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A Limited Partnership

Tempers flare, bullets fly and passion soars as reluctant partners tackle crime. Add a deliberately concealed (and inadvertently discovered) pregnancy to the mix and the result is explosive...

Feisty, impetuous Kate Sullivan’s success in thwarting car thieves has put her life in jeopardy. The cops have the perfect solution — police protection while using Kate as a decoy.

The officer assigned “babysitting” duties just happens to be Detective Michael O’Connor, the same “gentleman” who’d mistaken Kate for a prostitute at police headquarters. She’d pegged him as the arrogant “pimp” of the local harem. Not an auspicious start.

Forced to share the same premises, Kate and Michael are at odds about everything but their common goal — eliminating the threat to Kate’s life.

This book is a 2006 Ecataromance Reviewers' Choice Award Nominee.

An Awe-Struck Release

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Elisabeth Stewart

Elisabeth Stewart lives in Toronto, Canada. A graduate of The University of Toronto, she is married and the mother of three boys.
Elisabeth wrote a weekly opinion column for a local newspaper from 1996 to 2000 (“slice of life” and political commentaries) and was the winner of a Romance Writer’s Contest (Ponder Publishing 2001). Her short stories have been published in Room of One’s Own (2002), Tall Tales and Short Stories Vol. III (Tall Tales Press 2005) and Ten Stories High (Canadian Authors’ Association – Niagara Branch 2005).

A personal memoir entitled A Family Journey (regarding her son’s battle with post-concussion syndrome) led to an invitation to present her work at The Toronto ABI (Acquired Brain Injury) Network Conference in 2002.

Her first romance novel, A Limited Partnership, was accepted for publication by Awe-Struck E-Books in August 2004.

A wonderful family and great friends keep her busy, sane and grounded as she continues to pursue the challenge and rewards of a writing career.



"I loved this book and will more than likely re-read it. I enjoyed the fact that Kate had such a great backbone and doesn’t let Michael charm her into doing anything that she doesn’t want to. I like that Michael had to learn not only to compromise but also to explain his actions because Kate wasn’t going to take anything lying down. Kate definitely gives him a run for his money. This is a suspenseful, action-packed book. The interaction between the two is fast paced and cutting. I thought the development of the two was interesting, and it kept me awake all night just to see how the book ended. I would recommend this book to anyone."

Chris H -- Fallen Angel Reviews

"A Limited Partnership is a thrilling adventure. From car thieves to murderers to police chases and more, the tension will keep you reading. Kate and Michael make quite a pair as they work together on the case and can’t help falling for each other. Michael’s attitude changes throughout the story and each mood brings something to the setting; there’s anger, fear, trust, and love and each emotion is shown explicitly. A Limited Partnership is definitely an engrossing tale of romantic suspense you won’t want to miss."

Cerise -- Joyfully Reviewed Reviews

"A Limited Partnership is a story that sizzles. The compelling dialogue between the two characters is feisty. The plot is well-developed and the story moves along smoothly. I loved Kate and Michael. The sparing banter when they squabbled had such memorable moments that just made the story seem so believable. The secondary characters are well- rounded and help to make the story complete…Ms. Stewart pens a mixture of fighting words and battling hearts in A Limited Partnership. This is my first book by Elisabeth Stewart and it definitely will not be my last. A Limited Partnership is refreshing and remarkably rich in every way. It is a must read."

Linda -- Romance at Heart Magazine


“Plenty of action, nicely rounded characters, and explosive chemistry between Kate and Michael make A LIMITED PARTNERSHIP well worth reading. Elisabeth Stewart has created a hero and heroine who argue more often then they kiss. These two characters fight tooth and nail to keep from falling in love. Ms Stewart manages to balance their spatting and sparking, allowing readers to sit back and enjoy the show…[and]… keeps the suspense going as she develops Michael and Kate’s relationship. The characters are expertly drawn and Ms Stewart has a few twists in store for the reader making for a charming book.”

Belle Rouge -- Romance Junkies Reviews


"Ms Stewart has written a thoroughly entertaining, suspense filled story. I especially loved the nail-biting quirk of her self assured hero. I also enjoyed the heroine’s great strength, born of adversity from the past, combined with her femininity, a choice for all women of modern times. The dialogue was realistic. I admire an author who can write a strong female character without falling away from the correct balance between a woman’s values and desires and equality between the sexes."

