romance Review

"A TEMPORARY GOVERNESS begins in London in Georgianna's bed and that is just the first of its explicit sex scenes. It is, indeed, a wicked Regency. Take out those scenes and what's left is an enjoyable traditional Regency romance with a spunky, likable heroine who gives loving attention to a neglected little girl and hero who has everything but happiness. I debated whether A TEMPORARY GOVERNESS's review might better belong at RRT's sister site, RRTErotic. But the sex is no more erotic than what's found in mainstream romances these days, and it does show how Alex has filled his life with meaningless pleasure the last several years. So if you enjoy spicy romance or if you skip over the warmer details, you'll find much in A TEMPORARY GOVERNESS to satisfy."

Jane Bowers -- Romance Reviews Today

When they began their affair, Alex decided she was eminently lovely, delectable, desirable--all those things. He also knew what she said had been the truth. Their bed sport and frequent couplings were not enough to satisfy him even after spending almost a month in her bed. It could not be his fault. No, of course, not. He was only thirty, in excellent health, and as virile as any man in his prime could be who adored having daily sex. It must be her fault.

Alex's many carnal encounters over the years often left him cold and wanting something more, missing an element he did not fully understand. Little did he realize that absence of true love in his frequent couplings might never match his youthful yearnings.

Unable to sabotage Alex into protestations of love, Georgianna did everything possible to force him into considering marriage when her husband turned up his toes. Although spoiled by the attention of a bevy of wealthy men, anxiety boiled through her when she didn't get her way. And today she was unhappy about how the marquess was behaving. She had to keep him dangling. She had no wish to upset the applecart she and Freddy planned for themselves.

Gazing up at Alex, Georgianna's cobalt eyes and rosy cupid's bow lips were only inches away. Her lids looked heavy; kohl-enhanced lashes curling against the fragility of her petal soft cheeks. Fire glinted in those blue eyes when she rubbed her pert breasts against Alex's textured wool jacket. An urgent, animalistic moan escaped from her throat. The sensations exploding over her pale skin and rose tinted nipples were not feigned. She was already wet with love juice.

Georgianna had been obsessed by nymphomania long before she arrived at the London brothel. Men thought they were the ones who paid for satisfaction, but she devoured them, as well. A reigning courtesan at the brothel, young and old with lots of gold coin to burn flocked to her expensive, sexual massages and salacious expertise. Georgianna needed intercourse the same way she needed to breathe--on a daily basis. She entertained both Freddy and the marquess whenever she could--morning, afternoon, or nighttime.

Now, Alex bent and bussed the courtesan's cheek with a lack of passion, then took hold of Georgianna's delicate wrists and gently removed them from around his neck.

With an unperturbed expression, Alex scooped her up unceremoniously, walked to the four poster, and dumped her and her enticing buttocks on the feather mattress in the center of the big bed. Smiling at her seductive but losing antics, he said, "Try to behave with some decorum, Georgie. If I do not see you on the weekend, I shall endeavor to return in a few weeks. That is, of course, unless Ponsonsby is back from his fishing trip."

So saying, he strode through the doorway, down the steps and out of the Berkeley Square town house.