Caro -- Coffee Time Romance


"The conversations between these two were fun to read. The back and forth was clever and humorous with some fantastic lines. With a fast paced plot, full of action and intrigue, A Limited Partnership is pleasing from beginning to end. Fantastic job for Elisabeth Stewart."

Elise -- Ecataromance

Kate Sullivan is a plucky journalist who inadvertently interrupts the theft of her own car. She is immediately whisked downtown to the police precinct where she is expected to identify the culprits, who end up being hit men that are part of a larger case. Detective Michael O’Connor wants to use her as bait to lure the hit men out of hiding. What he did not bargain for was the news that Kate is also pregnant. Kate agrees to the detective’s plan but she is placed under 24-hour police protection. This book is non-stop action with one drama after another bombarding Kate and Michael. A good amount of romance is thrown in when the detective begins to fall for Kate against his better judgment. Throw in a bomb underneath the front porch, false leads, a pregnant woman juggling prenatal nausea, and a hitman pointing a gun in her face, and you have all the elements for a suspenseful ride. This book is a good mixture of drama, romance, and intrigue…It is fast paced with a well-resolved ending. If you like movies like Die Hard you will enjoy this story."

Qetesh -- TCM

“A LIMITED PARTNERSHIP, debut novel from author Elisabeth Stewart, is a wonderful balance of mystery and romance between two very human characters. Kate and Michael are charming, funny, and flawed, which makes for a believable romance. Both come into the relationship with their own personal baggage, and watching them work through their issues makes the tale an enjoyable one. It's nice not to have an alpha male or female character who knows it all. A LIMITED PARTNERSHIP is a thoroughly enjoyable tale by an author to watch.”

Kathy Samuels -- Romance Review Today

Michael was guilt-stricken and full of remorse. It wasn't the flu. Kate was sick with fright. Using her as a decoy in the investigation had reduced her to this. Without pausing to think of what he was doing, or of Kate's possible reaction, Michael put his arms around her forlorn and miserable looking figure.

"Ah, Kate," he murmured softly. "You don't have to go through with it anymore."

Kate, gratefully hiding her face and embarrassment in the warmth and comfort of Michael's bare chest, was confused. What was he talking about? Since when did anyone have control over morning sickness?

"Michael, I don't think you understand what I was saying, what I was trying to explain."

"Sure I do," he said soothingly. "No more decoy outings. You've done a great job and there's nothing wrong with wanting to stop now."

Holding Kate like this and feeling her lips against his chest, Michael was suddenly and uncomfortably aware of being clad only in a towel, and of his entirely inappropriate response beneath that towel. Either Kate was oblivious or didn't give a damn. Fortunately for them both, she chose this moment to step back.

Lifting a tear-stained and puzzled face, she informed him, "This isn't about the investigation, Michael."

Now Michael's face was a study in confusion and bewilderment. Kate figured her unexpected--not to mention gruesome--visit to the bathroom had to be explained. Better the truth than be thought of as a wimp, crying and sick with fear. Nor would she pass it off as the flu. And above all else, she was tired of the subterfuge, the effort it took to conceal what was, to her, the miracle of her pregnancy. It was time to inform Michael of her condition. His reaction couldn't be any worse than Jeffrey's.

It would be a relief no longer having to keep it a secret. The truth would certainly clear up other aspects of their relationship as well. There'd be no chance of further passionate embraces once he knew--Michael would be running scared. As to what he or the police department thought in regard to using a pregnant decoy--well, she'd have to take her chances.

Kate looked him squarely in the eye and in a clear, strong voice announced, "I'm pregnant, Michael. That was morning sickness you just witnessed."

His face registered shock, horror and anger--in that order. Kate sat on the closed lid of the toilet seat and braced herself for the blast. It didn't take him long to find his voice.

"Are you out of your mind?" he shouted in rage. "Have you taken leave of your senses? How could you have gone through with this knowing you're pregnant?" Pausing, he added hopefully, "Or did you just find out?"

"I've known since the beginning," Kate admitted calmly. "And everything's been fine so far."

"Hell, Kate," he exploded again. "You don't require a bodyguard--you need a keeper. You're crazy!"